SodaStream Soda Maker Review

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About SodaStream Soda Maker

Fed up of rushing to the store when you forget to get the soda? Do you want an at-home convenience? Bring life in to your water with the revolutionary SodaStream the amazing soda maker that lets you turn regular water in to fresh and sparkling water and soda and that too in just a few seconds!


How does SodaStream Soda Maker work?

You won’t have to lug around bottles any more or buy bottles and cans from the store, no wasted storage space will be needed, no empties for recycling or just throwing, with SodaStream.

It is quick and easy to use; all you have to do is fill the SodaStream carbonated bottle with regular water, secure it to the soda maker, then press the carbonating button a few times to add the fizz and sit back and enjoy a glass of fresh sparkling water.

You can also add a cap-full of the SodaStream concentrated soda mix to the carbonated bottle and then simply shake gently to create a glassful of your favorite flavor! You get a choice of regular and diet soda mix too. Save money with the great and truly useful SodaStream!

SodaStream Frequently Asked Questions

Can real soda be made at home?
Soda is nothing but water, fizz and flavour; you can convert regular tap water into soda with SodaStream. Fizz can be added in the form of carbon dioxide and one of 25 sodamix syrups can be used as flavour to create best tasting soda.

What are the advantages of a home soda maker?
It’s a bit similar to why coffee lovers like to brew coffee at home; now soda lovers have the choice of making it at home. Besides there are several benefits of using this home soda maker
• You get fresh, yummy soda within no time.
• It’s easy to use.
• You don’t have to buy heavy bottles from shops or store them.
• You don’t have to worry about running out of soda.
• There are 25 delicious flavours to pick from.
• There are caffeine-free, diet options and regular flavours have less sugar too.
• Diet flavours don’t contain aspartame but have Splenda.
• BPA-free bottles that can be recycled are used.
• No plumbing, electricity or batteries are required.
• It comes with a money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.

What does home-made bottle of soda or seltzer cost?
Once you are done with the purchase, 1 litre bottle of seltzer and sparkling water will cost $.25 for every litre, while flavoured soda costs $.40 per can, before shipping charges are applicable. Those who use Penguin and Crystal machine pay $.40 per litre for premium sparkling water while gourmet soda costs $.82 per litre. Based on the order size and location, shipping costs when applicable can add from $.03 to $.06 per litre.

How can ongoing supplies for soda maker be procured?
You can find them where soda makers are sold or they can also be ordered from the manufacturer’s website.

How long has SodaStream been doing business?
The company was founded overseas in 1991 and operations in the US began in 2003. The company has sold more than 10 million soda makers in more than 40 countries.

Is there a referral program?
Yes there’s a “Refer A Friend” program where one can get store points by referring a friend.

Is there some kind of club where one has to make a long-term commitment?
There is no membership, annual fees or any kind of minimum purchases required. Anyone can buy soda maker supplies when needed.

Can products from SodaStream be recycled?
Many of consumable packages from SodaStream can be recycled. Carbonating bottles can be used for 3 years before replacing while Penguin glass carafes can be used forever if they are not damaged. One can also find out more about recycling SodaStream products from local municipal authorities.

Are SodaStream plastic carbonating bottles free of BPA?
SodaStream has done its best to ensure that its products meet all International standards for quality of beverages. Since there are no polycarbonate materials, all SodaStream products don’t contain BPA nor are materials that produce phthalates or PCBs used.


What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
Choose from

  • Fountain Jet soda makers look great on your kitchen counter. Turn water into sparkling water and soda in seconds with a Sodastream Fountain Jet home soda maker. Available in three colors: white, black/silver, and red. Starts from $79.95
  • SodaStream Genesis home soda makers offer the sleek, modern silhouette of the Pure home soda maker at a more affordable price. Turn water into sparkling water and soda in seconds with a Sodastream Genesis home soda maker. Available in two colors: black, & red. Starts from $99.95.
  • SodaStream Pure Machine is sleek and elegant with stainless steel accents to complement the finest kitchens. Turn water into sparkling water and soda in seconds with a Sodastream Pure home soda maker. Available in two colors: white and gray. Starts at $149.95
  • Sodastream Penguin Machines whimsically combines form and function to prepare and serve your sparkling beverages in elegant, dishwasher-safe glass carafes. Turn water into sparkling water and soda in seconds with a Sodastream Penguin home soda maker. Starts at $199.95


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15 thoughts on “SodaStream Soda Maker Review

  1. Works easy. Taste like soda water. Flavors are bad tasting. I expected a better taste. If you want to drink soda water with a funny taste. Buy it. If you expect a good flavor don’t buy it.

  2. OK I need the answer! What gets rid of the mold smell! I thought I was loosing my mind. No one in my family smells anything like I do. They think I am nuts! Please, someone let me know what works! Thanks

  3. Mine started doing this too. Turns out there’s mold growing on the inside of the cap and around the threaded of the bottle.

  4. I made seltzer with my new soda stream and the seltzer smells and tastes moldy. The water comes from my filtered refrigerator dispenser and was not smelly or moldy before I used the soda stream. Anyone else with this experience?

    • Yes! Mine just started doing this–smells like mold being injected. Have you figured out what it is? It can’t be that healthy to drink from.

        • I have also just had this experience…my guess is the CO2 canister, but we have to recycle them thru the store, so wouldn’t they check the age of the canisters?

          • I have the same experience. I filter my water carefully through an expensive fancy system, and it comes out delicious, but is undrinkable moldy tasting after being soda streamed. Did any of you find a solution to this? It really does taste like mold is being injected into the water.

  5. How is it powered?

    Which is the best buy – Genesis, Penguin, Pune or Fountain?

    Does it leak

    Is it really portable?

    What is the carbonated bottle made up of?

    How long does the fizz last?

    Is it really quick and easy

    Is it easy to use.

    • It is easy to use. Taste like soda water. Flavors taste bad. I guess I expected it to taste better. If you want to drink soda water buy it, if you want good taste don’t buy soda stream.

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