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What is Savormatic

As per the TV infomercial it is claimed to be an all-in-one countertop cooking solution that cooks almost everything for a healthy meal. It can be opened completely for grilling and also turned into a non-stick frying pan for perfect cooking everytime.



All-in-one cooking solution – Savormatic promises to be an all-in-one solution for countertop cooking with its innovative design and has features that are matchless. But does Savormatic really work as promised? Send us your Savormatic review. Cooking meals is a hassle if the right type of cooker is not available. Savormatic claims that it can be simply be used as a solution to make homemade recipes like pizzas, cakes, pies quiches, crepes and more very easily. Though at this point there are no Savormatic reviews to verify this claim. Savormatic asserts to provide a variety of easy to cook recipes that are tasty and healthy.


Dual heating design – Savormatic proclaims to be revolutionary cooking solution since it cooks dishes in a very different way than others. This claim of cooking in a faster and convenient way by Savormatic will be attested only once users review Savormatic. Savormatic alleges that the secret of its unique functioning lies in the dual heating surfaces that make it possible for baking favorite dishes from top and bottom at the same time. The dual heating of Savormatic allows food to heat well and evenly from both sides to deliver delicious food which sounds too fanciful, Savormatic reviews will expose it soon. Also the dual side heating ensures that the flavors inside the food stay intact which makes the food turn out juicier and delicious unlike regular cookers. Though this particular claim of Savormatic can be only proved once the user reviews come out.

Multiple cooking features – Savormatic states that its functionality doesn’t stop there but can also be opened up all the way so that one can cook on both sides simultaneously. In fact, one can easily use Savormatic to grill steaks, fish, sausages or chicken on one side and cook toppings or favorite dishes on the pan side. Such fancy claims to provide open cooking can be only substantiated when the reviews come out. Savormatic also states that the lid can be kept open in 90 degrees so that it can be used as a non-stick frying pan. This pan can be used for cooking eggs, pancakes, sauteed vegetables or heating up leftovers quickly. Does this all sound too good to be true? Savormatic reviews will soon reveal the actual facts.


Additional Features – Savormatic emphasizes that the surface is completely non-sticky so that low fat food can be easily cooked but such a promise can be only be proven right when the Savormatic reviews come out. There is a timer feature available in Savormatic for those who want to cook recipes in the right proportion and right amount so that there’s no burning or over-cooking of food. Savormatic asserts to be very easy on power as it only requires 1200 Watts which sounds very fanciful but only Savormatic reviews will tell us whether it is true or not. The starter kit of Savormatic comes with 8 silicon baking moulds and an exclusive recipe book which covers delicious recipes but there are no Savormatic reviews at this time to back this claim.


SAVORMATIC is a unique kitchen device and very difficult to categorize it. Thats why many sellers just call it a “device”. It claims to replace pizza oven, grill, fryer, cooker, oven, pot and more. SAVORMATIC reminds us of the Xpress Redi-Set-Go cooker and looks similar to it. There are not many reviews about this fancy versatile cooking gadget, so we cannot give our verdict at this time. But one thing is for sure, if its too good to be true it probably is.

Should you buy it? – We suggest you skip on this product for now unless you come across credible customer reviews that would attest the claims this gadget makes which we find to be too exaggerated.


What do I get?

  • 1 Savormatic
  • 8 Silicon baking moulds
  • 1 Recipe Book

Price: £69.99

17 thoughts on “SAVORMATIC

  1. Hello…I want to orders this savormatic where I can order this and how much is the price?Please reply soon..Thanks

  2. I saw this in a commercial but I am not sure in online shopping due to [may be] shipping and handling or the product might be a previous return from a customer. Do you know any shopping center that sell this product?
    Thank you

  3. Hi!I just wanna ask ,what is the power supply of savormatic cooking device? how much? if ever. where I can buy? is there available in the Phil? how much also the shipping costs?

  4. I just saw Savormatic on TV. Call 838-9999. An agent will get your name and contact number and after a few minutes the Savormatic sales agent will call you. The price quoted to me is PhP6,000 but with a discount of PhP500 if you order right away. This comes in silver color with stoneware as the cooking pan instead of black color and teflon. Free recipe booklet and 8 baking silicon moulds. I decided not to buy yet until I see more reviews about the product. So far there is only one here who made a comment that the timer stopped working and the number settings came off. It also doesn’t look durable for everyday use, according to the review. I am not ready to risk my money yet until I see more satisfied users.

    • I have the same problem and I won’t recommend these totally agree with you US and Canada is a lot way better. I’m returning mine as well.

  5. Savormatic is now available in the Philippines via TV Shopping. One can order via 838-9999. I am also interested with this product and is doing my research hence I landed on this page. As per their sales agent normal price is around P 10,000 pesos but they are giving special discount offer to as low as P 4,995. I’m still undecided though if i’m going to order one…

    • I bought this last April 2015 and it was amazing!
      I love the stonewell finish and the device delivers as promised. so easy to clean. as seen on tv!

      love it!

  6. We just purchased a savormatic here in the Philippines, and when we tried to make our first meal the timer stopped working and the setting numbers came off. This product is made very cheaply for the Philippines and wont last a week with daily use. It is not at all like the one for the US and Canada. I would not recommend anyone to purchase this product at all. We are returning it immeditely and hope we will get our refund as promised.

  7. Hi can you please tell me about the price of Savormatic here in the philippines?

  8. Hi! Is the Savormatic Cooking Device available in the Philippines? What is the power supply? In the Philippines power is 220 V/60 cycles.
    tnx. angel

  9. Hi can you please tell me the price and the details about this product. Where can I buy this Savormatic.

    Please reply soon

  10. Where can I buy Savromatic? I am interested on it. Please give me some info where and how much.


    • i bought mine at HSN Philippines. Home Shopping Network. See savormatic in youtube the tv infomercial used in the Philippines. I bought mine @ 5,995.00

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