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Selecting the right cooking pan is a very important thing and the wrong type of cooking pan can spoil your food and even create health concerns for your family. Terraflavor believably makes the selection easier with its promise to help create healthy nutritious food without the hassles of regular pans and pots. The amount of butter or oil that is sometimes required to keep food from sticking can add up more calories to the food. Some pans might cause the food’s flavor to vanish and that’s what Terraflavor promises to retain more than anything else.

How does Terraflavor Work

Terraflavor comes in a set of 3 pans with variable sizes of 28, 24 and 20 cm with glass lids over them. According to the manufacturers Terraflavor is an amalgamation of different pans used for cooking food with the ability to roast, sauté or fry it. Also it’s the aluminum featured in its body that’s supposed to even out the heating process throughout its surface at a very high rate. Terraflavor’s featured specialty is the addition of stone particles that are scattered across its surface that provide it durability and tensile strength. Also it is said that Terraflavor can be used on any type of hob be it gas, electric, ceramic or induction.

Above everything else the major promise that Terraflavor makes its non-stick nature. It is completely non sticky keeping the use of butter or oil while cooking to a minimum or zero. If that’s the case then cleaning the surface of Terraflavor should also be very easy with the addition of scratch-resistant coating on its surface. The Bakelite handle that is used for holding Terraflavor while cooking is said to be cool to touch for comfortable grip and the accompanied glass lid comes with a steam valve for cooking healthy food every day.




What do I get?


  • Terraflavor 28 cm Pan + Glass cover
  • 24 cm Pan + Glass cover
  • 20 cm Pan

Price – £62.99 + Shipping £9.95 Total amount £72.94. Official Website islshop.co.uk



Terraflavor Video

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