Snackeez Can Topper

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What is Snackeez Can Topper

It is an all in one snacking solution that helps you carry your beverages and favourite snacks in one hand.
Snackeez Can Topper claims to be a smart innovation that will help you get around the problem of carrying your beverages and snacks safely when you are out and about. Juggling your drinks and snacks can be a nightmare and things often end up in a mess. But it doesn’t have to come to that because Snackeez Can Topper promises to offer you a simple solution that will work just fine when you are on the go.

Snackeez Can Topper lets you carry your snacks and beverages in one hand

Imagine the scenario when you have to go for a sports match or simply walk through a door with your choice of beverage in one hand and your favourite snacks in another. That’s an accident waiting to happen. Snackeez Can Topper asserts that you can avoid such a scenario and carry your beverage and snacks in one hand. Thus you might be on a sporting field, walking through the door, in a bus or just about anywhere, Snackeez Can Topper will ensure that your drinks and snacks are held safely.


Snackeez Can Topper is very simple to work with

The highlight of the Snackeez Can Topper lies in its design, which is not only clever but quite versatile. That’s the reason it can work with all the regular drinks cans. To start with, you can open the beverage can and line up the straw. You can then press it down around the rim and snap it into place. That’s all it takes for Snackeez Can Topper to be ready to carry your favourite snacks along with the drink of your choice wherever you go.

Snackeez Can Topper has helpful features for your convenience

To begin with, Snackeez Can Topper asserts that it can hold a whole bag of chips for you. That’s a sizeable portion of snacks to go with you while you indulge in your favourite activity. Snackeez Can Topper also claims that it seals perfectly every single time. That’s why if you are carrying snacks like fruits they will always remain fresh. Moreover there are no spills for you to clean up later. It also stresses on the fact that it is dishwasher safe, which saves you the hassle of cleaning up.

Snackeez Can Topper has many applications for you

Snackeez Can Topper is available in three cool colours; blue, green and red. They are smart and stylish options that you will have no problems carrying around when you are out and about, according to its claims. You can make the most out of your Snackeez Can Topper when you are outdoors by the beach, pool or on a sports field. You can use it to carry your snacks and drinks easily in your car or when you are home watching TV. It also claims to offer you a solution for kiddie parties.

What do I get?

you’ll receive two Snackeez™ Can Topper for just $9.99 plus $5.99 S&H. Official website


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