Sonic Pan

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What is Sonic Pan – It is a new ceramic cooking pan which emits ultrasonic vibrations with the switch of a button to prevent food from sticking on surface.

Revolutionary non-stick pan

Sonic Pan is launched as the revolutionary new cooking pan that offers an experience unlike any other cookware. It goes beyond the conventional non-stick coating feature to keep your food from burning. According to the makers of Sonic Pan, what makes it exceptional is the ultrasonic vibrations technology it uses to create the first ever truly non stick never stick pan. There’s no non-stick coating involved but instead an innovative way to ensure that food doesn’t stick to the surface.

Easy to use

The designers of Sonic Pan further elaborate that all you have to do is flip the switch on the cool touch handle, which creates tiny sonic vibrations that emerge from the handle and spread around the bottom of the pan. These ultrasonic vibrations move evenly from outside in the non stick surface of the ceramic pan to create even heat distribution and an invisible sonic barrier between the food and ceramic surface.

No hot spots

Sonic Pan guarantees confidently that there are no hot spots to burn the bottom of food in it as it distributes heat evenly, which coupled with vibrations, ensures food doesn’t get stuck at all.

First ever hands-free sauté pan

The makers of Sonic Pan call it ‘the first ever hands-free sauté pan’ as the sonic vibrations keep food in the moving state automatically, so there’s no need for stirring, tossing or turning the food while cooking. That’s hands-free sauté, the first of its kind that Sonic Pan asserts it introduces to you.

No more scraping food

You are assured that if you use Sonic Pan you will never have to scrap food (and spoil the pan) as it simply won’t stick to the surface on account of the ultrasonic vibrations.

All foods cook easily

Sonic Pan claims that it can cook even easy-to-burn foods like juicy fried steak, delicate fish fillets and eggs with ‘sunny side up’ perfectly without burning them at all.


What do I get? Buy 2 Sonic Pans for $19.95 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website:

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