Spinning Cool Café

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What is Spinning Cool Cafe

It is the fastest and easiest way to cold-brew coffee at home with patented technology that cuts acidity by 70%.


Cold coffee at home:

Spinning Cool Café promises to be the best way to make delicious cold coffees by brewing it in the cold state. Generally for a cold coffee you would have to run to a coffee shop and not only would it cost you more but also isn’t always available in your favorite flavor. Brewing a coffee hot and then cooling it just doesn’t taste right which is a problem supposedly corrected by Spinning Cool Café. What Spinning Cool Café claims is that you can brew your cold coffee right at home with great rich taste using its patented spinning technology.


Spinning technology:

Spinning Cool Café is said to work on a patented system that works on spinning mechanism and use of cold water. This spinning blades when placed between cold water and desired favorite coffee starts to spin and blend rich coffee flavor to create iced mochas, frappes, coffee smoothies and more. The key advantage of this technology in Spinning Cool Café is that unlike hot brewers it does not make the coffee flavor go bitter. It is also studied that hot brewing can increase the amount of acidity in the coffee but Spinning Cool Café apparently cuts this very acidity by up to 70% making it easier on the stomach. This way the coffee turns out to be so smooth and silky that there would be no use of sugar and cream in it.

Spinning Cool Café is said to come with a 60oz capacity and doesn’t get watered down with ice due to cold brewing thanks to its press filter system which sends the coffee grounds right to the bottom. Spinning Cool Café is apparently great at making light, medium or dark coffee. Also it is said to have the ability to store the coffee fresh for over 14 days making it less time consuming. it is said to cold brew coffee at very low cost compared to coffee shops.


    What do I get ?

  • You will receive Spinning Cool Café for $29.99
  • You also get free recipe book
  • Official Website : spinningcoolcafe.com

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