Super Wave Oven Review

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Super Wave Oven is the new breakthrough kitchen innovation that will become your new kitchen basic! It is the quick and easy method to cook delicious juicy family meals that is flavorful and good. All this without preheating, defrosting or endless clean ups!


How does Super Wave Oven work?
Super Wave Oven is a versatile cooker that simplifies life in the kitchen and retains the nutrients of the food, making it perfectly cooked, flavor packed, moist and juicy food. You will savor every mouth watering bite! Put fresh or frozen food on rack, cover the glass basin, set the time and temperature control, lock safety handle and let Super Wave Oven do all the work while you enjoy time with family and friends!

It roasts, bakes, broils, air fries, grills, boils, steams and barbecues! The secret is its special Tri-Cooking Technology that combines Halogen, Convection and Infrared Heat technology. The halogen sears food, sealing in its natural juices. Next, the infrared light waves gently cook food from the inside out. Finally, the convection fan circulates the air all around the food, cooking the food up to three times faster than conventional cooking.

The oven uses up to 80% less energy too! You can cook with reduced fats or oils and without reducing the flavor. The excess oil drips into the basin and not into your food, making your meals so much healthier. It’s virtually self- cleaning to; all you have to do is add the soap, set, soak, then rinse and you are done! The glass basin and rack are dish washer safe.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 10 QT Glass Basin (Dishwasher Safe)
  • Glass Seal-tight lid with “Tri-Cooking Technology Cooking Unit”
  • Safety Handles
  • 2 Cooking racks for high and low cooking
  • Timer and Temperature Controls
  • Handy tongs for removing hot items
  • Stainless Steel Extender ring (Increases capacity to 16 QT)
  • Recipe Book
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 5-year Extended Warranty
  • All this for 3 payments of $39.95 + $19.95 s/h. Official Offer



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Super Wave Oven Video


11 thoughts on “Super Wave Oven Review

  1. Searching for real ratings and Sharper Image Super Wave Oven reviews was indeed a nightmarish experience, one I’d never want to repeat. When I went online to search for the supposedly ‘wildly popular’ Sharper Image Super Wave Oven, I couldn’t find a single helpful review! For all these glossy websites with happy, fake-looking people posing with their Super Wave Ovens, these websites can be really confusing with their similar-sounding domain names, high page rankings and an unnecessary bunch of fake specs, videos and testimonies. While yielding absolutely nothing on the available Sharper Image Super Wave Oven reviews and ratings front (I could not even find a helpful X out of 5 stars rating!), these websites can be misleadingly good-looking. On clicking their BUY NOW buttons, I repeatedly got redirected to another random page, where I found that I couldn’t get access to any Sharper Image Super Wave Oven reviews or information unless I buy the product first. However, I continued my search, and found this website. Reviews, ratings and absolutely credible testimonies from real customers – this website was truly the answer to all my queries!

    • This is an extremely disappointing trend emergent today, where manufacturers of these bogus, fake products register their websites with these domain names. That, coupled with intelligent use of keywords at the right intervals, glossy pictures and deliberately ambiguous information about the products make websites sound official and proper. With Google and other search engines fooled into giving these websites high rankings, the public readily believes in these bogus claims and buy these fake products. Customers are advised to always check for favorable reviews and ratings first, before committing to these products.

  2. I absolutely now love my Super Wave oven, now that I know how to adjust the cooking times and remember to turn over whatever I am cooking. I have trouble with my hands at times, and I do not find the bowl too heavy. Just use both of your hands if you have to. I decided against using the wash cycle, because to me there is no point to using it. A couple of times I just pour a little water and soap in the bottom, and soak up the excess with paper towels, and then a clean sponge and do that a few times. Last night I cooked pork chops and they were great. Tonight I am going to do salmon. The racks are fine, although I wish they were heavier like the Nu Wave racks. The timer works great, so it is a possibility that the person who has the broken timer turned it the wrong way, not realizing they did so. The Super Wave can be bought on line at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and if they have a return policy like the store itself does, no one should have any problems. I bought mine at Costco and am really, really glad I did.

  3. Okay, here is my second review on the SuperWave oven. I did chicken breasts and they came out fantastic. The problem I had before was not the oven. Apparently, having electric registers on in the house was causing the oven to not work properly, but at the time I cooked the roast chicken, it did not occur to me that the registers would be a problem. I also joined a Super Wave/Nu Wave page on Facebook and got a lot of great tips from people who own one or the other. Anyway, I do like the oven, and it worked as advertised.

  4. I bought the Super Wave a few days ago at Costco and tried to roast a chicken in it, a 4-pound chicken and did everything like the instructions said. I also added potatoes, both sweet potatoes and regular ones and cut them up in chunks. After the required 45 minutes on high, the potatoes were rock hard and the chicken was raw inside. I set it for 20 minutes more. The chicken was not done and the vegetables still hard. I set it for 20 more minutes. STILL not done! I am extremely upset with this oven. I love the big glass bowl, that is a positive. I am going to give this oven one more chance tomorrow and if it still won’t cook…back it goes. The lights came on and off and the controls worked fine. The outside of the chicken cooked, but the insides were still red raw.

  5. I went to this website last night to order an oven. I clicked on the regular oven then ordered 2 more for my children. Later the site asked if I would like to upgrade. I said yes. I was also asked if I would like the knives and blender. Since I did not know how much the shipping and handling would be, I said yes thinking that I would be able to review my order before confirming and approving the total. I was immediately charged and order confirmed before I saw anything about my order. In the end I had been charged for 5 ovens and 3 sets of knives and blenders. I called customer service immediately and was told that it wasn’t in the system and had to call back in the morning. I called back and was told to call back in an hour. I called back and was told that it shipped and now I have to return everything when it comes. Meanwhile I was awakened earlier in the morning by someone trying to sell me something else. Whatever you do, do not order this oven on line.

  6. My brand new super wave oven lasted all of five minutes and then the fan stopped working. I’m going to have to return it to them and pay shipping. Nevermind the $20 shipping I had to pay them even though they advertised that shipping is free.

  7. I bought this Super Wave Oven. I have had it for a month. My timer is broke already. Most foods could be prepared in another method much faster. I really do like hamburgers grilled in this oven though. I don’t mind cleaning it.

  8. I bought the Super wave oven about 6 months ago. It works great, however, I have a few problems that have not been resolved. Within the first 5 uses, one of the tines on the rack broke loose. Then after using the wash cycle a couple of times (you really need to wash it out by hand also), I noticed rust on the motor cover which I can not remove. The Pyrex bowl is extremely heavy and can slip out of your hands when wet. It does cook just like they say on the TV. The Roast Chicken came out excellent and juicy. However, I bought mine through Shop NBC. Sharper Image said I had to call Shop NBC, and Shop NBC couldn’t find a number for Sharper Image. I am now stuck with an appliance that is falling apart. I’m going to buy the Nu Wave oven instead. I hope this helps.

      • Cheri, I bought mine thru Sharper Image. If that’s the brand you bought, their phone number is 1-800-253-4785. I ordered one and they sent two, telling me I ordered one on the web and one by phone. (One is digital and one is analog, so I don’t think that’s true.) The “recipe book” has a lot to be desired also. We got the NuWave several weeks before and are trying to compare. I think we’re gonna stick with the Sharper Image, but that remains to be seen.

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