Sliding Spice Rack Reviews and Complaints

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Sliding Spice Rack is a hand made solid oak slide-out spice rack that can be easily mounted (hardware not included) inside your cabinet to save you valuable kitchen counter space. . The Sliding Spice Rack can hold 12 bottles of spices together.


Sliding Spice Rack

The depth of the cabinet should be more than 11 1/2″ or more. The Sliding Spice Rack features a telescoping ball bearing slide that allows the spice rack to extend 10″ from the cabinet so that you can comfortably access your spices.

Sliding Spice Rack Features

  • Slides out
  • Easy to mount inside cabinets
  • Saves counterspace
  • Telescoping ball bearing slide
  • Spice rack extension
  • Holds 12 spice bottles

If you love spending time in the kitchen and cooking up a storm, you know your spices are indispensible. You want to make sure they are neatly placed in your kitchen so that you can find them easily when you need them. You also want to try and avoid the clutter in your kitchen and save some space. In that case you can do with Sliding Spice Rack, which is a hand made solid oak slide out rack that will hold up to 12 spices for you without any difficulty.

You will find that this rack can be mounted easily as the hardware is included too and it will save you a lot of hassle. The depth of the cabinet is 11 ½ inches or more and it also has a telescoping ball bearing slide. That’s the reason the spice rack can extend 10 inches from the cabinet; it means you can easily get to the spices you want whenever you need them. Now you can add spice to your cooking and life while keeping away all trouble and managing kitchen space well too.



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You can buy Sliding Spice Rack for $26.94 ea plus shipping of $9.95 at



Reviews and Complaints
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  1. Has anyone tried the Sliding Spice Rack, is it any good?

    Is it easy to mount?

    Is this the best Spice Rack you have used?

    Do you find it useful?

    What are the pros and cons of the sliding Spice Rack?

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