Stack Mates Containers Review

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You may have wasted space, may never find a lid that fits your storage container or may even have a hard time fitting your containers in your fridge. Now here is the answer to your problem- Stack Mates- the key solution to lost lids and wasted space.


Stack Mates Containers
Stack Mates are storage containers that easily attach to the color coordinated bottom and can be layered right inside. Just choose your container and get the lid with it. The advantage of Stack Mates is their long rectangular shape lets u fill up without spilling and even the largest size fits in a fridge door. They can also hold over 2 quarts of liquid.

Stack Mates nest less than 3 inches high and can hold over 216 ounces of fluid. They are an ideal solution to save cabinet space and easily fit in almost any size drawer. Stack Mates not only stack inside of each other, their modular design helps you fill and stack on top of each other for maximum storage space.

Stack Mates are dishwasher save and are made from BPA safe, FDA approved food safe material. They have a leak proof seal so you can carry them around without fear of leaks. Stack Mates maintain the freshness of food and eliminate fridge odors. They are great for butter and cheese, ideal for fruits and they keep meat and salads deli fresh. You can now order your color coordinated attachable lids and never lose a lid anymore.



What do I get?
1 OR 2 20 piece set of Stackmates

Buy 1 20 piece Stack Mates Container set for just $19.95 + $7.95 s/h. OR Buy 2 20 piece Stack Mates Container set for just $19.95 + $15.90 s/h. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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7 thoughts on “Stack Mates Containers Review

  1. I had so much hope for these containers. But first the paint peeled off the bottoms leaving them sticky. Then the rubber seals came out. Then they started to crack. I just love the idea and the convenience and I hope the company will address these problems and come out with an improved product. I will be the first one in line!

  2. I would not buy these again. The lid seals pop out all the time. The containers crack all over. I have had to throw most of mine away because they cracked so badly. Not worth the money at half the price!

  3. At first, we thought it was great. But now we have many reasons to hate it: First, the lids keep poping back up, when we try to close them, second, when we wash them the rubber seals pop out of the lids, it’s very annoying, and third: the paint at the bottom wears off. So over all we would not waste any money on this product again.

  4. These are great. I’ve never smiled before when opening my fridge but I have to say that Stack Mates really do stack very nicely and keep everything quite organized. And the fact that the lids that attach to the bottom–genius!

    I’ve owned my sets (buy one get one free) for about a month and have used in the microwave and dishwasher without a problem. They pass the leak-proof test which is great since I use them for lunch every day.

    The one improvement I would make is to the color on the bottom–after washing in the sink with an abrasive sponge a few times I noticed that color is starting to wear off… However this isn’t a big concern for me and I would certainly buy another set. Actually I’m thinking of tossing out all my mis-matched tupperware and converting over to Stack Mates.

    Thumbs up here.

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