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As those hot summer months start approaching, you have to start thinking of healthy beverages for your kids and loved ones. You don’t want to keep spending huge amounts on store bought beverages, which are not the healthiest option either. Slushies go down well with kids of all ages but making them often can be a huge chore and it can lead to a lot of mess around the house. But what if you were told that now you could make delicious slushies at home without the need for ice or blenders for that matter? Yes, Squeezy Freezy offers you that way to make mouth watering slushies at home.

How does Squeezy Freezy Work

Making your favourite slushies is now so simple; all you have to do is freeze the cup and then add your chosen beverage into it. Now by simply squeezing the cup you will have a yummy frozen treat ready to be devoured by your kids and other family members. If you have been looking for a smart and simple way to make beverages when you have the next kiddie party at home or if you want to entertain guests, you won’t have to look beyond this simple and delicious option.

Some of the brilliant features of these cups include the fact that they are completely non toxic and BPA free. It’s something you always need to think about when you are buying items that will be used with kids. And this one will keep your mind completely at rest about its quality and safety element as well. Kids can have a lot of fun using them too and they can also choose one in their favourite colour. You will also be pleased to note that these cups are re-freezable, which make them great value for your money.

You can use these cups over and over again and the fun never stops. Now delicious slushies will be at your fingertips and without any tedious effort required. Nor will there be any mess to clean up later as your kids can devour delicious, healthy drinks that are made at home.



What do I get?

  • 2 Polar Cups
  • 2 Arctic Domes
  • 2 Magic Spoon Straws
  • 2 Fun Drink Guides

All this for just $19.99 and $8.99 shipping and handling. Official website GetSqueezyFreezy.com


Doesn’t really work:
The promise of making a quick slush by just squeezing it creates only cold liquid which is nowhere even near to what a slushy feels like. This semi-slush is not thick enough to even utilize the spoon that comes along with it.

Takes too much time:
To create an instant slushy it requires the drink to be on near freezing temperature which means to quickly get a slushy out of the Squeezy Freezy you would need to wait for the drink to freeze which is as good as waiting for couple of hours for the drink to freeze and break it up yourself.

Not a value for money:
Since it doesn’t really work well at all any money paid is a waste.
Squeezy Freezy Video

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