Slice-O-Matic Review

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Are you tired of all that chopping and slicing? It’s such hard work and takes forever! Get the better and faster way with the amazing Slice-O-Matic! It slices your preparation time in half! All you have to do is simply tap the Easy Glide Handle and you get perfectly sliced potatoes with ease; if you want scalloped potatoes , you need to give another tap!


How does Slice-O-Matic work?
Slice onions without any tears or odor! Simply adjust the dial to get uniform slices of fruits and vegetables like apples, kiwis, beetroots and carrots. You can slice them thick or thin according to your need and dish. Add the deluxe Chopping blade and chop onions, celery and carrots and make delicious soups and stews.

Add the Julienne blade and do great stir fry in no time. Slice-O-Matic is as easy to use as a toaster! The secret is its revolutionary 30 point Gear System; so when you tap up and down, it propels the gears to push the blade directly through your food and retract automatically to do all the work for you.

Those with arthritis and joint pain problems will find the Slice-O-Matic a boon, for working with it is so easy and fast. The old way of cutting vegetables was dangerous but the Slice-O-Matic is safe because your hands never get to touch the blades. Slice-O-Matic has a handy catch container that helps in keeping your kitchen counter tops sparkling clean. The container is dishwasher safe too.

Get the fast, easy and affordable Slice-O-Matic to make your life in the kitchen more comfortable!

Slice-O-Matic Review
You might love to spend time in the kitchen whipping up your favorite recipes but you want to do it at your own convenience and leisure. Given your taxing daily schedules you are constantly running against deadlines and are hard pressed for time; hence you need a helping hand in the kitchen with your daily chores. Simple tasks like chopping and slicing can add to your woes and consume a lot of your time, which can be effectively used in cooking. Slice-O-Matic is your personal sous chef and looks after the tasks of dicing, chopping and prepping with ease. Now you can go ahead and make your favorite salad or the scrumptious soup without worrying about the time it might take for prepping.

There is no end to the number of kitchen tools you can have and after all you deserve them. But what’s the point of buying tools that are hardly of any use and you keep stacking them up in your kitchen drawers? They only take up storage space in your kitchen without much benefit. Slice-O-Matic has a julienne and chopping blade, so you don’t need to buy two different tools for the task. Moreover Slice-O-Matic also comes with a handy catch container so that the food you have just prepped can be stored till you add it to the dish you are making. You have the option of choosing the thickness of slices thanks to an easy glide handle and a dial that can be adjusted without much difficulty.

Your chores in the kitchen can break your back, quite literally too. The situation is quite bad for those suffering from arthritis as these tasks can seem quite taxing for them. Slice-O-Matic is the answer to their prayers and they can slice carrots to onions and potatoes and chop other veggies without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. And if slicing onion is the bane of your existence in the kitchen because it makes you shed tears, don’t fret as the container in Slice-O-Matic will contain the fumes, so that you always have a smile on your face when you are in the kitchen.

Slice-O-Matic Customer Service Issues:
Many customers have mentioned that the customer service is appalling to say the least. It’s practically impossible to revise your order in case you find any discrepancies from the manufacturer’s end. Moreover it’s not possible to cancel your orders either, which can be quite frustrating.

It’s just not possible to reach a person on the customer service desk and the best you can manage is an automated service. There goes any scope you might have of getting genuine advice and guidance. What’s worse is that the automated system asks for your credit card details right in the beginning, which is a big put off.The Slice-O-Matic lets you slice and dice almost all vegetables and fruits. You can use the Slice-O-Matic to slice apples, potatoes, celery, carrots, cucumbers, and more. It slices everything perfectly.

The Slice-O-Matic is a very sturdy unit and it is also inexpensive. It is priced at just $19.99. It is guaranteed to make your cooking preparations easier and faster. So you can start cooking at home and stop eating food from outside.

Does the Slice-O-Matic really work?….May be it does
Slice-O-Matic seems to work and do its job well because you can’t find any complaints about the product from users. Or it could well be that they haven’t received their order of Slice-O-Matic yet.

The only place where you can buy the SliceOMatic is the Official website –, However there a couple of alternatives available at like Ronco Veg-O-Matic, Progressive International slicers and more.

Slice-O-Matic is your smartest and easiest way to make juliennes and slices of your chosen fruits and vegetables.

Slice-O-Matic FAQs

What does your Slice-O-Matic contain?

Main Body, Food Chute, Catch Container, Press, Slicing Blade, Julienne Blade

Safety Instructions

You need to read all the instructions provided before using the product. It’s not suitable for use by children less than 10 years of age. It has sharp blades; hence you need to handle them carefully while handling or cleaning them. Slice-O-Matic should not be used without Food Chute and you need to keep your fingers away from the opening of the Main Body. Slice-O-Matic should only be used to slice fruits and veggies.

What to do before using the first time?

You should wash Slice-O-Matic according to the cleaning instructions before use.


It’s very important to remember that Food Chute should be attached to the Main Body before using Slice-O-Matic to avoid any serious injuries. As you push down the Food Chute you will hear it click, which means it’s fixed firmly into the Main Body.

How to slice a cucumber with Slice-O-Matic?

1. You need to place the cucumber at the opening of the Food Chute, which is at the top.
2. As you push the easy slide down handle gently, it will begin to slice the cucumber. You mustn’t push the cucumber down yourself.
3. Only if required you can use Press to push the cucumber down.

How to use the Press?
You only need gentle pressure to use Press as too much pressure can cause it to jam. It’s ideally used with leafy vegetables.

How to remove slices from the Catch Container?

For removal, you need to place Slice-O-Matic on a flat surface.
1. To start with, slide the locks on the sides of Slice-O-Matic back till they show red.
2. Now hold the Main Body and lift up the Catch Container and pull it off.
3. Remove slices from Catch Container.

However you need to note that when you are re-attaching the container, you need to slide the locks back to their normal position.

Adjusting Slice Thickness

1. Remove Main Body and Catch Container. Locate the gray adjustment bar on the underside of the Main Body. Slide it to the right for thicker slice and vice versa.
2. Once settled on the right thickness, slide the right half of the bar from left to lock in the dial.

Removing Slicing Blade

1. With Catch Container off, you can find the lock at the back of the blade and unlock it by sliding it.
2. Get hold of the back of the blade, lift and slide it out.
3. Slide the blade onto the main body for reinstallation.

Slicing Blade must always be locked before use

Tips to clean Slice-O-Matic

Slice-O-Matic has to be cleaned after every use and it isn’t dishwasher safe.

1. To clean, you need to press the tabs on both sides of Food Chute to lift it up from the Main Body.
2. Once blades are carefully removed they should be soaked in soapy water and rinsed. Let them dry.
3. Also wash Main Body, Catch Container and Food Chute in warm soapy water and dry out with a towel.

As Slice-O-Matic has sharp blades you need to be careful while cleaning and it should be kept out of children’s reach.

Changing worn out blades or for a different cut

You will get detailed instructions to replace and wash blades along with your Slice-O-Matic.

Is it necessary to push down fruits and vegetables to slice them?

It’s not necessary at all because you can simply place the fruit or veggie in the holding area and move your hand away. As you push the handle down, the blades will cut it.

Cleaning Slice-O-Matic

While there are several ways to clean it, you will learn about the best method from the instructions that come with your Slice-O-Matic.

Can Slice-O-Matic be used to cut tomatoes?

Sadly tomatoes can’t be cut well consistently using Slice-O-Matic; hence it can’t be recommended.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Get 2 Slice-O-Matics for just $10 + $13.98 s/h. Official Offer.


Slice-O-Matic Video


195 thoughts on “Slice-O-Matic Review

  1. How do you fix a jammed handle? I am using it for the first time and the handle will not go down. I would never recommend this product.

  2. This contraption is a JOKE! One of them came thru with a broken spring post. The other one will slice a cucumber ok, but that’s it. I tried to contact Slice o matic with no success. Even if I was able to contact them, I would have to pay postage for about $12. After that I would only get $29.99 back. so the most I could get back after postage would be about $18. I wouldn’t even waste my time wrapping it for that. I learned a $40 lesson about impulse buying from a TV ad.

    John A. Lamantia

  3. We were given this Slice-O-Matic as a 2012 Xmas gift. I washed it prior to use while my wife was out and could not help but to notice the many, many crooks and crannies that food particles would build up in. Has anyone ever heard of Listeria or ecoli? I noticed that the blade was incredibly cheap, though was able to be sharpened. The Julienne-blade unit was just as cheap but was not able to be re-sharpened. The whole thing smacked of cheap. My wife tried it on carrots and gave up almost immediately. Reading these reviews has confirmed my decision that without the metal blades, the entire unit is going into the plastic recycle bin. Nope, pardon me, the WHOLE thing is going to the industrial waste site I have access to. These people should be ashamed of themselves for marketing inferior and useless crap like this.

  4. Very disappointed with my Slice-O-Matic 🙁 Lock broke second use. and the julienne fries… what a joke. would slice, but not all the way through. I guess you should not use potatoes.

  5. I bought the Sliceomatic from Big W, $39.95. Seemed a good product but what a disappointment. Only can fit mini size fruit and veggies in the opening, did not cut all the way through the veggies, potatoes too hard to cut and got jammed, a waste of money, DO NOT BUY. Flimsy plastic, hard to clean and just JUNK!!!

    On there commercial they advertise the price of $19.00 plus shipping and handling, I got charged $93.59. I have not received the merchandise and my account was charged 4 weeks ago. I called them several times request a refund for the total amount and they continue to promise that a refund will be issued immediately and nothing has happened. Something must be done to stop this steeling!

    • Well, well, well!

      I was just about to waste my money on this TV promoted Item.

      Thanks to all of you who saved my wife’s finger tips! And she was so keen to get this – what turns out to be absolute garbage!

  7. Slice-o-matic July23,2012

    My experience is I ordered one (1) over the phone and was sent a box of four (4) I called them and told them I only ordered one (1) then they sent me two (2) more the next day I got a call from some one asking if everything was OK with my order. I explained that I only ordered one over the phone and had received six (6) already thinking every thing was taken care of the next day I received one (1) more my debit card was already charged $185.00 The sad part of it is they don’t want you to call because they don’t publish their Customer service phone number where you can find it I did finally find it, I called them and asked for a return authorization number they gave me four one for each box and said to return them separately Having to send them from Michigan to Van Nise California was going to cost me a lot of money. So I asked who was going to pay for the return shipping cost. she kinda hesitated and said when the received their products back she would talk to her supervisor I paid to have them returned. so Far I am out over $200.00 and don’t have any of their crap.

  8. It jams all the time and seems like the blade is dull. I tried cucumbers, potatoes and carrots and it was a pain to use. I thought it could even cut a banana!!! I ordered over the phone and thought I ordered one for $30 but received 2 for $47,very confusing!! I wouldn’t give to any one I like!!Don’t buy it, it’s a true waste of money!

    • Here in Australia it costs $59.95 plus $19.95 postage. It sure looks good but I would not buy it any way, it looks crap to I would not waste my money.

    • I agree with most of the reviews I have read here. Wish I had read them before buying. This is the worst piece of crap I have ever bought. It does not slice, I cannot get the julienne blade to go in and cleaning is a nightmare. Will send back but do not know if they refund. Will wait and see. I have a disability with my arms and thought it would save me a lot of pain. It was more painful to use than the knife. Will go back to the tried and tested method of using a knife.

  9. I got the Slice-O-Matic delivered for $3.16. At that price I still feel ripped off.

    I have tried it several times with cucumbers and it doesn’t work like the infomercial. The slices get stuck and then it won’t slice. I can do it just as fast without it with no cleanup except a knife.

  10. I have seen your Slice-O-Matic on tv numerous of times on tv. I thought I buy one to use at work and at home thinking it would make my meals easier and faster. I first tried it on a potato for my dinner. My potato got stuck and it was also very hard to use, Nothing I used was easy. In don’t know how you can use people like you do to make us use our money to make people like you to come rich. I am sorry I believe in you and your product.

  11. Got the Slice-O-Matic for Christmas. Doesn’t slice food but it can cut your finger. Tried to return it and the company doesn’t support their own product. Don’t buy it!

    Lisa Cohen
    Bucks County, Pa.


  13. Ehh…

    It’s okay. Bought it at a discount/thrift store and it didn’t really cost all that much.I bought with a group discount coupon at a discount store that basically was buy $10 and get $25 worth of stuff. So it wasn’t too bad a loss. In the end it was bought with three other items and so the slicer was sort of the have to buy to get to the $25 worth of stuff.

    But anyway….tested it out. It’s not very consistent, but considering the fact that I paid next to nil for it then it’s not bad. I just wouldn’t stake my life on it.

  14. I can’t believe how awesome this machine is. It does everything it says it does and more. Cleaning is not a problem. I recommend this kitchen gadget to be the best for the money.

    • Stoney, how long have you worked for the company that makes Slice-o-matic? Obviously, you must be an employee, or sell these, because you are the only one that loves this product.

  15. Take my advice, do not spend you money on this piece of crap Slice-O-Matic. It’s a pain to assemble, use, take apart and clean. This thing was a total waste of 30 bucks. We got one just prior to Christmas of 2011 and here it is, February 2012 and I just threw the damn thing in the recycle bin for this mornings pick up. Use a knife and cutting board. It’s just as easy and quick without near the clean up mess.

  16. After reading the first ten Slice-O-Matic reviews, I think my house hold is better off without the poorly built slice-o-matic. Sounds like a lot of JUNK!!

  17. I got my Slice-o-Matic at a Walmarts store just before Christmas and I just used it 1/26/12. I made home made fries it works great but to clean it after use it is hard to clean because the part that goes back a fourth its head to get in there other then that it works great for me. The thing is dont push on the food as it slices or it will jam up.

  18. This product is apiece of crap. It does NOT slice. If you don’t push the veggies down they just bounce up and down. If you do push them down then it jams. Junk junk JUNK!!!

  19. my kids and old man got it for me for Christmas they love my homemade potato chips…damn things won’t slice potatoes!!! I hate it would have preferred the $10 for bingo!!!

  20. My husband ordered this for me out of the blue – as a surprise. My old mandolin was getting dull. I had a time figuring out how to wash it. I watched the video. For something that cannot be put in a dishwasher, you should be able to scrub all surfaces with some friction. That is not possible. Even in the video, they basically just rinsed it off. I tried slicing an onion. It repeatedly JAMMED. The onion also kept rolling inside the food shut – so the appearance of the slices kept changing. Then I had trouble getting the slices out of the machine.

    It did make nice slices – but with food jammed in it, the only thing I could do is run water through it and pull shreds of onion out with my fingers. I think I am going to soak it in bleach water to sanitize it. I am considering sending it back. I don’t think this could be used for tomatoes. I think it would just mush them. I will give potatoes a try – but do not have high hopes. As starchy as potatoes are – I question how it will get clean.

  21. Bought a slice o matic. Used to have one years ago (sharp grid of razor blades you pushed your food through) but the new one had a handle. Pull once – perfect fries. Pull twice – smaller fries. Pull twice more the handle broke off. Telebrands did agree to refund all charges…wonder how many don’t complain.

  22. This Slice-O-Matic is a real rip-off. I purchased this for my mother and myself. Neither one of us could get the product to work. My sister in law also purchased one and she could not get hers to work either. Nothing worked like it showed on tv. It kept jamming up and nothing sliced at all. Would not even slice a cucumber. I can’t believe this product is still on tv. This is the cheapest product I have ever received.

  23. I bought a Slice O Matic from Walgreen’s at Christmas time. I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet. After reading the reviews I’m going to leave it unopened and donate it.

  24. First my order did not even finish on the web page, so I figure oh well forget it. But then it comes in the mail. I get charged about $13.00 to much on my card. No free gift and it is not even big enough to put a onion in it to slice it. It is made very cheap. I would send it back but then I would have nothing and no money because I don’t figure they would return it. I would not even recommend going to web page much less buy the product. The web page locks up and you can’t even leave reviews on it.

  25. I got the Slice-O-Matic for one of my Christmas presents. It is a very low quality unit. I have to cut down most anything I want to slice because it doesn’t fit in the chute. The blade does slice through with ease and when I try to adjust the blade, it not only feels so cheap and fragile the adjustment just goes from thick to thin and doesn’t let you do a slice in between. I am a gadget nut and this is one I would say don’t waste your space or money on this.

  26. When I see these infomercials I immediate Google the product on my computer to see if it works–even when not at all interested in the product. My search brings me to sites like this–GREAT SERVICE!! I saw only one mention on this particular thread about contacting your credit card company as soon as you realize there is a problem! I have used this several times–even with local businesses that weren’t coming through with the product before my bill was due. Using a debit card is dangerous–you don’t have the protections like a credit card. Got scammed once–a big amount–my credit card company sent me the papers to fill out, and determined I was in the right–and took the money back from the company.

  27. I just bought one and got the other for free shipping, and then they sent 3 of the things and charged me for the shipping. I read all directions and all the information, then tried to cut up a carrot about 1 inch in diameter with no good results then tried a cucumber same thing. So then I figured a piece of celery and the same thing, would jam up, not cut thru because the handle and the gears had slipped out of the original position, pull up on the handle and kind of worked for about 3 or 4 strokes then back to the same thing. It jammed up a lot, going to finish my salad with a knife. I would not buy one again, called to return the items and going to get shafted as they gave me a return number but they are the ones holding the ball.

  28. I truly appreciate all of your honest reviews. I was seriously considering (after watching the ad) buying one as a surprise for my wife, and using the ‘free’ one to give to my recently graduated accountant daughter. Now, I’m appreciating the knife set my kids gave us as a housewarming gift a couple of years ago, and the knife set we gave my daughter when she graduated from college.

  29. My wife bought one of these thinking it would help in the kitchen, wrong – the blade is too small, it binds up, you have to hold it in place while trying to slice, save your money buy a good knife.

  30. I was given a Slice-O-Matic for Christmas. We are enjoying it and it convenient. My Mom bought ours at Bed Bath & Beyond for the same price as the web site. It will be used enough that if it breaks no one will be out anything.

  31. I bought this product online as a Christmas gift for my wife. Since she was busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner, I gave it to her early, and figured I would give the other machine as a gift for someone else.

    What a piece of crap this slice-o-matic is! It is cheaply made (my son broke a snap putting it together) and won’t slice most anything. Any veggie you want to slice has to fit in the tube, so most veggies just won’t slice. Shipping and handling is a bit pricey (as much as the machine). My wife tried mightily to make it work without avail. So it goes to a tag sale somewhere or maybe the recycle bin. Not worth returning as the company will not refund the S&H.

    They ONLY thing good about this experience is I DID NOT embarrass myself by giving the second “piece of crap” as a gift. I will never do business with this company again!

  32. I placed an order over the phone and just got one sales pitch after the other after giving my debit card information. I eventually hung up the phone and called my bank and cancelled my debit card before anything could be charged on it. After reading these reviews I am glad I did.

  33. My wife saw this and said, “This would be great for making scallop potatoes.”

    After reading all the “wonderful” things people have wrote about this product, I think my money would be better spent elsewhere! I learned my lesson with the Slap Chop crap, now I read comments from those who already own products before I open my wallet.

    It’s just too bad so many had to find out the hard way, my hats off to all of you for keeping the rest of us from making the same mistake.

  34. This will ensure that I never ORDER from television again. I originally thought I would order 1 as what it was such a small amount of money. Once I was on the phone it was one recording sales pitch after another. I got mad and hung up. The boxes showed up anyway in 6 weeks and they charged my credit card 49.00. It cost me 16 dollars to return this piece of junk because I opened one of the boxes.. DO NOT ORDER as this it is junk! It does not do one damn thing it says it does. BUT it does fall apart. I will go to the mat with them over this charge as it was a fraud from the beginning.It must be a division of Bank of America.

  35. I ordered the slice-o-matic over the phone and my battery went dead almost at the end of the order. They ended up sending me 4 products, and enrolling me in automatic savings clubs with 30 day trials. THE PRODUCT SUCKS!!!!! Sure it would kind of work for hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes, but only without the sleeve they request you to use. The blade is dull, I even tried to sharpen it without success. As for the 30 day trials, if I had not caught them in time, they would have charged me $29.95 mo. for one and $9.95 mo. each for the other two – automatically from my credit card. Buyers Beware.

  36. What a piece of junk! In the TV ad,they must have it bolted to the counter top. You have to hold the thing down with one hand and push hard on the lever with the other to slice anything. Also, you can not put things in whole–unless it is really skinny. Maybe OK on cucumbers, but anythings else–forget it! And cucumbers are not that hard to slice with a knife anyway. Save your money. Do not buy the slice o matic. This is the first time I have ever written complaining about anything, but this piece of junk is just too big a scam.

  37. I purchased this Slice-O-Matic. First, the website does not provide a REVIEW ORDER section. So as you click through the screens you can wind up with more than you wanted to order or pay for things you did not see coming.

    Second, the chute is small. So you probably cannot use whole vegetables or fruits. You may need to cut them down to fit in the chute.

    I have tried a few items, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber. It does work but not always smoothly. My Mandolin does a much better job than this item and handles a variety of sizes better.

    Is it worth $19.95? Possibly. It does have potential. The device is not really strong but probably strong enough for most veggies/fruits. I would say to find it in a store and look it over. Do not buy from the SliceOMatic Website. I think they will get you to buy what you do not need.

    • I have bought many of these kitchen gadgets, too the point my family calls me Mr Popeil. I don’t know about the shipping problems they seem to have because I bought mine from a store.

      What I do know, after using it, is this is the worst piece of molded plastic you could ever waste your hard-earned dollar on. This thing doesn’t slice it mashes whatever you put in it. After I used it I started to look at the blades on this junk. They were dull and so thin they bent with one use.

      Please do not waste your dollars on this junk, if you want to throw money away give it to the feed the hungry foundation, it would be better used. I threw mine in the trash.

      • I just now saw the ad for Slice-O-Matic on TV. I cook with lots of fresh vegetables and I love kitchen gadgets, so my immediate reaction was “I have to have that!” Then the sensible me took over and told me to go online for reviews. I am so thankful for real customer reviews (unlike the fake ones on the Slice-O-Matic website. You all have save me from blowing my hard earned money. Thank you.

  38. What a scam, ordered 2 for one and received 3 phones everyday for a month for prepaid shipping label never did show up again, what a scam.

  39. I only wanted to buy one slice-o-matic and get one free. When my order came up It showed I was getting another three and with shipping and handling this was a grand total of $87.93. There was no way for me to delete the order so next day I called to cancel it and they wouldn’t let me cancel, said I would have to return it unopened, which I did and I was only refunded $59.96. They made me pay for the shipping plus the shipping to send it back. FedEx left it at my door so I couldn’t refuse the order. Believe me I got scammed big-time. I am telling everyone I come in contact with to avoid these people. I am even posting it on Facebook and getting all my friends to post it on Facebook.

    • Hahahaha!!! I JUST went through the same thing today!!! Listen to THIS…

      I spoke to some Indian lady at this god forsaken company earlier and ended up literally ripping her a new as*hole!!! Told her I wanted to cancel my order (after placing my order on HOLD immediately after placing the ridiculous order over the phone on their completely AUTOMATED system!) and she tells me that there was never a HOLD placed on the order as I had requested and they had already processed the payment.

      Here’s what I told her… “I don’t want this product because your AUTOMATED ordering process is ENTRAPMENT!!!” She tells me that she can only refund me $9.99 so I told her AGAIN… “No. I do not want this product and I want to cancel my complete order for a full refund.” She then tells me she can only extend the refund to $10.50 and that is all she can do so I told her YET AGAIN… “I don’t want your stupid as* product that is probably crap as hell ANYWAY and if I receive this product and get charged for it after I had put the HOLD on my order IMMEDIATELY after placing it (which was mysteriously not put on the account as requested) I will be calling the better business bureau and reporting your as*es!!!”

      She finally realized that I was NOT joking and would NOT succumb to the redirecting and BS she was throwing at me and told me that I would receive the two slice-o-matics and be refunded the full amount charged within a week and that I wouldn’t have to return the product after being refunded.

      We’ll see if they stick to their word… if they don’t… LOL… they’re DEFINITELY in for a BIG fight that they WILL lose.

      Too bad I’m getting free products that SUCK though… I trust these reviews more than I trust this company!!!

      Wish me luck! Hahaha!

  40. Well let’s start with the order, they got it wrong, tried the thing last night. The correct word would be, are you ready JUNK, thanks for nothing.

  41. It sound like everyone who got scammed on this product must have paid with a debit card. If you pay with a credit card, you can inform your credit card company that you did not order the additional product and you won’t have to pay for it.

  42. Ordered the buy one get one free with a free gift & Free Holiday shipping amounting to $19.95 , I received a Bill for
    $76.00 and just received two Slice-O-Matic units that were broken. Tried to call Customer Service & they said it was my problem because I gave them my dc info MasterCard held up their decision, this is the biggest scam on the internet beside the Nigerian scam.


  43. Oh my don’t buy the Slice O Matic. I ordered the two and gave one to my daughter in law.. She was making onion tarts for Thanksgiving.. What a joke.. we had to cut the onions up before we could put them in the “shoot” what a joke… Look at the ad whole red onions, with no “shoot” .. We have had a $50.00 joke.. I don’t even want to bother sending it back.. I will charge it off as a bad debt..

    But it would be nice if some consumer bureau would look at some of the crap you can buy on TV.. I usually don’t fall for this stuff but this time I did.. Once Bitten..,won’t happen again..

  44. Thank you for the actual product usage reviews. I have a vintage v slicer that is still sharp enough to cut a canoe shaped wedge out of my finger while slicing……lemons! Wow that stung! I use that thing every year as I can (jar, preserve) pickles and everything else! So the idea of this slicer was interesting. As mentioned below and like everyone else I tried to order one set of the deluxe slicers but was charged for six. Like everyone else I was offered 20. discount then was told I couldn’t cancel my order or change the quantity ordered and that I must ship them back at my expense. My parting statement to the representative was that “social media was an awesome thing and I would post this to their Facebook page”. The charges have been deleted from my account after I posted my comments!

    These companies are not afraid of the government, nor are they afraid of the BBB but they sure do pay attention to the damage one comment can cause on a social medium.

    I do want to try this slicer with the knowledge that it is not the end all be all of professional kitchen equipment. I will probably have no trouble picking one up free on freecycle from an unhappy user!

  45. I too was scammed I ordered one and they sent me 4, not only that the assholes billed me $29.99 for each one. My total bill for just ordering one was $106.96. then they have a nerve to give you a surprise gift of a $20.00 gift certificate to buy another one of their scamming products.. SERIOUSLY!!! moral of this story is… DO NOT buy anything off tv. everything on their can be purchased in a store near you.

    • I too had the same experience. It was almost 100. for 6 of these things! I did speak to the representative who gave me the same story as most here. I called my bank but the charge was pending and they couldn’t help me until it posted. This was last Thursday. I went away for the weekend and checked again today and the charge was gone from my account. I told them I would be posting to their Facebook page with my complaint.

      The difference for me was the threat of posting on their Facebook page what they did! Now that they cancelled my order I updated my comment on their page and said so. Hopefully the people here can use the social media to their advantage as well! Good luck! BBB is old fashioned, the internet is where companies will respond to unhappy customers.

      • Thanks for the tip. Just saw the commercial for this product. It looked cheap in the commercial. Glad I checked reviews betore ordering! What a scam! How do they get away with that??

        • Wow! You saved me from becoming sucked into the vortex of cheap junk! Glad I looked for reviews before buying. Seems like I do that all the time now with good reason. Too many times these things are not what they are advertised as. Thank you for saving me both money and aggravation.

          • I saw this product at WalMart today. Thought I would check the reviews before purchasing. Thank you . . . each of you who took the time to comment on this product. I will save my money and use my old Moulie.

  46. This is the biggest scam. The Slice-O-Matic product is so cheap that I would not pay 99 cents for this flimsy, piece of plastic that does not cut a small piece of onion. As you have to cut everything to fit it in the little opening. You might as well cut the whole thing by hand.

  47. While the food guide, both blade assemblies, and the food bin detach for cleaning, the only way to clean the rest of the top housing is to rinse it under hot water. There are several other design flaws that make this a “Do Not Buy”, in my estimation.

    1. The blades of the “julienne” attachment are too widely spaced to actual julienne cuts (aka matchstick/shoe-string slices). In the case of potatoes, you get short slices the width of fat french fries.

    2. The handling tab of “julienne” attachment is extremely short, easily lending itself to accidental injury of the user during insertion/removal, if not extremely careful. The blades on mine were slightly bent, so that I had to carefully bent them back to match the properly slots.

    3. The plastic posts that attached the retraction springs to the top housing are weak. I have used my unit 3 times to slice nothing but a couple of pealed potatoes each time; and on the 3rd use, one of those posts broke off at the base of the top housing.

    4. The food bin is oddly shaped like a capital “i”, which makes getting everything out of it more inconvenient.

    I purchased two of these from a local Walgreen’s store and gave one to a friend. She tried it once or twice and didn’t like it for many of the same reasons that I’ve noted here. Her opinion was that, much like mine, it was more difficult to use and didn’t even do as good a job as most other “mandolin” style slicers do. I can tell you that the “V-Slicer” that I purchased back around 1989/1990, is still as sharp as when I bought it and is vastly superior in every way to this “Slice-O-Matic”. In fact, the original “Chop-O-Matic” was and is vastly superior to this poorly designed piece of plastic junk!

    Just as a piece of advice to everyone, most of these gadgets end up at your local CVS or Walgreen’s Pharmacy stores, as well as Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Walmart and other retail stores. Do NOT buy them off the TV ads as you will always have problems with things like double-billing/over-billing, defective returns, and all but nonexistent customer service. So, rather than put up with this kind of grief, you can simply return it to Walgreen’s or where ever you bought it and get a refund of your purchase.

  48. I just bought a slice-o-matic from Bed Bath and Beyond. It worked great on TV and so I was excited to give it a try. I came away frustrated beyond belief. It smashed my tomatoes. It took 6 times longer to cut a carrot than an knife because it keep t falling down on its side. I then tried three carrots an a time, but they got jammed every time. Cabbage was hard to get in the hole and I couldn’t slice at the right angle to get thin strips for making sauerkraut. I couldn’t get an apple in the hole so I cut it in quarters. It would not cut and keep t flipping over, and getting jammed. I was going to try an onion but I had become so frustrated with it I couldn’t get it back in the box and out of my house fast enough. Also be aware it is cheaply made. The blade kept falling out even in the locked position.

  49. I have arthritis and thought about ordering Slice-O-Matic and then after reading the reviews decided against it. My sweetheart didn’t know that I had even thought about making the purchase and then “surprised” me by ordering it. Needless to say, we received 4 Slice-O-Matics! Sure, slicing cucumbers can be easy, but I’m having trouble getting it to work with carrots, and all those little slide buttons don’t move as easily as they do for the model on the “how to” video.

    I tried a demo of Pampered Chef’s mandolin, it costs more (well, not much more than the 4 Slice-O-Matics that came in the mail), but there is no comparison! I suggest finding a Pampered Chef salesperson near you, or finding them online. I’m going back to do that.

  50. The first thing that needs to be changed to prevent this scammers from cheating the public is to get the FCC to stop the TV broadcasters from claiming “we do not endorse or support… ..etc.” at the beginning of these fraudulent “info-mercials”. The broadcasters are raking in massive advertising dollars from these crooks and thereby are aiding/abetting in crime, despite their disclaimers.

    The broadcasters should be included in any class-action lawsuit against these telemarketing crooks, as they should be responsible for the PUBLIC air waves they are using. Anyone remember “Truth in Advertising”? It used to be enforced!

    • I agree 100% with David Roth! Truth in Advertising should apply to ALL types of ads – most especially campaign ads! I work in the industry – both advertising and journalism (opinion talk show). I will NOT do an ad for a product with which I am not familiar, or do not believe in. I may never get rich, but I have untroubled sleep.

      • The problem is they are not just late at night any more. I think they are selling during the day and late morning because they can sell more. Well I am with you all the way. I was a sucker for so long. Not anymore because I can just buy them at Walgreens. That way if I don’t like it, I can just return no questions asked. We need to do something about these people. I feel for the elderly that are home alone and lonely and thinking these things are great ideas. they get stuck with things, and you know the people selling these things don’t care about who you are, because they are making a commission on each one they sell. What can we don’t people?

  51. DO NOT ORDER THIS SLICE-O-MATIC !!! WORST NIGHTMARE EVER!!! I ordered the slice o matic online and was excited about receiving the product, boy was that a mistake. This has been nothing but a complete nightmare! We received a confirmation phone call from a representative to “confirm” our order and the representative tried to scam us into doing a repeat monthly order. We told the representative that we did not want a reaccuring order that we only wanted what we placed and order for and that if we had any additional charges on our account that we would take any legal action necessary. I receive my order in the mail. The product works for the most part, not exactly what I expected, and is cheaply made. I got my product I figured OK we are done I won’t order anything again…wrong answer. Much to my surprise I received a 2nd order that I did not place!!! Now I’m FIGHTING with the customer service people and they want me to pay for the shipping back of their product that I did not want! Needless to say, I am STILL fighting with these people and am waiting for this mysterious return shipping label because I told them that I refuse to pay to ship back a product that they sent to me on there own. My suggestion is if you really want the product then go to the store and buy one so you can take it back and not have to deal with there so called customer service. This was the worst mistake ever ordering this piece of crap!

  52. Thanks for all the Slice-O-Matic reviews, I too thought I’d check out Walmart for this item. I think now I’ll pass, sounds like it doesn’t work very well. Always look for reviews on items before you buy-I’ve saved myself alot of headaches and money doing so. Never order off “As seen on TV” sites, or call the number they give on tv, they will rip you off and the shipping and handling is ridiculous!The items can usually be found at Walmart, Bed, bath and beyond,or even at the mall in the “As seen on TV” store and you save money because there is no shipping and handling! And you can return it if it doesn’t work or you don’t like it ! As always Buyer Beware!!

  53. WOW! Same thing, thought I ordered one SliceOMatic, with a free one for paying only shipping and handling. That would be $19.99 plus $6.95 (not sure if I’m correct to the penny). After several pop-up screens, a screen comes up asking if you want the second one for only shipping and handling. Yes, I wanted that one, but it turns out that when you hit “yes” for that one, you are actually ordering another two, and doubling your order. No problem, I thought, I can go back and change my order before confirming. Well, you can’t. The first time you see the total, which is now double what I meant to spend, it is on your confirmation page, and they have your money. This many people can’t all be idiots. This site is intentionally set up to overcharge you and make you order things you don’t want. I hate to be ripped off, but 20 to 60 minutes on the phone and probable shipping charges near the total of what I paid make this not worth fighting. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. ALSO DO NOT BUY FROM THE “AS SEEN ON TV” WEBSITE. THE SITE DOES NOT BACK THE PRODUCTS AND HAVE NO PROBLEM ALLOWING SCAMMERS ON THEIR SITE.

  54. I too ordered the Slice-o-matic from the TV and received an order number saying”THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER . YOUR ORDER NUMBER IS ——-.

    However I called this evening and they have no record of me placing the order, nor the order number,etc. I was told my call would be escalated to upper management and I would receive a call back w/i 48-72 hours. My bank has been put on the alert for any purchases in the amount of $33.97. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! I DO BELIEVE.

  55. I went to a retail store to purchase my Slice-O-Matic. Because I have arthritis I wanted something easier than a knife or mandolin. I used it first on onions and got the most perfect slices I could have ever wanted. Next I tried carrots and celery and again they were perfect. Everything is very straight forward on how to use. Just don’t apply hard pressure or it will jam (as it says on the website). Tonight I will try to julienne potatoes. I am very satisfied.

    For those of you having problems with the online/phone in orders, go to Bed Bath and Beyond, I-Gourmet, or Wal Mart. They all sell them for $19.95

    • Finally a good Slice-O-Matic review! did you order it online or buy it from the store? I really want to order it online to get the extra slicer to give as a gift this Christmas. You know the problem so many people ready and willing to write complaints not enough willing people to write compliments.

  56. Never in my life I will buy anything for $19.99 its scam, and I have been over charge and take most of my time try see whats going on when I just want pay and receive the product, and the costumer service is so bad, they even let you talk about, curt you right the away, I have been charge first for $60 and late on for more $16.95, that give me a lot of headache! I should believe on these Slice-O-Matic comments.


  57. Don’t spend your money on S&H….just go to your local Walmart as they are now selling these in the “AS SEEN ON TV” isle.

  58. I haven’t ordered one of these Slice-O-Matics and never would. However, it appears to me one would buy a temporary visa charge card with a small amount of money on it and use this card and not their original so they could only get the amount of the original order. The card would be exhausted at this point and there would be nothing else they could get. Maybe this card would not be accepted for orders such as this, but it is a thought.

    • Use a credit card and not debit. If you make an honest effort to contact customer service and they give you the run-a-round you could dispute the fee and your bank will usually credit your payment, including shipping and handling and change the company a charge back fee.

  59. You people must be a bunch of morons. I got 2 sliceomatics for $33.92 with shipping/handling and as far as I’m concerned they were well worth the money. Whatever I put in to slice has come out in nice even slices. Maybe you should watch the instructional video or just read the instructions again.

    • Hi thank you for leaving a positive feedback. Problem is so many are quick to complain not many willing to compliment. I am considering buying Slice-O-Matic online so I can get the free one! Wish there were more people like you.

      • Look, seriously, one guy said that not only were the blades not sharp. They bent! That is simply not cutting steel, it’s mild steel/tinplate.

  60. This is the worst crap I have ever bought–took a month to receive and wouldn’t slice anything–kept thinking I did something wrong and now I see I didn’t—now I am stuck with 2 pieces of junk–DO NOT BUY!

  61. The Slice-o-Matic tears hell out of vegetables. I’ve not found one kind of vegetable that it slices well. The whole thing is just another rip-off.

  62. Don’t buy big scam, I ordered 1 order for 19.99 get 1 free, I get 4 plus S@H lets get together and start an Action Suit.

    • What a SCAM!! On their online SliceOMatic ordering form it is so confusing. I thought it was asking me if I wanted the “free” one. But instead I ordered 2 set of them. But the thing is you dont know until the whole order is processed and does not let you review before it’s complete. That’s part of the scam. The next day I called their customer service department. After waiting on the phone for about 30 minutes, I was told it was too soon to look up the order, that he will put it on “hold” and for me to call back in 48 hours. Shortly after that I called back to find out that they SHIPPED it.

      The interesting thing is that it was stated that it would take more than 6 weeks to ship. 4 days when they know that you want to cancel your order. The person today stated that the “hold” is not 100% guaranteed. SCAM He offered my $15.00 off the order of 76.00, in which at the most should have been $33.00. Then gave me a return number to ship it back at my expense. WOW never again!!

  63. I ordered “ONE sliceOMatic, get one free”. got four “deluxe sliceOMatics” at $39.99 per pair plus shipping (What happened to the free shipping) As best I can tell the deluxe model is black instead of the white. Included recipe books were not included. Was told on the phone that I can read the recipe books on line. Haven’t tried one yet but it seems to be very flimsy. Of course they are made in China, so what do you expect. I am waiting for my credit card bill so I can dispute the charge and let them take care of the fraud.

  64. Thanks for all the SliceOMatic info. I saw Slice O Matic at Bed Bath and Beyond this week. If I decide I am gullible enough to try one, I’ll get it there. Then, if it should actually work, I can always go back and get the second one. I would be paying $6.01 cents PLUS tax more than if ordering on the phone or web, but there would be no getting charged for 4 or more of them and would not have to wait for 6 or more weeks to get it and there would be no hassle of having to turn down their ridiculous and redundant offers

    • If you buy Slice-O-Matic at a retail outlet such as Wal-mart or Bed Bath and Beyond you can always return the product if it does not work properly. Another plus.

  65. TRICKY TRICKY! You guys are a scam and a rip off. I just ordered the special $19.99 with free shipping and handling, entered my credit card number, and then before I knew it without my APPROVAL you guys TACKED ON ANOTHER SLICE O MATIC for $19.99 PLUS $13.98 shipping and handling. I clicked “no thanks” everytime you offered this. So now I’m tagged with a $60 bill that I have to wait to dispute? Of course you guys are closed when I want to call. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. RIP OFF and SNEAKY

    • Everyone that bought this SliceOMatic should go to and place a complaint if unhappy! They are there to protect consumers! Infact if you are going to buy on the phone or the web, you should be checking the BBB before hand! And when you run into bad always report it to the BBB! It really has saved me over and over again!

      Just always remember if it’s on T.V. or the web it most likely is to junky to be true!

  66. Slice-O-Matic was the biggest waste of money. Didn’t Julienne,only some of the time. Thin slices too thin and thick slices uneven. would not recommend Slice-O-Matic.

  67. I bought the Slice O Matic over the phone and I was so upset over all the products I was offered and had to opt out of I called just as soon as I hung up the phone and cancelled my order and I also saw the huge charge on my credit card and called 3 days after my order date and cancelled again and still received SIX slice o rip offs not just the one I had ordered and cancelled!! I called and wanted to send them back only to find out I would be charged $20 to ship it back to them and $6.99 in processing fee and I was already charged $6.99 processing fee and $20.00 shipping so my original order of $19.99 is now $86.95 OMG I have been taken!! I would love to hear if anyone has had any help with this SCAM. I will NEVER EVER order anything over the phone or online I love the stores you can walk in and get a refund.

  68. Ordered 1 plus 1 free…got SIX! Clearly a scam. I thought I’d give them away as wedding gift bonuses….but then I tried it on some vegetables. It doesn’t work AT ALL. It SMASHED the veggies long before it cut. I’ve called (within the 30 day limit) and have returned them. They are clearly trying to dump this product. Watch out!

    • Thanks for info – will not order. It’s always a problem when they ask for your credit card first and then you can’t cancel out.

      Will not order even though it looked good on TV.

  69. Thank goodness for these review sites. I saw the infomercial yesterday and was all over this thing. After reading your reviews….HELL NO. Thank you all!!!

  70. Slice O Matic is the biggest ripoff on the face of the earth.Don’t waste your money. Not only do you get one piece of shit…you get two…so now I’m stuck with two pieces of shit. It looks great on the video till you get it. It hangs up on you. It jams up on you, it has one thickness and it makes a total mess out of everything you slice..if that’s what you call it. It’s made out of the cheapest plastic that china has to offer. I got it…I tried it…I pitched it. Don’t waste your money it is easier and faster and less mess if you do it the old style way…your hand and a knife.

  71. I ordered ONE Slice o matic in July. I received TWO Slice O Matics SIX WEEKS LATER. I was charged $33.97. IT DOES NOT DO THE JOB! First time I tried it, the gears slipped and jammed.

    In the advertisement I think it must be glued to the table, because there was no way I could stop it jumping about. It also shows the blade coming out with ease…NO!

    If I could return them without ant problem I would. But I don’t trust them to return the money and I am sure I would have to pay the shipping.

    My advice to anyone thinking about buying….FORGET IT!!

  72. Like many of the others I ordered by phone re Add on Documentary Channel. Ordered one plus 1 for shipping charge only. Hi Pressure talk about other items that I did not want & I did not order. Received card stating item back ordered. Would be shipped within 30 days. to return card if did not want. Returned card within 2 days. The next day they debited my card for $93.96. It should have been around $34.00. Upon calling I was given a return order number and that when received it would be credited to my Bank Card in 6 days. I seriously doubt it. My bank said for me to stop by and file Fraud Report. It seems to me that if you have a business license then you have a license to steal!

  73. Why is it that people don’t take the time to to read EVERYTHING on a web sight when they are ordering something on line? I ordered the Slice-O-Matic in line, got EXACTLY what I ordered, and paid EXACTLY what it was supposed to cost. I did have to wait a little longer to get it because of back orders, but I DID get it. They have no way of knowing what the response will be when they run an ad on TV. So you cant blame them for back orders. I got my Slice-O-Matic, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, and used it. It works just like they said it would and does a great job. So, don’t be afraid to order. Just read everything and make there are no boxes checked that you don’t want. You only want ONE offer. That will get you the buy one get one free deal (pay extra S&H). Should be around $33. and some change.

    • Fred….with comments like that you MUST be on their payroll…..The Slice O Matic is absolute junk!! It does NOT work as it is shown in the video.

      Nice try Fred , but I think everyone knows by now that it is absolute garbage! A Rip Off!

      • I am agreeing with the first person. I bought one at a retail store and brought it home and sliced the most perfect onion I have ever seen. I have arthritis so using a knife is difficult for me. I read the insert and watched the video. If you don’t use hard pressure, it works like a charm. I don’t know how long it will work, but I have no complaints yet and I DO NOT work for them.

        • I think it is hilarious when I have to call customer service somewhere and the person who answers is obviously not American, you can definitely pick up an accent if you know what I mean, yet they say their name is Tom. How funny it is that the only 2 positive reviews on this page are from “Fred” and “Nancy.” go figure.

  74. UPDATE:
    I ordered this on July 2 and got them today, August 15. It took forever. Would I order them if I new it would take this long to get them? NO. Don’t bother. I cancelled my debit card after I was charged for them. I don’t trust the company at all and I probably will never buy anymore Telebrand products. Again, I only wanted the “buy one get the other free just pay shipping and processing” offer but I got two of the offers charged to me because there was no order confirmation page. Good thing I have friends who will take the other three off my hands, otherwise I’d be stuck with 3 other slice-o-matics. I was also promised two recipe books with two of the slice-o-matics, but none of them had them included.

  75. I can’t believe how stupid I am….I usually always check for reviews, but having never ordered anything from a TV commercial I just assumed it would be okay…..wrong! I ordered the Slice-O-Matic today….went through all the BS and thought I had ordered one with the $6.99 Shipping & Handling Fee…clicked on “Order”….a summary of my order pops up and there’s an additional $6.99 “Processing Fee”, so now I’m being charged $33.97. This is unreal… finally I go and look at the reviews/complaints….too late old girl….I wish I had done this first and believe me this will NEVER happen again. There seems to be no way to stop this.

    • call the number I left on my post right below yours they sent me a card that if I filled it out I could cancel my order.

  76. I ordered the buy 1 get 1 free on 6/25/2011 did it online was asked about an upgraded I said no. total price came to 33.97 with all the shipping and handling. It was about 4 weeks into the 3-6 they said it would take I called them @ 1-800-465-1308 which for checking on your order redirected me to another number @ 1-800-777-4034. which in turn asked me for me phone number I used when I order and basically said there was a back order and it was a weekend when I called so I didn’t get to speak with anyone.

    It did prompt me to go to which asked for your phone number and told me my item would be shipped within 15 days due to the back order. Checked it this week and got the same message which was 2 week later but still says 15 days. I would like to say I did receive a phone call from Telebrands that Monday @ 8 am telling me they seen my number had come up and wanted to know y I had called and did I get my answer.

    I would also like to point out I use a bank card separate from my regular acct to which has not been charged as of yet. Think I will give them a call find out when or if I will be getting it anytime soon. Especially after reading everything you have said but I did not or at least have not had the same experience you all have had with any of it except for the extremely long wait.

    • just an update received an email saying I was charged $33.97 along with a confirmation number and said shipping would take 7-10 more days…. so as long as I get it within that time frame I still looking at over 2 months to get. Hope it actually does what its supposed to lol if it dont I guess itll really teach me a valuable lesson lol. No point in getting mad just gona stay positive and hope it all works out. Getting mad at this piont just gona upset me for no reason and get nothing accomplished.

      • You will get it. I went through the same thing and I just got mine yesterday. It does what it is supposed do and does it quite well. Just make sure you follow the INSTRUCTIONS. So many times people don’t bother to read the instructions and then wonder why it doesn’t work right.

  77. I got 4 Slice-O-Matics, when we only ordered 1 with 1 for free. Total with shipping was $60.95. I don’t know if it works yet or not, but it has parts not listed on the manual, and some that don’t fit like the diagram states. Like the chute is supposed to go in and click into place, but it bottoms out before ever clicking and locking in place. They sent an extra Juliane blade, but not a cutting blade.

    If it works, I can live with it, but I think the company needs some real help. Might be a good product if they care about their customers!

  78. I almost always wait for these “As Seen On TV” products to come to a local retail store; however, the product is available only from the Slice-O-Matic Website despite the fact that, by now, it should be available in retail stores. That ended up being my first clue to check for blogs and reviews. So, THANK YOU all for sharing. You probably will never know how many people you have helped like myself from being included in this scam.

    Companies like this need to be put out of business. Certainly, their must be a lawyer out there who can represent the consumer in a class action. Reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission is probably one of the best ways to stop this type of fraud. Your credit card company may also be a good resource for getting information as they deal with this type of thing on a regular basis.

  79. This place is a total scam. When I went to order, based on their commercial, I got to the last page and saw the total was $93.96, which needless to say is alot more than they advertise. There was no way I was going to pay that, so I didn’t proceed with finalizing the order and closed my browser. I never heard anything from them until 7/29 when they sent me an email telling me my order had shipped. What order? I never placed an order. I told them to recall the shipment, which they didn’t. I have now disputed the charge with my credit card company and slice-o-matic has refused to reply to any of my emails. If I had been home, I would have refused the shipment, but I wasn’t home when it was delivered.

    A total scam!!!

    • Wow this happened to me and I would have to think that this is totally illegal! I think we should all contact the BBB and have them investigated for charging people when they don’t OK the transaction.

  80. I ordered this stupid Slice-O-Matic cause my wife wanted one. I was told at the end of my order that it was going to be $33.97. I was OK with that…until they hit me with a $79.00 debit last week, and then a $33.97 charge this week. I ordered it over a month ago, still no Slice-O-Matic. I’m up for a class action. We all need to get together and bust their bubble. Big time….

  81. I ordered a slice-o-matic on June 25th. I just got it today. I got 4. I ordered 1 plus 1 free+ shipping. Today is August 2nd. I too was fuming mad trying to order on the phone, all the other things they wanted you to buy. I was just waiting for my final total. Never got one. I tried to call back, was never able to talk to a person. My bill with my order was $67.94. My charge card has not been charged yet- I got my bill yesterday. I have a phone# on my bill 1-800-777-4034 (9-to-9 est.) I didn’t even try to call to return the other 2, I was afraid if I returned the product they would not return my money and I would be out both. ( I had that happen once with some jewelry I bought.) I’m having a yard sale this weekend- maybe I can sell the other two. I haven’t tried it yet to see if it even works. I wish I would of read this first.

    • I might be willing to buy one from you. send me an email at if you’d be willing to sell it. I do want one, but I also attempted to order one and was charged a month and a half before it was even “estimated” to ship. The cancellation apparently takes 2 weeks as well.

      I’ve filed a complaint with the FTC and will dispute the transaction with my credit card company if I don’t get reimbursed 2 weeks on the dot.

  82. SCAM!! I made my order yesterday, with the apparently buy one, second one free just pay additional shipping it won’t let you see what you actually did then asks you if you want to upgrade, how many products you want etc. By the end of the order I had a total of $108.00 being charged to my Credit Card!!! Called Customer Service and was told it wasn’t a guarantee my order can be canceled and that I would have to call again within 24-48 business hours to get a confirmation number!! Total SCAM!!!!


    I’m starting to think it’s the biggest scam ever. I just reported it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. It’s easy, just go there and if enough of us do that we can stop these thieves. The biggest hint is the fact that it’s 3-6 weeks shipping; they say they have tons of orders and that’s stupid. I don’t see any rage over this product, so I doubt it’s highly bought. It’s stealing money because I ordered 1 offer which included buying one and buying the other for $10 dollars, a total of two. When I ended paying, I saw that I had bought 2 offers, not 1 offer, so now, I would have 4 Slice-o-Matics that are supposed to be shipped to me! They want to charge you for multiples you clearly did not buy, and they fool you because they don’t let you revise your order and confirm it. Guess why nobody’s received this?? Because it’s a scam. If this company was actually being truthful, I would have seen Youtube reviews. Half way through checkout they ask you if you want to participate in irrelevant deals, I chose no, but a lot of written reviews here say that they’re still charged for that “Walmart deal”.


  84. This Slice-O-Matic is a ripoff. They never sent verification of my transaction. Constantly kept me on the phone with their BS bargains. I want a veggie slicer….not a cruise to Bermuda. I had ordered it 2 months ago [never came]
    just tried again….feel we have ALL been scammed

    People need to call the Attorney General in their state to stop this fraud.

  85. Thank you all for the reviews. I decided the check the Slice-O-Matic reviews because when I just tried to call based on a TV add, I was truly disappointed by their automated data collection crap. I had to hang up when their automated crap had the nerve to ask me for a credit card# and refuse to provide me with the option to speak to a human being! RUDE and BAD business practice. I hope they change their product is not as crappy as their service & charges (for those who have the patience to their B.S. and order).

  86. SCAM

    I called to place an order for ONE Slice-O-Matic. The website is totally confusing and constantly asks if you want to add on. The website allowed you to “upgrade” to a Deluxe Slice-O-Matic. I opted for this. The final order included the Deluxe PLUS an additional Slice-O-Matic and a recipe book.

    I expected an order of approximately $35. You do not get a final total when you finish the transaction. The final bill — WITH EXTRAS THAT I DID NOT ORDER — was $63.97

    To add insult to injury — I saw a charge on my checking account for $16.95 from a company names BESTBARGAINLINK. I called them to find out what the charge was for. They said it was a “buying club” and I would be charged the $16.95 EACH MONTH. I asked where they got my credit card number and they said Telebrands (rep for Slice-O-Matic). I cancelled the transaction, but don’t really feel that it will be cancelled.

    I called Slice-O-Matic and explained the situation. I reached a Floor Manager named Angel. First she said that they don’t have any relationship with BestBargainLink. After talking with her for another five minutes she said that she would call BestBargainLink and cancel the transaction.

    • I just called my bank and canceled my debit card. It is a hassle but this way I am sure they cannot charge me anything else. My new debit/visa card will be arriving in 3 days and didn’t cost me anything. I can live that long writing checks but couldn’t take chance of them hitting my checking again for $150.00. Like I said before this really sounds illegal what they are doing.


  87. I also canceled my credit card. I ordered on June 29 and my card was never hit as a pending charge. This is July 14th. If I had known that it would not ship for 3-6 weeks, I would never have ordered. That’s a RED flag. And you don’t learn this until after the order is complete. Plus did not receive an order number or email confirmation.
    Does not seem like an honest company. BEWARE

      • I was thinking of ordering Slice-O-Matic, but when I went to their site and saw the very first thing they ask for is your credit card number, forget it…I don’t trust any site that asks for your credit card number upfront without a chance to review your order. Their site has “scam” written all over it!

  88. If anyone got scammed by these jerks let me know. This is truly unfair trade and mail fraud. I am looking for enough people for a class action as well.

    • I never completed my order as they kept adding on this and that and the order was over $33 and I didn’t want it. Couldn’t cancel so I had to close the browser. BUT I DID NOT COMPLETE THE ORDER! Now I’m charged! My bank canceled… two days later I’m charged again!!!

    • I was also scammed by the same company. The same exact thing everybody else is saying: I bought one, CANCELED my order, and received 4 along with a hefty price.

      • Please let me know if you do a class action law suit because I will join! These people need to be prosecuted.

  89. A scam!!! it’s true you don’t have the chance to review your order and charge it immediately to your card. your almost paying for the second one with S/H and etc. so many questions that you wouldn’t know you’ll be charge. the gift? that’s probably bad and not true. they’re just redirect you to a site where you have to pay another and not a gift or free. actually I hated this site.

  90. I am upset that I opted for the Bonus Slice O Matic just pay Shipping costs and it charged me full price plus shipping and worse it doesn’t provide a chance to review your order before you submit it for processing. It creates a Diversion about a Walmart gift card and once you decide yes or no it’s Presto and your card is charged which I would think is an Illegal practice and if you have to use Scams to make revenue rather than rely on the Quality of your Product I’m inclined to believe your Product must be Crap. I’m disputing the charge which amounted to $93.94 when I was looking to spend no more than $50

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