The One Café Review

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What is The One Café

As per the infomercial it is an innovative contraption that lets the user brew a single serve coffee in a regular coffee maker easily. It helps save the cost of purchasing an additional single serve coffee maker or wastage of coffee in multi-cup coffee makers.

Instant single serve coffee

The One Café guarantees to be the solution for the question that crosses every coffee lover’s mind, whether to purchase a single serve coffee maker along with a regular multi-cup coffee maker. The One Café declares to resolve it by providing the multi-cup coffee makers the ability to make single serve coffees too. The One Café surely sounds very promising but we will need to wait for The One Café reviews to validate its claims. The One Café proclaims to have brewing ability too, which is a claim that will be proved only when The One Café is reviewed.


Innovative design

The One Café assures to provide a great single serve coffee from regular coffee makers with its design that fits right inside any regular coffee maker filter. But can The One Café really make great tasting coffee? User reviews will soon reveal the facts. This design of The One Café alleges to be easy to load with a single serve pod. Once the pod is fixed inside,The One Café lid is to be locked, which pierces the pod and placed in the filter basket area. Water is to be added now so that The One Café starts pouring the fresh cup of coffee instantly. The One Café claims to be good for providing a better cup of coffee as opposed to single serving makers because of its brewing capability which unlocks the entire flavour of the pod into that great tasting cup. The question is does The One Café really work that well? Send us your reviews.

Numerous benefits

The One Café assures to come with only advantages but these advantages no matter how fascinating they are will be verified once we analyze the user reviews. The One Café emphasizes to be equipped with brewing ability along with the option to select the strength required for that cup giving full customization in the hands of coffee lovers. The One Café maintains to thus provide great tasting coffee along with saving a lot of money and counter space by eliminating the need for having an additional single serving coffee machine. The One Café emphasizes to be very easy to use and is not just limited for use with coffee but can also brew single serving tea, cider, hot chocolate and more. At this point of time there are no The One Café reviews available to attest to its claims.

What do I get?

You’ll receive your One Cafe and 6 Reusable Brew Pods for just $14.99 plus $6.99 S&H.Official website

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