Slicetastic Slicer Review

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Who doesn’t like their salads, fruits or meats to look perfectly sliced especially when they are hosting a luncheon or a dinner? But, traditional slicers are not effective enough and take hours to slice the ingredients. Now you can get Slicetastic, the easy-to-use slicing tool that can give you evenly sliced vegetables, meat, fruits, cheese or eggs in just a few seconds.


Slicetastic Slicer

As you know, with traditional knives, choppers, or slicers you would need hours of prepping just to slice the ingredients. And by the time you are ready to cook you are already tired and the freshness of your ingredients has gone right out of the window. It can also get so embarrassing if the foods are not evenly sliced. You may use slicers or choppers but most of them are bulky and have dangerous blades leading to accidental cuts and wounds or then they are so small that they are good enough to only slice eggs. This is where Slicetastic comes handy. It chops within seconds so you cut down on prep time and lets you cook your food with fresh ingredients.

Slicetastic is so easy to use and has a simple 2-step procedure. Place the ingredient across the slicer and press on the hinged lid to get evenly cut slices of food. No matter what you want to slice, right from cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots to cheese, hard boiled eggs or even ham you will get everything in restaurant chef quality within seconds. So when you have guests over for lunch or dinner, they would think you ordered the neat looking salad from a salad or that you got the spread catered.

No more handling dangerous blades while cleaning the slicer since Slicetastic is dishwasher friendly. Unlike bulky slicers, the compact Slicetastic fits any countertop and can also be stored easily. It doesn’t need electricity or even confusing attachments so you can use it anywhere anytime. The price of Slicetastic is unbelievably attractive and costs half the price of a slicer that can slice only eggs and if you order now you will get another Slicetastic for free.



What do I get?
Get 2 SliceTastic Slicers for just $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. Official website



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