Starfrit Easy Mandoline Review

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Do you often face difficulties while slicing vegetables or grating the perfect topping to garnish a delicious recipe? Is getting the right kind of dicing of vegetables and fruits in the salad bowl a mighty task? A single person maintaining cooking and running around to correctly slice all the veggies at the same time can be really frustrating. For handy purposes there are lots of slicing and grating equipments available in the market. What if all of the slicing, dicing and grating could come in one product? Well, Starfrit Easy Mandoline is just that one product.


Starfrit Easy Mandoline
Starfrit Easy Mandoline is one of the best and easiest multipurpose mandolines available in the market. It provides with differentsettings and blades for slicing, dicing, chopping, grating and shredding. Starfrit Easy Mandoline comes with provision to store the blades of different settings within itself so that searching for the perfect blades will never become an issue. It has a knobbed safety guide to hold the food in place and provide optimum grip while cutting along with a non slip base to give even extra stability. It comes with a custom container to collect the food items or can be even placed directly on top of bowls for collection.

Starfrit Easy Mandoline provides 4 way ease by utilizing 4 blades settings which are – Slicing Blade, perfect for cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, zucchini etc, Grating Blade for grating chocolate, cheese,
etc, Julienne Blade, best for carrot sticks, cabbages, French fries, etc and Shredding Blade, perfect for carrots, hash browns, etc. Starfrit Easy Mandoline is truly the perfect solution in providing multi-purpose cutting with ease and perfection.



What do I get?
Buy Starfrit Easy Mandoline with 4 Blades at for just $22.99



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3 thoughts on “Starfrit Easy Mandoline Review

  1. I have a Starfrit Easy Mandolin and can’t figure out how to use the julienne blade. I don’t see it anywhere. Help!

  2. Review Starfrit Easy Mandoline

    Can Starfrit Easy Mandoline really provide slicing, grating, julienne
    and shredding perfectly?

    Can Starfrit Easy Mandoline be used to slice tomatoes with ease?

    Does Starfrit Easy Mandoline really provide in-housing blade storage?

    Is Starfrit Easy Mandoline easy to clean?

    Can Starfrit Easy Mandoline be used to make French fries comfortably?

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