Tasty Top Cake Pop Maker Review

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Imagine having to host a party for your child and have his friends running around the house. Not only do you have to keep them entertained but feed them tasty, delicious food that will hit the spot. At the same time you want it to be healthy for your kids and their friends. With Tasty Top you can make mouthwatering cake pops with ease and they will be an instant hit with the kids at the party.


How does Tasty Top Cake Pop Maker work?
Moreover kids will enjoy decorating them just the way they want to and thus will also be hooked on to them. Tasty Top will not only sate their taste buds and hunger but keep them entertained as well. Now go right ahead and host your child’s birthday party, Halloween party or Christmas party and leave the job of feeding young ones to Tasty Top.

Admittedly hosting a party is no mean task as you have to make sure all the kids are fed well and according to their tastes. But making large batches of cake pops is fairly simple with Tasty Top as all you need to do is pour the dough in the base and pop them. Once that’s done poke them to create delicious cake pops, which can then be decorated by your kids as they have fun.

Tasty Top Cake Pop Maker is made of food grade, superior quality silicone and is safe to use. Moreover it can be cleaned without much hassle and is dishwasher safe. Now hosting a party is truly a cakewalk.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can buy Tasty Top for $14.95 plus S&H of $6.95 at www.TastyTop.com. And by further paying only S&H charge of $6.95 you can also get a Tasty Top Cupcake Bakeware.



Reviews and Complaints
Tasty Pop Cake Pop Maker Features

  • Fast and Easy to Make – Just pour them, pop them, poke them and have fun
  • Molds are dishwasher safe and double as decorating stand
  • Great for all kinds of parties – Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July, Birthdays, and more

  • Flexible food grade quality silicon
  • Easy to clean up and dishwasher safe
  • Base holds pops for decorating and cooling

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“Cupcakes please make way to Cake Pops”. Bigger is not always Better, Sweet and simple Cake Pops is the trend nowadays thanks to blogger Bakerella (aka Angie Dudley). The Cake pops craze is sweeping not only the country but also Europe.

Cake Pops are perfect for those who are calorie-conscious too – just have a bite or two and you are done. Cake Pops are becoming so popular even Starbucks is selling them. Cake Pops are so easy and convenient to make, there is no slicing and plates are required just grab one and go it becomes even easier with products like the Tasty Pops.

There is no end to the possibilities of how creative you can be with the Cake Pops. Now show off their creativity by decorating them with various themes.


This is the first of its kind product in the “As Seen On TV” domain. We have seen a lot of cupcake and pancake makers but here is the first Cake Pops Maker. The Tasty Tops offer looks good too – you get the 8 mold tray, 100 pop-sticks, decorating pen and guide and a Cupcake bakeware for just $29 + sales tax. So join the craze try the Tasty Pop Cake Pop Maker.

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Tasty Top Cake Pop Maker Video
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5 thoughts on “Tasty Top Cake Pop Maker Review

  1. I ordered this product august 26th 2011. The website was confusing and there was no final check. I ordered more than I intended to. I also agreed to have them expedited. After waiting 3 weeks I called to inquire of my order. They told me they were on back order and could not give me an approximate date. I requested to cancel my order. They promised to waive all s&h and bump my order to the top. I received the product on November 2, 2011. I also still paid the $24 s&h. I would not re-order this item. The website was confusing, they did not get it to me in a timely manner and customer service did not follow through with their promises.

  2. I had the EXACT SAME experience as Lori except that I paid an extra $7.95 for expedited shipping. That’s $7.95 for EACH item including the “free bonus gift”. I did call the customer service. What you get is a recording saying “all operators are busy. Leave a message and someone will call you back.” Needless to say, no one called me back. They are probably busy fielding calls from people like us . I paid $62 and change for this $14.95 item. I can’t believe I fell for it, but I wasn’t expecting the series of screens you have to get through to get to the end. I actually reported this to the Better Business Bureau, because there is no way to “delete” or “remove this item”, and no final agreement that “your credit card will be charged this amount”.

  3. Review Tasty Top

    Were you happy with the cake pops made using Tasty Top?

    Could you make enough cake pops using Tasty Top?

    Is it safe to use?

    Did Tasty Top save you time in the kitchen?

    Did your kids savor the cake pops and also have fun decorating them?

    • I ordered the Tasty Pops Pans, However in the process of going thru their various pages I somehow clicked yes accidentally ordering another set of pans.

      THEN~ I looked at my order total but it wasn’t a preview, it takes you directly TO the end of the order AFTER it’s been placed officially!

      Last there’s NO company contact # or name! Just tasty pops. .& anytime you google it, it brings you back to the original ordering page.

      One last thing! When I printed the order out, I noticed SHIPPING! OH MY GOSH! It charged me nearly $45.00 for SHIPPING? this is highway robbery! It would have to be shipped from overseas to cost THAT much to ship!

      It should not just place the order 1st of all ~ it should give the option to review the order, make changes as necessary. THEN ~ Not having a contact #! that’s just ridiculous. I will wait to see if it arrives .. but now I don’t know what to do with this extra set. never mind they charged me almost $45.00 for SHIPPING? just seems like a scam! I HAD NO IDEA shipping was that much!

      • UPDATE: I FOUND a customer service # for Tasty Pops. I’ll call them tomorrow about my accidental doubling of this order & To ask WHY The shipping is so high! & WHY They don’t have a review order page! I’ll update my post when I hear what they have to say.

        the customer service # is 877-300-5499

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