The Perfect Micro Crisper Review

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Do you ever wish you could reheat all the leftover food quickly in the microwave, without it turning unpleasantly soggy? Are you tired of limp pizzas, soggy French fries that not only look unappetizing but don’t taste good? You can now get crunchy results, every time, with the new Micro Crisper.


The Perfect Micro Crisper
The Micro Crisper produces oven quality results and gets you crispy food fast from the microwave, each time. This specially engineered pan is microwave-safe and heats to a very high temperature, searing and crisping food to give you optimal results from any microwave. You will find it ideal for reheating your day old pizza, French fries, chicken nuggets, and many other food items.

Micro Crisper is even capable of cooking frozen mozzarella sticks, fish sticks, and quesadillas. The Micro Crisper is great for reheating leftovers, late night snacks and quick family meals. You will also receive the bonus Perfect Micro Grill that transforms your microwave into a super grilling machine and turns out amazing hamburgers, hot-dogs, chicken steaks and even fish.



What do I get?

  • 1 Perfect Micro Crisper
  • 1 Perfect Micro Grill

Buy the Magic Crisper from the official website – for just $$19.99 + $15.98 s/h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



The Perfect Micro Crisper Video


13 thoughts on “The Perfect Micro Crisper Review

  1. Joyce, I agree with you WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. SCAM!! probably will not be processed. Shame on the company and site advertising this Perfect Micro Crisper!!

  2. SCAM !!!! Total rip-off. ordered for $19.99 and paid $47 + for it. No way to contact company. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. Does not work as claimed and is NOT worth the expense. Paper plate and paper towels does a much better job for pennies.

  3. I would like to return this product, but I did not receive proof of purchase in the box with the requested information for a refund. Please authorize return.

  4. Watch for Postage Charges – they charge you $13.98 for postage and the item is only $14.99 – tried to cancel my order once I found this out and the email address they give you does not work. It says wait two business days – my guess is they do this so they have time to say your order was processed and you can’t cancel it you can return it once you get it which does nothing to get rid of the HUGE postage fee. My suggestion would be wait until its in the stores. Instead of paying $14.99 I had to pay almost $30 – let’s hope once I get the product its worth it.

    • I love gadgets like this but I never order it off of TV. I always wait until they sell them at Walgreens or Bed, bath, and beyond. That way if I hate them I can take them back and not pay for shipping back and forth. Please post what you think about the product once you get it and have used it a few times. Thanks.

    • You are so right. I called the customer service number, and they said my order was already processed, and I could not cancel it-A LIE. I just received an email that my order is on its way, over a week later. I also payed for priority processing, in addition to the regular S&H. That is $6.99 + $15.98 ($22.97). That is for a $29.98 order.

      I tried to cancel, but they would not. I was told to mark it REFUSED when it is delivered. HOWEVER, I don’t trust them to refund my money. Stay away from this “fly-by-night”. Rip off!

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