StoneDine Cookware Review

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How about bringing about a revolution in your kitchen to transform cooking and dining the way you never imagined? Get the amazing StoneDine Cookware home and make cooking incredibly wonderful and prepare food that’s not only healthy but also delicious! StoneDine is a special type of cookware as it has the goodness of stone in the coating. This fabulous range is like cooking on hot stone, the natural way to cook and guarantees delicious, healthier and easier cooking.


StoneDine Cookware
StoneDine Cookware has safe, reinforced stone coating that makes it super tough. It lets you cook food without fats and oils due to which your food is completely fat-free and healthy even as its gourmet flavor stays! The food in StoneDine is always cooked perfectly and cooking time is also cut down. What’s more, it is not made of any harmful chemicals either.

StoneDine Cookware is non-stick and since it is stone coated cookware, no food sticks to it, not even the sticky cheese, which ensures clean and non-messy cooking. The food simply slides around smoothly without sticking to the base or sides. Baked foods also turn out crispy in this pan. Steaks turn out great, pancakes cooked perfectly in StoneDine. It has magnetized stainless steel plate base which is 4.5 mm thick that ensures even heat distribution and no hot spots at all!

One of the highlights of StoneDine is that it’s completely scratch-resistant. Other pans can withstand 4,000 to 5,000 abrasions, but StoneDine can actually endure 40,000 to 50,000 abrasions. That means StoneDine is ten times stronger than other pans and will last ten times longer. It undergoes the standardized hardening process where by it’s repeatedly scratched to see how long it lasts.

StoneDine works equally well on all cook tops, be it electric, induction, gas or ceramic. You get superlative quality and taste with this stone coated cookware. Cleaning StoneDine is also very easy and convenient. You simply need to wipe out food on StoneDine Cookware with a tissue paper to clean it.

StoneDine FAQs

What is StoneDine all about?
This path breaking cookware is your way to “restaurant quality” cooking at home. Made out of Stainless Steel, glass, aluminium and 4.5 mm magnetized stainless steel plate base, this cookware ensures even heat distribution without any hot spots on cooking surface. It’s akin to cooking on a natural hot stone; what’s more the base of this cookware absorbs and conducts heat efficiently. Thus food gets cooked quickly with less energy required.

How many StoneDines have been sold and where are they made?
It was invented in Germany more than a decade ago and more than 1.2 million units have been sold in different parts of the world, including U.S, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

What do I get in my StoneDine Cookware set?
In the limited-time TV offer you get 8 pieces, including 2 pans, 3 pots and 3 interchangeable lids. An 11” pan and 11 piece knife set are included as bonus gifts. If you choose to return the cookware set, you can still keep the knife set.

Can food be cooked with this cookware without any oil and fat?
There is no need of any oil or butter to avoid food from sticking to StoneDine. That’s why; it’s perfect to cook steaks and fish, which will be perfectly browned. Getting restaurant quality steaks are now easy to make at home with StoneDine.

How can StoneDine cook so quickly?
The 4.5 mm magnetized steel plate in StoneDine has been designed to absorb heat efficiently and distribute it evenly. Thanks to that and due to absence of any hot spots, not only does StoneDine help you cook quickly but preserves the natural gourmet flavours of your food too. Importantly no oils and fats are needed for cooking.

How long does it take for StoneDine to be delivered?
Depending on the day of order and location, normal delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks. You also have the option of choosing from the different expedited shipping options.

What if StoneDine leaves my dissatisfied?
There’s a 30 day “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee and if you are not happy with your StoneDine then you can return it within 30 days. You will get your payment (minus shipping and handling) back immediately. Your return shipping will also be taken care of.

What does StoneDine 12 year-warranty entail?
So confident are the makers of StoneDine about the cookware that it’s guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship in normal private use and service for the tenure of 12 years.

What makes StoneDine durable?
It has a Reinforced Stone Coating, which has microscopic particles of stone that are transformed into ultra-hard non-stick coating through a special process. That’s why they don’t scratch and the surface works better than other cookware surfaces. It’s thus quite durable and resistant to abrasion. Moreover since the coating is completely integrated with underlying substrate materials, food cooks evenly and fast as if on a hot stone.

How does StoneDine bring out food’s flavours so well?
The Reinforced Stone Coating in StoneDine means you don’t have to worry about food sticking to the surface and thus don’t have to use oils and fats. Your food tastes of natural flavours and the 4.5 mm steel plate base lets them come alive even more. This pure way of cooking is responsible for bringing out the natural delicious flavours out of food.

How does one clean StoneDine?
You can simply wipe it with a paper towel. It you want more thorough cleaning you can use a Scotchbrite kind of pad or a nylon brush. However like other non-stick cooking surfaces, StoneDine should be kept away from dishwashers as detergents don’t react well with them.

Can it be used in the oven and to what kind of temperatures?
StoneDine cookware is safe up to 350 degrees F, but you should never put hot StoneDine piece in cold water as it can crack the non stick surface.

What cooking surface is ideal with StoneDine?
All stovetop surfaces including gas, electric, ceramic and induction, work well with StoneDine.

Is StoneDine safe, and does it give out any fumes?
The coating is approved to be safe in contact with food under Federal Food Drug And Cosmetic Act and requisite FDA regulations. Regular quality checks are also conducted in the laboratory to ensure that the product is safe for use.



What do I get?
So make the smartest choice and switch over to StoneDine Cookware so that you reduce cooking time, cut down calories, clean up easily and even enjoy cooking! Order StoneDine Cookware now and get eight pieces of the cookware range along with free gifts! You can try it for 30 days by paying only $29.97 plus P&H. Official website


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11 thoughts on “StoneDine Cookware Review

  1. I purchased this product a year ago and I love it. If you season these pans, as required , everything comes out Great! Never has anything burnt or come out tasting funny. I wash them with Dawn after every use, as just wiping with a paper towel is not what I would consider a clean pan, But none the less, when the surface starts to look dull I just season it again, I use these pans every day and have only had to re-season one pan sense. If you take care of these as you should then you will have no problems. Keep the cardboard put it in between the pans when you store them it will protect them from any damage from thee other pans when stacked.

  2. You spend a fair bit of money on Stone Wave Cooker and eggs come out tasting rubbery. Yes, it helps you cook apples but then you can get the same results by putting it in a microwave dish and cooking. You don’t have to spend this kind of money on it.

    • Mama you are talking about a different product altogether…this is about the Stonedine cookware and not “Stone Wave Cooker”

  3. If you have issues with it, then of course you can return it. But they send you another set, which has its own problems and you get more and more annoyed. There’s no way you can do anything about it though because the customer service is practically non-existent and tests your patience.

  4. You are told that the pans are made in Germany but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Moreover you also have to remember that they need seasoning and can’t be used on high heat. But more often than not, many want to start cooking on high heat.

  5. It leaves behind a film on the glass stove top, which can be quite annoying. It doesn’t come off easily and that will ruin the cooktop in no time. For something that doesn’t work well as it should you end up ruining your cooktop.

  6. That’s one of the claims about it but it doesn’t hold ground. Heat remains at the bottom of the cookware and it starts to turn black. The sides on the other hand retain grease and look burnt. That becomes a nightmare to clean up for you later.

  7. While it can give results initially and seems to work well, problems begin with regular use. The coating used here begins to fade off and that’s in spite of using wooden and plastic utensils. It’s certainly not long lasting.

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