Skinnygirl Personal Blender Review

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What is Bella Skinnygirl

It is a personal blender extractor from Bella Housewares that is so power packed that it claims to emulsify practically everything so that you can get the best nutrients from different types of food items.

In this Skinnygirl blender review we will analyze all the claims of this personal blender and does it really live up to them.

Skinnygirl Blender REVIEW

Smoothies not smooth – Alyssa in her Skinnygirl blender review complains that none of these type of personal blenders work all that well. You will always find some chunks of ice or fruit left in even after multiple blending attempts. She further explains in her review that she tried the avocado recipe recommended for this Skinnygirl blender. After measuring it out perfectly and following the recipe down to the tee – it was still above the fill line on the largest cup. Alyssa had to take stuff out from the mess inside the base. She further mentions in her review that after the blending there were still chunks of ice left in it. “It was not at all expected at this price” – she complains.

Alex has similar complaints. In her Skinnygirl Blender review she cautions that this Bella personal blender is not suited to make smoothies from frozen fruit and fresh veggies. She further explains that personal blenders like the Skinnygirl cannot puree the frozen strawberries and pineapples well enough. You will always have small chunks left in the mix.

Polly says in her similar review that the Skinnygirl blender will not blend spinach and other green veggies that well.


Blades need improvement – Pamela complains that she put in a few frozen strawberries that were slightly thawed along with bananas, the Skinnygirl blender took a while to grind them up and she had to use a spoon to stir it up in the blender and was very frustrating. She suggests in her Skinnygirl review that they should get better blades.


Cannot blend ICE – Abby who used the Skinnygirl Personal Blender says in her Skinnygirl blender review that the blender cannot blend ice that well, she mentions the Skinnygirl’s motor power seems to be weak when it comes to crushing ice.


Does not grind seeds that well – Mario who reviewed this blender says the Skinnygirl blender does not have the power to crush the seeds, especially for smoothies with flax seeds, kale and fruit.


Works fine for Baby food – Roseann says in her Skinnygirl blender review that she uses the blender to puree baby food and it works just fine.


NOISY – It is noisy says Lori, it is extremely noisy when it comes to grinding.


Not very efficient : Heather’s Skinnygirl blender review exposes the fact that the multi-blade just spreads the ingredients onto the outside of the jar where it just hangs and you cannot spoon it down.


1-Speed Setting : Joan says the Skinnygirl blender has only one-speed setting.


Just Expensive Toy – Ryan’s review on Skinnygirl blender mentions that it is just a expensive countertop toy. You can achieve those results with a $35 Oster blender.


Skinnygirl Blender Features and Benefits

Skinnygirl blender assures you maximum nutrition from fruits, vegetables, nuts and a whole lot more without any difficulty. Today we have understood the importance of eating highly nutrient diet for our overall well-being. There is so much natural goodness in fruits and vegetables that you can make the most out of and gain tremendous health benefits. But for that to happen, your regular mixers and blenders will not do as they are just incapable of getting the best out of natural products. That’s where Skinnygirl blender comes in, according to its claims and gives you best results.

Claims to be Powerful – At the heart of the Skinnygirl Personal Extraction Blender is its powerful motor, which brings in high level of efficiency to it. Bella claims that the 700 watt motor is capable of emulsifying just about anything you throw at it, now the claims can be proven only after we analyze the SkinnyGirl blender reviews . As all the personal blenders claim Skinnygirl ad asserts that none of the nutrients from these ingredients will be lost so that you have a highly rich end result in a glass or a bowl for that matter, there are not many Skinnygirl blender reviews to prove this claim. Skinnygirl blender features stainless steel blending and grinding blades. It’s because of these blades that the blender can work on just about any type of fruits, vegetables and nuts bringing you a nutrient rich meal at the end of the day – well all the personal blenders make such hefty claims but their reviews reveal the facts.


Skinnygirl Claims to be Versatile – Skinnygirl is definitely a blender that can give you a nutrient rich juice, smoothie or a soup for that matter. But it also stresses on the fact that it can be a lot more than that because it has been designed to be versatile. The blending blade of the Skinnygirl 700W Personal Extraction Blender can liquefy entire fruits and vegetables, irrespective of their size and texture. The blender also comes with a grinding blade that can be used to good effect when it comes to chopping or grinding harder foods like nuts and coffee beans.



Skinnygirl Attachments – While Skinnygirl personal blender is definitely high on performance and functionality, but it emphasizes that a lot of attention has been paid to your overall convenience as well. It can be seen in the number of handy parts that this blender comes with. For starters, Skinnygirl Blender has two 24-oz cups and one 12-oz cup so that you can look after your different serving needs. Its other important components are lip ring, storage lid, two drinking straws and two to-go lids.

That’s why Skinnygirl Blender maintains that whatever recipes you make now you can enjoy them on the go without wasting any time. Whether you make a delicious smoothie or a healthy juice, it can be taken with you wherever you go.


Easy Cleaning – Another factor that makes Skinnygirl by Bella convenient for use is that all its parts are dishwasher safe and they clean up easily. Thus you are saved a lot of time on a regular basis. But Skinnygirl Personal Extraction Blender further stresses that there is no dearth of options as far as yummy recipes that you can work on with it. To make things easier for you, there’s also a Skinnygirl recipe booklet, which is an added advantage for those who want to eat healthy.


Quality and Style – Skinnygirl by Bella 700W Personal Extraction Blender guarantees you top class quality, which is something you look for in your home appliances. In fact it is available with a 2 year limited warranty, which should put your mind at rest about its quality. Skinnygirl promises to be a handsome addition to your kitchen as well because it is sleek and beautifully designed. It is compact in size and won’t take up too much space on your countertop while being moved around easily too.


What do I get?
Get the Bella SkinnyGirl 700W Personal Blender for $119. Official website:


5 thoughts on “Skinnygirl Personal Blender Review

  1. I’ve had mine about 6 months and the gasket inside the grinding blades has broken twice already. Not real impressed. Has antyone else had this problem?

  2. I bought the Skinny girl blender in January and by May it was grinding black chunks . The blades inside came loose and the blender is useless. Not worth the money I spent. Tried contacting company but no response, Don’t waste your money

  3. Works the big 24oz cups for smoothies..wish it came with another smaller cup and sip kids for each cup as it comes with only two smoothies spill proof sip lids.. A lower speed would be a great added benefit…but it works great for perfectly blended smoothies, grinding sugar into powdered sugar, homemade ice cream and making homemade bread crumbs… I LOVE MY SKINNY GIRL AND EVEN GOT ONE FOR MY FRIEND AND DAUGHTER from Sam’s club…great value!! Was 39.99 but price dropped yup 19.99…EVEN BETTER

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