Swifty Sharp Review

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What is Swifty Sharp

It is a cordless, motorized blade sharpener that promises to restore the edge of any blade within hardly any time.

Swifty Sharp maintains that now it’s possible to make sure the razor’s edge of any blade is restored quickly and without seeking professional help. We know that our kitchen knives are our lifelines and they make our tasks so much easier. That’s the reason we spend a lot of money on them but the problem is that they lose their edge way too quickly. You can’t replace them ever so often but sharpening them might seem like a task. This blade sharpener asserts that it can do the job for you in a matter of seconds. Could it be one of those lofty claims? We can only find out when we manage to analyze Swifty Sharp reviews.


Swifty Sharp Review

Swifty Sharp doesn’t work – Alan who bought Swifty Sharp complained in his review that the unit he received just didn’t work. Initially he thought that it was an issue with the battery and inserted new ones again. He followed the instructions to the T but realized that the unit didn’t come on at all. While going through the product closely he figured that there was a loose grinding stone and that means there is no way it can sharpen anything in any case.

Cheaply made – Roy who used Swifty Sharp exposed in his review that it is poorly made and is nothing more than piece of junk. The cheap plastic stone that is used here pops out quite easily. The whole thing gets bogged down and stops even when you are not applying any kind of pressure to it. He believes it’s a complete waste of your money.

Doesn’t sharpen – Alex who reviewed Swifty Sharp revealed in his review that he had big expectations from it after seeing it work so well on TV. But in reality he found out that it didn’t sharpen anything at all. It might have some advantages for beginners but that’s about it. The plastic handle of the product is loose and the spindle rotates but the stone doesn’t. He was quite annoyed also because if he wanted to return it he would have to pay shipping cost that was equal to the cost of the piece of crap.

Problems galore – Lens who bought Swifty Sharp exposed in his review that there are too many problems with the product. Firstly the motor is quite weak and the guide is misaligned so it sharpens only one side of the blade. The plastic catch tray for collecting shavings doesn’t fit right. Worst of all, it doesn’t sharpen knives at all.

How does Swifty Sharp CLAIM to work?

Unlike spending hours sharpening the blade on a rock, Swifty Sharp alleges that you just need to switch its button on and insert the blade in its guide and slide the blade just about twice to sharpen it. Swifty Sharp guarantees that its guide holds the blade at a perfect angle and its professional-grade, high-speed sapphire sharpening stone rotates to sharpen and hone the blade.

Restore razor sharp edges of blades

With Swifty Sharp you can allegedly restore the razor sharp edges of your dull knife and small hand tools with just a press of the button and a couple of glides. Swifty Sharp maintains to give you precision power sharpening at just a fraction of the cost. Swifty Sharp assures to sharpen chef knives, carving knives, pairing knives, classic serrated knives, steak knives, choppers, cleavers, fillet knives and bread knives. Swifty Sharp proclaims that you can just rotate it to sharpen household scissors and small hand tools like screwdrivers. Removing the guide will let you sharpen hedge clippers and garden tools too. Swifty Sharp is compact and stores easily unlike bulky electric sharpeners and safer than hands sharpening.

It’s effective and efficient

At the heart of this motorized blade sharpener is a professional grade, high speed sapphire sharpening stone. It’s this stone that sharpens blades effectively and quickly. Is that true in your experience? Why don’t you tell us in your Swifty Sharp reviews? We also await Swifty Sharp reviews because we want to know more about its built-in guides. It’s because of these guides that this sharpener stresses that the blade will be held at the perfect angle for sharpening. As a result you get precise sharpening results every single time.

Thus overall it asserts that you get precision power sharpening at a fraction of the price. Hence you save yourself huge amounts of money on getting professional sharpening done or worse still replacing the knives and tools. Do you think it saves you money and improves the longevity of the blades? We appreciate you telling us in your Swifty Sharp reviews.

Smart design for your convenience

To begin with this cordless sharpener emphasizes that it can be used for different types of knife blades; from steak knives to bread knives and more. Once we have a close look at Swifty Sharp reviews can we decide if this claim is substantiated. One of the main features of this cordless sharpener is that it has a special catch tray underneath. Thus all the shavings are caught in it and there’s no mess for you to deal with. We hope Swifty Sharp reviews will confirm that. Swifty Sharp reviews can also talk about its compact design, which makes it easy to store.

Swifty Sharp Mechanism

Swifty Sharp the cordless motorized knife sharpener with a professional-grade and high-speed rotating sharpening stone, sharpens and hone the blade’s edge. Swifty Sharp asserts to have a built-in guide holds that hold and sharpen the blade of the knife at the perfect angle. The On/Off button making its operation automatic. Swifty Sharp assures to have a catch tray to collect the metal shavings of the knife; you need to insert the two prongs of the knife at the bottom of Swifty Sharp to catch the shavings.

Unlike sharpening the blade of the knife on a rock that takes several attempts and still doesn’t help, Swifty Sharp declares to sharpen your knife in just seconds easily. You just need to press the On/Off button of Swifty Sharp, insert the blade in the sharpener guide and glide it more than five passes from heel to tip and then check the blade for sharpness. If you are not satisfied with the sharpness, you can repeat the procedure till you get the desired amount of sharpness.

For left-sided, right-sided, and double-sided blades

Whether your blade is on the left side, right side and even double-sided blades, you can allegedly sharpen them all with Swifty Sharp. For a blade on the right side, you need to insert it in the inner slot that is closest to the body and sharpen the knife. For blades on the left side, insert the knife in the outer slot that is farthest away from the body. By inserting the knife in both the inner and outer slot and sharpening the same numbering of times will hone your knife with double-sided blades. Slide it from its heel to tip continuously in a slow and steady motion, pulling the knife toward you. Swifty Sharp emphasizes that there will be some metal shavings on the blade during sharpening. The process of sharpening must be ended by gliding the knife three or more times in quick motion to hone the blade.

Sharpens serrated knives, household scissors

Swifty Sharp alleges to let you sharpen serrated knives to perfection quickly and easily. You need to glide the serrated side of the knife along the side of the sharpening stone, from one tip to the next. Remove the guide cap if the knife is too big. To remove the shavings on the edges, do a quick pass on the non-serrated backside of the blade. Not just your kitchen and other knives, you can also sharpen your household, craft or sewing scissors with Swifty Sharp as the manufacturers proclaim. Swifty Sharp has a Scissors option on the guide, you need to select it to sharp the scissors. Face the cutting edge of the scissors towards the stone. Starting from the center of the scissors, slide the blade right to the tip. It takes three times of slow gliding to sharpen it, though you need to check the blade if you have achieved the desired sharpness. To hone the blade of the scissors and finish the process, you need to glide the scissors blade one to two more passes with a fast pull. Swifty Sharp states that it doesn’t sharpen professional barber or hair scissors.

Sharpen precision tools

Swifty Sharp maintains to sharpen Precision Tools as well. To use the feature, you need to center the slots of the tool horizontally and insert the head of the screwdriver or any other small hand tool. Switching the ON/Off button begins the sharpening procedure. You can repeat it till you are satisfied with the sharpening results. Other than small hand held tools you can also sharpen larger household tools by lining up the double arrow icon to remove the cap. Then place the blade that needs to be sharpened between the white cap and stone so that you get better control. Holding the knife or tool with a firm grip in your hand against the stone, sharpen it.

Replacing the sharpening stone

The sharpening stone of Swifty Sharp can be replaced easily. You need to remove batteries and disconnect the motor first. Then line up the double arrows of Swifty Sharp with the center line of the sharpener to remove the guide. Loosen and remove the Philips screw while holding the sharpening stone. After removing the old stone, line up the new one with the output shaft. While attaching and tightening the Phillips screw, hold the sharpening stone. After that place the guide back on and re-insert the batteries to use the unit.

What doI get?

You will receive your SWIFTY SHARP and a Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears for just $14.99 plus $11.9 P&H.official website swiftysharp.com


Swifty Sharp claims to be a cordless motorized blade sharpener that restores the razor sharp edges of your knives easily and quickly. It proclaims to work at just the press of a button and takes a couple of glides to sharpen. Swifty Sharp asserts to have a catch tray to gather the metal shavings of the blade when it sharpens so that there’s no mess.


Compare Swifty Sharp with Presto Eversharp Knife Sharpener.

For Swifty Sharp Instructions, visit this page.

20 thoughts on “Swifty Sharp Review

  1. I ordered this Swifty Sharp and It’s a piece of junk that didn’t work, the start button would not click on, I send this back and received another one with another problem that didn’t work and the same with the 3rd time, I’m still waiting for a refund after 4 months. Seems like everything that they sell on ” As Seen On TV ” is a piece of crap, everything looks good on TV as advertise but once you get it in your hands It’s a different story, should have had the knives sharped by a professional or just bought some new knives, i would have been better off

  2. If it look too good to be true, etc. Swifty Sharp is like something to be won at a carnival. It’s a piece of junk.

  3. Too late. Already brought one but i will be returning it as soon as it get’s here. I think from now on i will be researching things that they advertise on saleavision. Those infomicals that they put on tv late at night.

  4. I was about to purchase a Swifty Sharp because my kitchen knives are in desperate need of sharpening. After listening to reviews, I will not be making a purchase. Thank you all for your comments and warnings on this product. It’s a true statement you get what you pay for.

  5. Swifty Sharp is junk the stone is loose on the plastic spindle. The spindle rotates and the stone mostly does not. Junk Junk Junk.

    Don’t waste your money for the fact the shipping to send back as the shipping to purchase is equal the the Junk 14 dollars and taxes.

  6. I got a SWIFTY SHARP. Does NOT sharpen my knives.
    Also, shortly after I place my order I received a call from some marketing company trying to sell me another product. I am on a NO CALL list.
    So, not only is SWIFTY SHARP a rip-off, they also sell your information to others. This may or could lead to scammer trying to sell me stuff.

    • I got the high pressure call before the item even shipped.If you don’t adamantly refuse this offer for extra stuff, your credit card will automatically be billed $29.95 per month.

  7. I also saw the tv commercial and yes it sounded too good to be true so I decided to google about what others thought and sure enough it’s a hype so I decided to keep my money in my wallet……. thanks for all the reviews.


  8. I bought one and it doesn’t sharpen any of my knives. It requires 4 batteries so one would have to be buying batteries monthly. I just threw mine away and I’m done buying anything from Television advertisements. Never again. I need a knife sharpener so I will go to Home Depot or Lowe’s to buy one I can plug into the wall.

  9. Received Swifty Sharp and it didn’t work; received second one and it didn’t work. Still waiting to hear how this is going to be resolved.

  10. After watching the commercial it sounded like a good deal. But I decided to check online if their was any complaints. Check first to save money not a good deal. Shipping/ handing charge to high.forget

  11. the s/h, of$11.90 is just way too much. being it is battery operated unit, ( no motor) the sharpener really can’t weigh so much which would raise the cost, this could be sent 3rd class, which would be more than half the s/h cost. don’t need it overnight.

  12. I was ready to buy until I saw the high shipping charge. I’ll wait until I see it at Amazon or BestBuy. That’s just too much.

  13. Hi; I got on the website to order one until I saw the $11.90 shipping charge.! No Thanks.!

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