SmartCone Splatter Guard REVIEW

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About SmartCone Splatter Guard

It is an open design pot and pan topper that guarantees to stop stove top splatters and boil overs.

SmartCone Splatter Guard CLAIMS

Simply add it to the top of the vessel and cook. It maintains that the secret lies in the tall cone shape design that prevents food from splattering and boiling over. It promises to be attractive but its claim can only be attested once users review SmartCone Splatter Guard.

SmartCone Splatter Guard further emphasizes that its unique chimney cooking effect ensures food cooks faster and stays crispy because fresh air enters the bottom while releasing steam out of the top. Does SmartCone Splatter Guard really work as promised? Send us your SmartCone Splatter Guard review.

Featuring an open lid design, the SmartCone Splatter Guard convinces that it is perfect for stirring food and also for adding in ingredients while cooking. At this point of time there are no SmartCone Splatter Guard reviews to verify this claim.

SmartCone Splatter Guard REVIEW

It is a great idea but does not work is what being said as per the reviews. One of the customer said – “I’m very disappointed. Grease till gets everywhere and then you have to messes to clean up. You would have been just easy cleaning up my stove instead of my stove and this rubber thing.” SmartCone Splatter Guard do help LESSEN splatter better than screen type splatter guards but definitely still have moderate splatter.

Another customer said – “SmartCone Splatter Guard worked well as splatter guard until it got warm and lost it’s shape. Then it kept falling out of the pan. I finally took it off.” The Walls of SmartCone Splatter Guard are too high and make stirring or turning something difficult. Also it is not stable enough and needs to be re adjusted so that it fits well in the pan. The SmartCone Splatter Guard does not work as advertised, it is very flimsy and not easy to wash too.

SmartCone Splatter Guard Questions and Answers

Q: What is the material used to make SmartCone Splatter Guard ?
A: It is made of Food-grade silicone

Q: Do you like this product?
A: Yes, somewhat ok. Don’t expect miracles, depends a lot on what you cook.

Q: Where is it made?
A: China

SmartCone Splatter Guard Verdict

The reviewers had a lot of negative to say about SmartCone Splatter Guard Verdict and thus it is definitely not a product you would prefer to buy. We would recommend you to go for Frywall 10, it is said to be the ultimate splatter protection. You can find this product on for $21.95. It has received 4.5 star ratings with 279 customer reviews and is also featured as amazon’s choice product for Frywall category. Frywall has majority of positive review comments unlike SmartCone Splatter Guard and hence a sure buy.


SmartCone Splatter Guard price
Buy SmartCone Splatter Guard for $19.99 plus $4.99 P&H at Official Website:

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