Swifty Sharp Instructions

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What is Swifty Sharp

It is a cordless motorized blade sharpener that claims to restore the edge of any blade in a second.

Swifty Sharp assures that you can sharpen knife edges at home with professional precision. The secret lies in the professional grade sharpening stone that sharpens and hones the blade. The catch tray collects the metal shavings for your convenience. It also promises to have several features for your benefit. We will confirm these claims after going through Swifty Sharp reviews. For more Info and reviews about Swifty Sharp, please visit this page.



Versatile to use
This blade sharpener stresses that it can work on Cooks knife, utility knife, kitchen knife, paring knife, slicing knife, Santoku, fillet knife, cleaver and bread knife. Swifty Sharp reviews can throw some light on versatility of its use. We also expect Swifty Sharp reviews to tell us whether it works on the classic serrated blade but doesn’t on scalloped, double serrated or wavy blades.

It emphasizes on the fact that it is easy to use and running the blade on the sharpener three to four times can give your blade the desired finish after sharpening. We hope your Swifty Sharp reviews talk more about it.


Convenient to use – It uses 4 AA batteries and they can be removed in case the sharpening stone is loose. You can then disconnect the motor and avoid personal injury. The guide can then be removed, the stone held in place as you tighten phillips screw. Put everything back in place and the stone will be tight again. In case the knife doesn’t touch the stone you need to ensure that the guide is pushed against the housing. Follow the angle of the blade from heal to tip when you draw it through the guide. Swifty Sharp reviews should ascertain if there is any truth to these claims.

This blade sharpener can also be used on larger blades, according to its claims. But to do that you must use certified safety equipment before removing the guide. You can place the blade between white cap and stone for more control. Hold the tool firmly and sharpen with professional precision. Only when we get our hands on Swifty Sharp reviews will be verify these claims.

Swifty Sharp Instructions

General instructions
• Swifty Sharp works with 4 AA batteries, but you need to use only Alkaline batteries. Old and new battery types should not be mixed.
• For your safety it’s important to use certified safety equipment such as ANSI approved eye glasses and dust mask. Dust that’s created from sharpening can contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defect or other reproductive harm.


Caution and Warning
• Extreme caution should be exercised while using the product and handling the sharpened knives, scissors and other tools.
• The unit should be looked at closely before using. If there are any damaged parts found, it shouldn’t be used.
• The product should be held firmly to ensure that it doesn’t slip. Your fingers should be kept away from the sharpening slots at all times.
• Take all the precautions you would take while using a motorized product, which requires you to keep your presence of mind.
• It’s important to know that the dust created by sharpening might contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
• Care should be taken to not sharpen knives and tools around uncovered food and beverages.
• This blade sharpener is for household use only. It should not be used on professional barber and hair scissors.
• Honing oils, water and any other lubricant should not be used with this blade sharpener.

Maintenance instructions: How to care for your Swifty Sharp

Before cleaning Swifty Sharp or replacing the stone wheel, you have to make sure that you remove the batteries. The double arrow icon can then be lined up to remove the cap.

How to use Swifty Sharp

• To start with you need to place it on a flat surface. Clean the blades thoroughly before sharpening them.
• Choose the sharpening icon you need based on the type of blade and tool, and align it to the center.
• Use your strong hand to hold the object to be sharpened, and hold Swifty Sharp with the other. Use the On/Off switch to operate it. Left hand users might want to remember that the On/Off switch is on the reverse side and they might want to use their pointer finger to operate.


How to use Swifty Sharp for Knives – If you are holding Swifty Sharp in your left hand and the knife in the other, and the blade is one sided on the right, then face the cutting edge in the inner slot. If the blade is on the left side, the knife should be inserted in the outer slot. But in case you are holding Swifty Sharp in your right hand and the knife in your left, right sided blades should be inserted in the outer slot and left sided blades in inner slots. Double side blades should be inserted in both the slots equal number of times. Knife should be brought from heel to tip towards you in a slow motion. As you glide the blade 5 times, you can check its sharpness. The process can be repeated till you achieve desired sharpness.

For honing you can glide it 3 or more times in a quick motion to finish the process.


How to use Swifty sharp for Serrated Knife – Once you have chosen the right option, you can glide the knife along the side from one notch tip to next. Guide cap can be removed for big blades. A quick pass on the non serrated side can remove the burr and give you the right finish.


How to use Swifty sharp for Scissors – Swifty Sharp should not be used on professional barber or hair scissors. To begin with, you can choose the kitchen, household, crafts scissors that need to be sharpened. Pick the right icon on the guide and face the cutting edge of the scissors on the stone. By starting from the center of the blade go all the way to the end. Glide three times and check for desired sharpness. Couple more glides with a pull can give it the finish you need.


How to use Swifty Sharp for Precision tools
The slots should be centered horizontally before inserting the tool. You can then press the On/Off button before sharpening till you get desired results.


Sharpening Household tools with Swifty Sharp – Make sure you wear safety equipment and gear like every time. Line up the double arrow icon to remove the cap. You can remove the cap before removing larger household tools and placing the blade between white cap and stone. The tool can be held in hand firmly against the stone for sharpening.


Replacing the Sharpening stone – First, remove batteries to disconnect motor and avoid injuries. Remove the guide by lining up double arrows. Hold the sharpening stone while loosening and removing Phillips screw. Remove the existing sharpening stone and line up the new stone with the output shaft. Hold the sharpening stone while you tighten the Phillips screw. The guide can then be placed back on the unit. Once it’s done, you can place the batteries into your Swifty Sharp so that you can start using it all over again.

9 thoughts on “Swifty Sharp Instructions

  1. I’m a happy Camper. I paid $5 on Ebay and thought if I’m out 5 bucks no biggie. I got the sharpener, put in fresh batteries, watched the video above and tried it. I first tried on old stainless scissors I had laying around that couldn’t cut butter. I ran it through the sharpener and tested them on a napkin because I figured that was pretty thin stuff and the first time I tried before sharpened they didn’t cut now with just a slight touch sip-sip-sip!
    I don’t get the comments I see above, Plus it’s dinky so you got to be gentle and slow with it. I think for me at least it was worth the 5 bucks. oh and BTW it sharpen some knifes i had that didn’t cut and now cut great!

  2. This is absolutely a PIECE OF JUNK!!!
    The wheel came unmounted the first time I tried to sharpen a knife. It can be pushed back onto the shaft, but there is no guide or stop to show how far to insert the wheel onto the shaft.
    In the trash already.
    Please do not waste your money!!

  3. It is a piece of junk !!! Motor runs good until you put a knife onto the stone and then it goes from 1000 rpm to 10 rpm’s ( #’s used as a sample) In other words forget about sharpening your knives much less scissors !!!

  4. Got my Swifty Sharp the other day in the mail, the catch-tray was broken, purchased 4 “AA” Alkaline batteries, put it together and the sharpener doesn’t work, there is no way to return it and telephone number I can call, so I guess I’ll have to eat it.

  5. I bought a swifty sharp off of a sale they said it was new but. When I got home there was no safety guide on it can you buy them and extra stones too

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