Simple Slide Cake Pan

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Do you like baking cakes at home but are always put off by the slogging it involves as well as the mess it leaves behind? Baking a cake tends to be a big hassle because most cakes stick to the bottom of the pan. If that is not annoying enough the cake also ends up breaking and crumbling when you try to release it from the pan. But now you can get Simple Slide Pan, an amazing new way you can opt for that makes releasing the cake a very easy task.


With Simple Slide Pan, the cake won’t stick to the base at all as it’s designed to ensure just that. It has a rotating bar that prevents the cake from sticking. The bar also works as a quick release lever that can sweep a full 360 degrees and your cake is sure to pop out the way you want – devoid of any sticking, breaking or crumbling altogether.


Using Simple Slide Pan is incredibly easy. Just bake the cake in it, spin the bar and flip the cake on to a dish and you will have said goodbye to crumbled cakes and sticking forever. You do not have to worry about its cleaning either. Since it is completely non-stick, there are no residues to scrap off and cleaning the pan is a breeze.


What’s more, Simple Slide Pan is dishwasher safe, so you just need to toss it into the washer for a very easy cleanup. It makes your task so much easier, so why not make it a part of your kitchen? You can get Simple Slide Pan at a very reasonable price and if you order now you will get another pan for free. That’s not all. If you offer now you will also get a whisk as a free bonus! So now you can bakes cakes that will look like straight from a bakery or by a professional dessert chef, minus all the elaborate steps you think it involves!


  • 2 Simple Slide Pans
  • 1 Whisk

All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 s/h. Official website

One thought on “Simple Slide Cake Pan

  1. Has anyone tried the Simple Slide Pan, Is it any good?

    Does it make perfect cakes?

    Is it durable?

    How is the quality of the product?

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