The Go Plate Review

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Imagine watching your favourite program on the TV after a hard day’s work while you enjoy your favourite beverage or snack. Think about the time when you have guests over and you want to be comfortable in your seat and enjoy a good conversation. However you have to keep moving awkwardly to reach your food or drink kept on the table or chair. But The Go Plate helps you sidestep this issue completely as you can make do without tables and chairs too. The Go Plate is that must have plastic plate that will give you the convenience of having your hands free in social settings.

How does The Go Plate Work

The Go Plate is not just any other plastic plate though; its patent pending design is a class apart. It’s also sturdy so that you can make the most out of it and it is reusable so that you can keep bringing it out when you have guests at home. It’s also disposable, which is what some look for. This versatile plate was specially designed with a custom sized hole at the centre. That’s the reason The Go Plate will be able to hold any bottle without any hassle and what’s more, you will have a convenient holding space for plastic cups and cans too.

Now you can sip on your drinks as you enjoy the food served up with your free hand as well. Imagine the kind of freedom The Go Plate gives you. You also have the option of using a straw with your beverage and that will mean you don’t have to remove the plate at all. This sort of comfort is practically unheard of and now it’s available to you. You will also be pleased to find that The Go Plate can be hand washed and will clean up nicely.

Recycled RPET plastic is used in the making of The Go Plate, which makes it an environmentally friendly option for many. It can also withstand very high temperatures making it perfect for your regular needs. Now find yourself in the lap of luxury with The Go Plate.



What do I get?
$14.44 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.



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