Slush Genie

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What is Slush Genie

It is an instant slush maker that helps making fanstastic Slushie in no time without the need of having a blender and ice.

Tasty Slushie on the go

Slush Genie claims to provide the most amazing and easiest way to get an ice cold slushie of your favorite flavor. Slushies are dear to everyone to beat the summer heat, a fun-fare attraction at birthdays and parties or simply a chilled dessert at family meals. The problem with making slushie is that it’s a messy affair that needs a blender and lots of ice and if it is under or over blended it will completely lose its charm. Grabbing a slushie from a nearby store also is no fun especially when all they serve is limited flavors that may not entice everyone. Slush Genie thus is stated to be created with one single idea, to let everyone have their favorite flavored slushie.


Turn a drink to a slushie in 3 steps

Slush Genie guarantees to deliver a chilling slushie which is perfectly thick and tastes exactly like expensive slushie makers. All the magic that happens with it is said to be so easy that it can be counted to three single steps. The body of Slush Genie is declared to be divided in two parts – one outer mug which makes it easier to hold and keeps the cold away from hands and the white inner cup which is actually responsible for the slushie generation. The first step to begin making a slushie is to take this white cup and place it in the freezer. It should be kept in it till it freezes completely. The logic is to make it so cold that its patented material starts icing the drink that will be poured into it. The next step is to remove this white cup after it is frozen and filled with flavored drink one wishes to make slushie off. This drink once poured completely in Slush Genie should be stirred for few seconds using the special spoon that comes along in the packaging. As soon as the spoon starts reacting with the frozen container the drink begins to make smooth, perfect, yummy slushie in no time. The third step asserted as per Slush Genie is to place the container in the main body and to enjoy a tasty slushie! This whole easy to create steps with no mess makes it so versatile that even kids can make their favorite slushie in no time.


Unlimited slushie options

One big advantage to be noted about Slush Genie is that it can be used to virtually any drink into a slushie. Right from cola’s and sports drinks, fresh fruit juices, lemonades and more can be simply converted into a tasty slushie. In fact a mocktail of various drinks can be tried upon to create some mouth watering slushies to impress everyone. The combinations tried with Slush Genie are claimed to be endless and only limited by creativity.

What do I get?

You get SLUSH GENIE for £15.99 plus £4.99 Shipping.Official website


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