Stainless Steel Powerstick Review

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Experience the luxury of processing food with an incredibly sophisticated appliance and make things super easy in kitchen! Switch over to Thane Stainless Steel Powerstick and see how convenient and time-saving the entire process of cooking becomes. It is smart-looking mixer with an ultramodern futuristic look. It is packed with loads of power and is all about quality, inside and out!

How does Stainless Steel Powerstick Work

If you think Thane Stainless Steel Powerstick is a regular, bulky food processor that occupies a lot of space, you’ll be surprised to see that instead it is actually compact, lightweight and easy to use. This electric handheld mixer is designed as a handheld device that demands minimal space to be stored in.

Thane Stainless Steel Powerstick possesses the finest features you desire an ideal product must embody. It carries out a whole lot of functions to process foods incredibly smoothly. It runs on 120V/200W maximum power motor which, when attached to the versatile Powerstick blade, purees, mixes, grinds, chops and blends food quickly, easily and perfectly. The electric powerstick has blades made of stainless steel, which coupled with an added whisk, make your work in the kitchen easy and even delightful. When the maximum power motor is attached to the powerstick blade, it sets in motion and a vortex action is created. It helps you stir up a whole lot of delicacies like sauces, soups, smoothies and more. The whisk whips up creams, meringues and foamy drink toppings so smoothly and impeccably you’ll be amazed!

What’s more, both the stainless steel blade and whisk of Thane Stainless Steel Powerstick can be detached easily after use. All you need to do is twist it, after which it can be cleaned up in a jiffy. Processing food and cleaning the appliance has never been easier!

Time to say goodbye to long hours in the kitchen and turn a new leaf with Thane Stainless Steel Powerstick! You can now prepare a whole lot of delicacies for your loved ones quickly without any on, save money by preparing restaurant-like food right at home minus hassles, mess and wastage of time!



What do I get?
Get the Thane’s Stainless Steel Powerstick for just $49.95 + Shipping. Official website



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