Slushy Magic Review

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You can now transform your regular drink into a yummy slushy. Here’s introducing Slushy Magic, the innovative new product that makes a slushy without ice, a blender or a big mess.

What is Slushy Magic

Slushy Magic is very easy to use. All you need to do is freeze the magic cubes and put it into the shaker, shake it, and your frosty cool slushy is ready instantly. You can transform any simple drink into a slushy, whether it is a fruit punch, orange juice or lemonade. You can also mix your own ingredients, be it a cola, vanilla or chocolate. N your boring yogurt can be made into an icy slushy.

Slushy Magic cubes are re-freezable and re-usable. It is harmless and does not contain BPA. The secret is the SM ice that is based on the snowflake science. When you shake it up the flavor gets locked inside the cubes and you get a chilled drink.

Slushy Magic works in less than a minute. You can use the straw or if it is thick you can use a spoon and make a boring lunch exciting. When you are done all you need to do is put it back into the fridge and use it again and have unlimited fun.

How does Slushy Magic work?

When you come home after a hard day’s work, you look forward to a glass of refreshing drink to cool down. If you have kids in the house, they are bound to do a lot of running around through the day and they will need something cold and soothing during the warm summer months. With the help of Slushy Magic you can turn your fruit punch or a cola drink into a slushy that everyone will enjoy. The magic of this product lies in the plastic cubes that are filled with salt water. All you need to do is put them in the ice section of the refrigerator till the time they are frozen.

Once they are frozen you can mix them with your fruit punch, in the shaker cup. You shake the cup a few times till you get a slushy that will make your mouth water. Of course the results are not outstanding with drinks like a fruit punch because you will get an icy liquid in the end but it does have the cooling effect. Slushy Magic works better with aerated drinks although you have to be careful while shaking as the fizz might leak through the top.

When you buy Slushy Magic you get a set of two that costs you $20 plus $9 for shipping and handling, which seems quite reasonable if it worked the way it’s supposed to.


No added calories
The calorie conscious would like to know if Slushy Magic adds calories to their favorite beverage and they will be happy to know that it doesn’t. It only turns your drink into a semi solid state.


What do Slushy Magic cubes contain?
A specially formulated mixture of salt water that is all natural makes the filling in Slushy Magic cubes. This mixture freezes in the ice compartment of your refrigerator and that’s why once you shake them with your drink it gets solidified. The end result is a non toxic, safe drink that will be refreshing for you.


Does Slushy Magic work with alcoholic beverages?
It’s a known fact that alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water; hence it’s difficult to freeze it with the help of Slushy Magic cubes. The makers don’t recommend use of Slushy Magic for alcoholic drinks; however there are users who have tried it for margaritas, rum and other cocktails to great effect. The trick lies in using alcohol that has also been kept in the freezer section of your refrigerator.


Slushy Magic works best with:
If you want to make a slushy out of a fruit punch or any aerated drink, Slushy Magic will work well for you. You can also use Slushy Magic with chocolate milk, energy drinks and non alcoholic beverage with some sugar content to see desired results.


How to use Slushy Magic?
1. Freeze the cubes
2. Put the cubes into the Slushy Maker
3. Add in any flavor
4. Shake and your slushy is ready

Slushy Magic FAQs

What is Slushy Magic?
Slushy Magic is a whole new concept in perking up your favorite beverages by turning them all slushy and fun. Slushy Magic is a set of frozen cubes that you toss into drinks to chill them and make them thick and rich real quick. Just toss these frozen cubes in your favorite drink in a Slushy magic container, shake it and see the magic! Your beverage will transform into rich, delicious frozen slushy!

With Slushy Magic, is anything extra to the drink?
No, Slushy Magic is just that- frozen cubes that are added into beverages WITHOUT ANYTHING ELSE. Your beverages stay as they are and there’s absolutely no for you to worry about any chemical being added to it.

Does the taste change with Slushy Magic?
Absolutely not. The taste of the beverages doesn’t change at all when you add Slushy Magic to it. Only the texture does, which becomes all rich and icy.

What are Slushy Magic Cubes filled with?
Slushy Magic cubes are filled with a special mixture of all natural salt water. It freezes real hard and quick and that’s the reason behind beverages turning all slushy with Slushy Magic. And of course, the mixture inside is 100% safe and non toxic.

Is there any change in the nutritional content of Slushy Magic treated beverages?
No, since all that Slushy Magic does is thicken beverages. No extra ingredient is added to your beverage so your beverage remains exactly how they are prior to Slushy Magic treatment.

Can Slushy Magic be used with any drink?
Slushy Magic weaves its magic with most beverages, be it soft drinks, juices, non-alcoholic drinks sodas, energy drinks and even chocolate milk that contain some natural sugar.

Is there any drink with which Slushy Magic is not recommended?
Slushy Magic may not give best results with diet drinks and most alcoholic dreams. There might have been a few exceptional cases but they are rare.

How many Slushy Magic frozen cubes are needed for a glass of a drink?
Just two. It’s enough to serve a nice chilled glass of your favorite beverage! If you want, you can get additional cubes too, which are available in sets of three.



What do I get?
Each set of Slushy Magic includes:
• 1 magic shaker
• 3 magic cubes
• 1 magic spoon straw
• 1 fun drink recipe guide
You can now get two Slushy Magic’s for only $19.99 plus P&H. it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Official website


Slushy Magic Video

92 thoughts on “Slushy Magic Review

  1. Just opened my brand new Slushy Magic… I was so excited!! I love slushies, the kiddo loves slushies… I really wanted to try it with wine, which the directions stated might not work, but seriously, how awesome would that be? Well, good thing I didnt waste the bottle… when I opened the brand new Slushy Magic, two of the three cubes had MOLD in them. A quick search of “slushy magic mold” reveals that I’m definitely not the only one having this problem . Back to the store it goes. Thats absolutely DISGUSTING and unsanitary.

  2. Got this as a present and have to say it BARELY works. The cubes do freeze but the cubes take too much room in the cup, so when you get it work you get very little of actual slushy. A lot of times despite vigorous shaking you’ll still get the original liquid among the slushy. Very hard to recommend this because while it can do what says, rarely is the result satisfactory.

  3. My husband bought this for me because I love slushies but I’m pregnant and have gestational diabetes. That means I can’t have sugar at all. Well my slushy magic cubes were frozen for days because I hadn’t gotten a chance to try it. So finally today I try it. Fail. I shook and shook and nothing happened. I drank it anyway, not slushy at all. I finish my cup of not slushy drink and the effing cubes are filled with my drink!!!! All three cubes must have had leaks because they are now filled with what I attempted to slush.

    This company should be ashamed to put a faulty product on the market. With me being pregnant I’m worried about the cubes being “100% non toxic”. Did you really just ingest something safe? I can doubt it since the product outcome is a lie.

  4. DO NOT BUY Slushy Magic!!!! worked great for a while but I noticed not one but THREE of the cubes growing mold inside!!( we had bought extra cubes) also when my 4 yr old as licking the drink off of the cubes they tasted salt, the cubes had leaked and ruined their drink. I will say that it is a great product and a great idea but the cubes can only be used several times.

  5. Works great !!! These bad reviews are just impatient . Just keep shaking until you feel it get thicker and keep your finger on the hole on the lid. That other guy is right, the lid doesn’t fit all the way. But it doesn’t leak the whole drying, just a few drops. I love this slushy maker!!!!! It is so easy to use. My only complaint is I don’t get 3.

  6. Mine worked great. Especially with koolaid. Consider other people’s opinions but always form your own.

  7. Biggest piece of crap ever, went to my local Home Show, and guess what? No sales reps at the show, SHOCKING!!

  8. I think that Slushy Magic is a piece of junk! It doesn’t work. The ice cubes taste like salt water, and when you mix salt water with another drink, it tastes horrible. I think you shouldn’t buy Slushy Magic.

  9. This is complete junk I left those stupid cubes in the freezer for 3 days and it is still not frozen I even went to the freezer company and put it in there biggest coldest freezer and still no frozen cubes.

  10. What temperature is my freezer supposed to be on? Its a great idea but I think they should go back to the drawing board. Perhaps put the salt water in the lining of the cup or a central core and freeze the cup. Good idea bad execution.

  11. Worthless Product
    Written: Oct 25 ’11 (Updated Nov 28 ’11)
    Pros:Fun concept
    Cons:Minimum of slushy
    Enormous mess
    Cup leaks
    Dirty process as your hands are in your drink a lot
    The Bottom Line: A solid rip off – do not waste your time with this

    I am adult who loves slushies, my kids love slushies. I never pass a 7 11 quicky mart without getting a diet slushy. We decided to give Slushy Magic a try. Any product with the word “magic” in it should ring alarm bells.

    The kit comes with a 12 oz plastic cup with “Slushy Magic” emblazoned on the side. The cup fits nicely in an adult hand. There are 3 “ice cubes” which are really ice cube shaped plastic bags filled with salt water. You freeze the cubes and then put them into a drink you want to turn into a slushy. You screw on the blue lid. You shake vigorously for 5 minutes or so and in theory you have a delicious slushy.

    The reality is that this is a messy drippy product that delivers only a tiny amount of actual iced slushy. The plastic ice cubs take up most of the cups interior room. You have to fish out the plastic cubes which is too much handling to be sanitary. Who wants their drinks polluted with dirty fingers? Most of the liquid is still liquid with only a tiny amount of slushy at the very bottom.

    I tried with orange juice, milk, fruit punch and soda. All had the same lack luster results, too much mess, not nearly enough slushy. A problem unique to adults is that you can’t make slushy alcoholic beverages as alcohol takes more “cold” to freeze. Another big problem is that the slushy cup leaks liquid everywhere as you can image as you have to shake it so hard. Juice invariably gets splattered on the floor, your face, the table, the walls, just about everywhere. Think about trying carbonated soda? No way, just an explosive mess.

    I give this expensive product a solid fail. However, from a kids perspective, it could be worth it for the fun of shaking drinks around and seeing what happens. But in terms of actually making a slushy drink that is fit to be consumed, it is a flop.This is a cheaply made product, poorly designed and made in China.

  12. I purchased two of the Slushy Magics for my granddaughters. I gave them to my daughter before opening them. She said when she opened them they were leaking fluid from the cups and she said the so called ice cubes were pathetic looking. Thank God she didn’t tell the girls I had bought them. If they are this poorly manufactured no wonder they don’t work. Shame on this company.

  13. Want to thank “A KID SAYS” because the feedback saved me $15.00. I had tried before after the cubes were in the freezer for 3 days, and it didn’t work. But I tried what A KID SAYS and it worked great! I shook it first with my OJ for one minute, then put into the freezer for two minutes. Took back out and shook for two more minutes. I now have a slushy OJ. I bought this for the grand daughter to enjoy, and I know she will.

    One added comment from another reader, was to put the cubes WAY in the back of the freezer. This also will help.

    It doesn’t make alot, so I will see if they sell the cubes by themselves.

  14. I just bought slushy magic but the ice cubes wont freeze. They have been in for more then 3 hours but they still are not working.

  15. I got mines from DD’s. I wanted to try it so bad just cause the kids were talking about it so much. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. The crap is a waste of time and money. I never got my Slushy Magic till this day, it wastes juice every where and then damn 3 bags melt n 5 seconds. I don’t give a damn what people say, the crap don’t work N I want my MONEY BACK.

  16. I just bought one and used Mountain Dew and mine worked just fine. It did leak a little due to the carbonation. I figured it would so I just shook over the sink. Also my cubes were not quite fully frozen and it still worked. Many reviews are calling this product crap, however I think it works just fine!

  17. This was a HUGE waste of money and a HUGE disappointment to both my daughters. After hearing them bug me for months about wanting Slushy Magic I finally surprised them with one each. We waited all day 8+ hours with the cubes in the freezer. One of my daughters wanted a Juice slushy while the other wanted a Sprite slushy. With the Juice slushy I shook and shook and shook the cup for 5 min, my arms were going to fall off….. there was NO change in the juice except it was colder. As for the soda slushy, it went everywhere!!! I shook once and out the top it came, After much effort and a huge sticky soda mess everywhere, the cup was half empty and was still liquid…. The cups are also to hard for kids to shake they way they need to be shaken. Both my kids were upset and we had to make a run for a REAL slushy. BIG RIP OFF!! Wish I would have saved the receipt…. Save your money and just go to 7-11.

  18. I think it’s great! I got mine from bed, bath, and beyond for about $15.00. The first time i tried it was bad, but i figured out it was because i was doing it wrong. what you have to do is freeze it for about a day, overnight, or something like that (depending on your freezer temp.) then you pour the liquid and the ice cubes into the slushy cup. Shake it a couple times, then put it in the freezer AGAIN only for a COUPLE minutes. Then take it out, and start shaking it a couple times. By then….its a slushy. What I do is take out the cubes and scrape all the slushy off of it. It may be a little liquid…but its good like that because it doesn’t taste so watery. The cap might be a bit hard to take off at first.

    I hope you were successful! good luck!

  19. I love it!! You know, I really can’t stand when some revies tell us how horrible they think the product is end then tell us “not to buy it”! Just because they had a bad experience doesnt mean someone else will. In most posts, I see people saying how they tried something a certain way but it didn’t work. When clearly, had they read the directions, they would see that it wasnt recomended in the first place. They think they are high and mighty and we need to not buy it cause they said so. It really makes me sick.

  20. It work great for me, the thing I do is when the cubes freezes I put them in the cup and then the beverage, and then, hope y’all are following me, you put it back in the freezer for about another few minutes. Finally you shake it. It is depends on how cold both our ice cubes and beverage are. Guys, ain’t Rick sience, this is why people are getting stupider.

    However, the straw hitting the cubes are very much of annoyance as the capacity on which the container can hold. I find myself fighting the cubes everytime for the slush near the bottom. I guess it’s a way to force the consumer to slow down and enjoy the slush. For the freezing period, the manual cleverly states they the cubes takes up to 2 to 3 hours in MOST! Freezers. If y’all spent time to think you would know that salt water takes more time to freeze than pure water.

  21. Just bought it today left the cubes in freezer for a little bit over 3 hours put my chocolate milk in with the frozen cubes shook it for 4 minutes and all I had was cold chocolate milk…the only slush there was..was on the cube’s this shit suck’s ass I rather make a slushy drink in the blender….takes less time.

  22. Complete Rip-OFF! One of the worst products I have ever bought. The top has this little hole that you have to put your finger on (which is hardly even visible) and no matter how hard you press the stupid thing it will leak and make a mess. Then there are these little bags of water. I put them in the freezer for 3 hours and its still a bag of water. I put it in there for ANOTHER 3 hours and nothing. I leave it in there overnight and it is a little frozen but not all the way. I take ’em out (since I cant wait anymore) and put them in the cup. I fill the cup with orange juice and screwed on the blue cap thing. I have been shaking this thing for, I don’t know..5 minutes. I unscrew the cap and here is this “slushy” everyone is talking about. Only if your “slushy” is a foamy orange mess, then yes. THEN THE STUPID CUBES HAD MELTED AGAIN!! Worst product ever! Hey its non-toxic! So are crayola crayons get over it!

  23. My 12 year old son absolutely loves Slushy Magic…We bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond….We froze the cubes over night and he has used it twice already today…Soda just doesnt work because of carbonation…but juice, kool aid, sports drinks work very very well. In our opinions, very well worth the $15.00 spent.

  24. I love slushies!i get them all the time at my school.but when my friend got Slushy magic he told me its a TOTAL rip-off. I went to his house and he showed me why its a rip-off. When he shook the cubes and drink in the Slushy Magic Cup, it was all liquid in about 10 seconds. NEVER BUY SLUSHY MAGIC!!

  25. This Slushy Magic is a waste of money and will only disappoint your kids. My daughter is sad that slushy magic lied to her and doesn’t work.

  26. I have to agree that it does take a long time to make a slushy with the Slushy Magic. If your finger is not place right on the hole of the lid it will leak out everywhere. If you let it sit for a few minutes with the liquid you want to make into a slushy, then try to make a slushy with it the cubes have a already started melting and this product will not work. But if you’re just looking for something fun in easy did the kids on a hot day & don’t have a place that sells slushies near you, its an okay buy. But otherwise its just easier to go to a 7 Eleven and get a 44oz for $2.

  27. 1. It doesn’t work

    2. Its messy

    3. The spoon hits the bags

    4. Slushy Magic is expensive

    5. Time wasting

    6. Who designed this?

    • I 90% agree I had to shake mine got like 3 min and I try to use pop with it and it leaks out of the top of it and the cubes take forever to freeze and you Only get like 3oz of slushy the cubes take up so much room otherwise it is fine. …lol.

  28. This is stupid I rather go to 7 11 no joke it takes forever to freeze and my freezer is on full blast (WASTE OF MONEY) >:$

  29. Do not buy this Slushy Magic! It’s a waste of money. I bought it for my son who LOVES slushies and it doesn’t work. I froze those things for 2 weeks, they were solid and they still didn’t work. They make 3 spoons full of slushy and the rest is liquid. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  30. Thanks for all the feedback people. I’m DEFINITELY out! I was thinking about getting this for my kids because it looked pretty cool, but based on your feedback, I think I’ll pass.

  31. Its a scam. I ordered it on 12/26/2011 two days later and everyday for two weeks they called me to say they were about to ship. but would you be interested in buying more crapo from us? I everyday said no. finally last call was to tell them to cancel my order id rather wait till I can get them in a store. remember 12/26/2011 order date 1/09/12 cancel date. today 2/16/2012 I get TWO packages and am charged $30.00 for each package. yep its a scam. BBB here I come.

  32. My kid just loves frosty treats during lunch, especially slushes and frozen drinks. Hence, I used to make sure I had enough ice in my freezer and the blender ready on time. But doing all this everyday was becoming painful. I just hated making ice and then blending it to create a new drink everyday. I discussed all this with my close friend, Jessica. She quickly came up with this new product ‘Slushy Magic’. She told me how convenient Slushy Magic Kit is; designed to make slush out of nearly any liquid in minutes. She also said that the finest part about this kit is that even your kids can try different combinations out of it. She provided three websites from where I can find the user reviews-,, Feeling very enthusiastic about the product I opened these websites. I was taken aback when I found that all the reviews on these sites were either incomplete or fake. They seemed to be manufacturer formed sites, which were created only to increase the ranking of their sites. Everytime I clicked on the “Reviews Button” it directed me to another site which said “Buy Now”.

    I have had enough; I immediately shifted to this site. The reviews on this site are worth reading as I got a true feedback of this product. Finally, I decided not to buy this product, unless I receive a demo from the stores – Samantha.

  33. I bought 2 for $19.95 at a local home show. Drinks turn to slush all right, but all the slush sticks to the cubes?!! What am I doing wrong? Or is it a flaw in the design?

    • It took me two years and they kept apologizing then trying to sell me more things then I finally said I did not want it then they sent me it and billed me $30.99.

  34. I have a question. I am Madelynn. I am a fifth grader and my parents says this is ok. So I have a question. Well, lets say I really like Big K, (soda) and I put it in the slushy maker. If it fizzes and leaks, – What will happen?
    Another question. How long do you freeze the (MAGIC CUBES)?

    Please reply,


          • It takes about 24 hours for the cubes to freeze. 3 hours to if you put your freezer on full blast. If you use soda, go outside with it and make sure you remove your finger from the hole everyone in a while to relieve the pressure. It gets messy. It doesn’t make much. Once you take out the 3 cubes it goes below the word magic. It’s good for younger kids but if you were to use it I’d say you would be very disappointed. It’s not like you can make another one right after. You have to refreeze the cubes after using one time.

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