Stufz Burger Maker

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If you are a foodie than you would love burgers and all the different stuffing that go with it. The problem the difficulty you would face while preparing a yummy burger since the patty and rest of the stuffing keep falling apart and though using a toothpick to hold it all together seems to be a nice idea but it doesn’t really work well while eating the burger. This is the reason that stuffed burgers have taken a new place in the category. StufZ is said to be created as one universal tool to make amazing stuffed burgers right at home.


StufZ promises to deliver juicy burgers by making stuffed patty within no time with its simplistic easy to use design. The patty shaped container is perfect to bring together a variety of food items in a stuffed manner in just three simple steps. StufZ is supposed to start working by shaping the patty contents to create a hollow space for fillings. Next, this space is to be stuffed by different ingredients according to needs and requirements and later StufZ should be used again with a little more patty content to seal it completely making it ready to cook and go in scrumptious burger bread. StufZ is made from high grade material and is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe.


StufZ mainly claims to be beneficial when it comes to holding all the items of a burger together. But StufZ also is said to keep the flavors and juices intact which can be lost by traditional methods resulting into an explosion of flavors into the mouth. StufZ can be used to create endless combos and try a new variety every time a burger is prepared right at home which in turn saves a lot of money.


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