Skinny Plate Review

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What is Skinny Plate

: It is a smart plate that promises to help you change your lifestyle positively and eat the right portions so that you can lose weight the way you want.

Skinny Plate maintains that now it’s possible for you to control the portions of food you eat so that you don’t pile on the calories. Today many of us have realized the importance of eating healthy, but it’s equally vital to eat controlled portions of food. You might be on a serious fitness routine but if you are not eating proportionately your efforts could come to a naught. If you are trying to lose weight without any fitness program then the emphasis is completely on your diet and regulating how much you eat on a regular basis. This plate claims to help you do that with ease. But whether it really does that we will know when we get our hands on Skinny Plate reviews.


Win the weight loss battle with ease

This plate asserts that now you won’t have to go on those unhealthy crash diets, set reminders or resort to tedious means to lose weight because it will help you do that easily. It seems like a farfetched claim that has yet to be substantiated by Skinny Plate reviews. However what we do know is that it works by letting you control the portion of meals you eat. All you have to do is choose your target weight and fill your plate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Is it really that easy to use? Let us know in your Skinny Plate reviews.

You can also use this plate smartly by filling the largest part with vegetables and other parts with proteins and carbs. Another claim of complete convenience that can’t be corroborated till we read Skinny Plate reviews.

Positive impact on your lifestyle

There are many who seem to have managed to lose weight and get into fit shape by simply switching to this plate rather than regular ones. But can this plate alone help you reach your weight loss goals? We would like to find out more about that in your Skinny Plate reviews. Skinny Plate reviews are also anticipated because we would like to know whether it really ends up having an overall positive impact on your lifestyle without having to get to great lengths for it.

Weight loss without adverse effects

Have you tried to lose weight by relying on pills that claim to have its benefits? Have you been going to meetings of weight watchers, dieters etc. to ensure that you keep up with your goals? This plate claims that you will now get those results without these cumbersome methods. But only Skinny Plate reviews can tells us whether there is truth to this claim. With easy control of food portions you can bid goodbye to fad diets and processed foods, and stop worrying about any side effects. Let us know in your Skinny Plate reviews if that’s the case.

What do I get?

You get Skinny Plate for only $10.00 plus $6.95 S&P.

3 thoughts on “Skinny Plate Review

  1. I just received my Purple Skinny Plate 125 in the mail yesterday.Looks pretty simple.On the back of the package it tells the foods that are best to eat for each category.PROTEIN:Beef,Chicken,Pork,Seafood,Fish,Tofu,Soy,Eggs,Greek Yogurt,Lentils/Legumes.VEGETABLES:Asparagus,Cauliflower.Celery,Cucumber,Kale,Leek.Lettuce,Spinach,Onions,Peppers,Zucchini.CARBOHYDRATE:Bread1,Cereal,Corn,Couscous,Fruit2,Noodles,Rice,Pasta,Peas,Pita Plantain,,Potato,Sweet Potato.
    Will be starting this on Monday,Feb.6,2016 with at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.As of yesterday I weigh about 156lbs.And want to reach 125lbs.I have tried many other products such as,Weight Watchers.I also have done Beach Body 21 Day Fix Extreme.The weight and inches came off with that one.You have little containers where you have to measure everything out.thought it was very time consuming.But was very happy with the amount of weight and inches I lost.Just wish the Shakeology was cheeper.Way too expensive.I also did a Curve`s diet plan.And I did not see much weight loss with that.And you had to workout in there facility 6 days a week.That was there plan.And you had to follow it for best results.Sure hope this Purple Skinny Plate 125 works.

    • I threw my first purple skinny plate 125 away.Just ordered another one yesterday 11/5/16. After almost a year my weight is up to 168 lbs. I really think for this to work I have to join a weight support group. I just don`t have the willpower to do it alone. It is still a lot of work,so don`t let it fool you.But to get the results in anything you do it must contain hard work.

  2. With the little red skinny plate what is the weight..? I know it said on t.v to buy one with the weight you want to be at? I want to be at 130 so will this skinny plate help me reach my goal.. thanks..

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