Slip Stone Pan Review

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Benefits of Slip Stone Pan (In Theory)

According to the Slip Stone review, unlike ceramic cookware you can use knife to cut vegetable in the Slip Stone pan. Slip Stone pan review also claims that it can hold heat well and distributes it evenly thus cooking food faster than other conventional pans. Slip Stone pan offers healthy, non-fat cooking like on a natural hot stone.

Slip Stone Pan Complaints

According to another Slip Stone review, the manufacturer does not mention what “stone” is used in the Slip Stone pan, you are not sure if it is made from LEAD-FREE clay. Some customers who have used similar pans have complained of plastic like smell when cooking. The coating on the cookware may come off after some use. Slip Stone pan may not remain “non-stick” after sometime of use. One customer who reviewed Slip Stone Pan claims that it is probably made in CHINA. The manufacturer of the Slip Stone Pan does not mention the dimensions and weight of their product, this information is crucial for a potential buyer. They also don’t mention on what cooktops Slip stone pan can be used on. Absence of Slip Stone reviews is a good indicator of the product being on backorder. It seems all those who ordered this pan have not received it yet.

Important Info Missing

Karen who reviewed Slip Stone Pan points out that the manufacturer fails to mention the dimensions of the pan and is surprised on how can they miss out on such important details.

Unsubstantial Claims

Karen in her Slip Stone Pan review says she is also skeptical about the company’s claim the Slip Stone Pan can take years of abuse. Karen in her Slip Stone review, cautions the potential users not to buy the claims made by the Telebrands company. She points out that similar pans start to lose their non-stick feature after a few months of use.

Extra Care Required

Karen mentions in her review that you have to be extra careful while using cookware like Slip Stone Pan, we are all so used to cooking with conventional cookware and daily kitchen chores like operating the microwave, using the dishwasher might forget about the special instructions and Dos/Donts of Slip Stone Pan. You have to be alert while using the Slip Stone Pan you cannot put it in the Microwave and Dishwasher.


Beware of Slip Stone Privacy Policy

One customer pointed out in his Slip Stone review to be aware of the Privacy Policy. The Slip Stone Pan Privacy Policy, they clearly mention that they have all the right to sell your personally identifiable information to 3rd parties.

Testimonials on

Our reviewer Richa warns customers to be aware of the testimonials on the website – these are paid testimonials – people get paid to say something good about the product. In her Slip Stone Pan review, she also warns people about paid reviews being posted on various sites by the manufacturer. She advises people to search for keywords like “slip stone pan complaints”, “slip stone pan scam” to get to REAL Slip Stone reviews. She also warns people to check the Return Policy before ordering it. Many people have complained that they have to Pay the shipping to ship the products back to the manufacturer.


Our Recommendation

After considering all the Slip Stone Pan reviews we believe the Slip Stone Pan offer at the official website is overpriced and the manufacturer makes over-hype claims about the product. You pay $42.97 for 2 Slip Stone Pans and 2 Recipe Guides. We recommend you to skip on the Slip Stone Pan and buy from a reputed Brand like Pampered Chef, NorPro, Stonedine or Stoneline. If you are too impressed by the Stone Line Pan then we suggest you wait for the product to come to stores. Most as seen on tv/Telebrands products end up in stores like CVS, Walmart, RiteAid, BedBathBeyond etc… After a while and are priced substantially less than the TV price. You don’t have to go through the hassle of returning the product.

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  1. I bought this pan as a Christmas gift. The first time we went to use it the handle turned suddenly and almost spilled grease on me. How do we get a replacement handle?

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