Smart Topper

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What is Smart Topper

It is a revolutionary collapsible food saver that fits all containers, pots and pan tops using its special airtight force lock seal. This way it helps in storing food for long time saving wastage of food and money.

Cover food smartly:

Smart Topper promises to be the best new food saver that can literally cover any standard sized plates, pots, pans and more to store food for a long time. Most times people struggle in the kitchen to look for a perfectly placed lid for storing food. You may even end up using wraps or foils that are clumsy, tear easily and hardly save the food from spoiling. Smart Topper alleges that it understands how food is wasted by these regular methods and also results in wastage of money. This is why it is asserted that Smart Topper was designed to seal food completely in order to keep it fresh for a long time.


Unique Collapsible Design:

Smart Topper guarantees to save food from rotting with its unique design that fits everything and essentially because of its airtight force lock seal. What this seal does is lock in on the top of any plate or pan with a tight vacuumed space without getting loose. In this way Smart Topper convinces to keep the bacteria out, which are majorly responsible for wastage of food. Also there is no way it will leak due to this super-efficient seal design. Smart Topper proclaims that it doesn’t get stuck to the food it covers like foils and wraps since it has a collapsible design. This design can be pulled up to create a gap between the food and Smart Topper to ensure it doesn’t ruin it. Adding to the many advantages of Smart Topper, it is declared that it is reusable, which means it can be washed in a dishwasher and stowed away with its compact size for usage that would last a lifetime. Plus it is stated that Smart Topper is microwave safe and can be kept in its place to keep warm food stay warm for a while.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Smart Topper for $14.95
  • Official website: No Information Yet
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