Smart Strainer Review

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What is Smart Strainer?

Smart Strainer is a kitchen accessory that claims to be the quickest, most convenient and neatest way to do five jobs – strain, steam, cook, guard and protect, and serve – singlehandedly. Smart Strainer convinces to let you save storage space since it can be flattened to become as compact as a pan and does away with the hassle of looking for different tools and not finding them.

How does Smart Strainer work?

Smart Strainer asserts that you can give it a quick pop to open it and use it for cooking, straining, steaming, serving and guarding by keeping it over or under the hot cookware. Smart Strainer states that you can pop it down flat to become like a pan and store it easily without occupying much space.


A 5-in-1 kitchen wonder for you
Traditional strainers are usually bulky and take up a lot of space in your cabinet or drawer. The steamer also wastes equal amount of space. And when you need the spider screen the most, you just cannot find it anywhere. But Smart Strainer promises that it can simplify the way you cook, strain, serve and more, and do away with all these hassles all by itself. Smart Strainer is a 5-in-1 kitchen solution that lets you cook, strain, steam, guard, and serve all with one tool. Proclaiming to be a space saving wonder for your kitchen, Smart Strainer can be popped open when you want to use it and when you are done just pop it down flat and store it easily.


For pastas, seafood, veggies, and more
If you want to treat your family to yummy pasta, Smart Strainer convinces that you can boil the pasta in it, strain the water and even serve with the same strainer. Smart Strainer also declares to let you steam seafood or veggies for a healthy diet and you can just give it a pop, rinse the salads, steam it, and serve with the same tool. Smart Strainer also promises to come to your rescue and save you as well as your kitchen walls from mess when you are making a gooey sauce or frying something.


You can use the Smart Strainer as a screen to cover pans and pots while you cook as it proclaims. And if you end up losing half the chopped ingredients when you move them from the chopping board into the pan or dish, then Smart Strainer claims that it can be popped down to the level of the chopping board for easy transfer. Not only does it assure to catch the ingredients but you can pop it open to rinse in the same container. Smart Strainer also emphasizes that you can serve berries or salads out of it without having to waste extra dishes.


Safe, sturdy and easy to clean
Smart Strainer guarantees to be made of food-friendly sturdy silicone that is BPA-free, so there are no health risks of eating food cooked in it. Smart Strainer also assures that can it safely withstand as much as 500 degrees of temperature. Smart Strainer assures that cleaning it is just as easy since it can be popped down and tossed into a dishwasher. Smart Strainer guarantees that you will save money, space and cleanup because it easily replaces so many kitchen items.


What do I get?
Get 2 Smart Strainers for $14.99 + $15.00 S/h. Official website:


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