Snap2Strain Review

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You try and do everything possible to ensure that your tasks at home are simplified and you are saved time. But often small chores like straining can become a nightmare with your regular strainers. You need to have different sized strainers for various pots and pans in the house and things still keep spilling out, making a mess for you to clean up later. However now there’s a way to get over this problem in the form of Snap2Strain, which is a special flexi fit strainer that will take all the stress and difficulty out of straining every single time.

How does Snap2Strain Work

The good thing about this strainer is its flexi fit design and that’s the reason it can grab on to pots and pans of various sizes. It then locks on to that position, which lets you strain easily and without creating any mess. All you have to do is fit it on your chosen bowl, skillet or pot and snap it in place. Strain practically anything you want now without a care in the world. Pouring hot liquids has never been safer and more secure because this strainer stays in place and avoids any nasty accidents that can happen in the kitchen.

There are several applications for this strainer in the house; you might want to use it when you are getting rid of the water in pasta or if you want to eliminate the greases in meats. And if you want to get healthy juices out of fruits and vegetables then you can do that as well. Another highlight of this strainer is that it has a non stick surface and that’s very important when you are straining delicate items like ravioli for example. It will ensure that these delicate food items are not torn apart, which is a big relief.

This patent pending strainer is also helpful because it is compact and can be stored away easily in your kitchen drawers. Now you won’t have clutter in your kitchen because of strainers you need for different jobs. And the fact that it’s dishwasher safe works further for your convenience.



What do I get?

  • 1 Snap2Strain
  • 1 Spill Stopper

All this for $10 + 15.90 P.& H. Official website



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