Shogun Steamer REVIEW | The Hidden Facts Revealed

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What is Shogun Steamer

It is a cheaply-made (possibly in CHINA) plastic microwave steamer that claims to be BPA-free. The ad claims that you can use the Shogun Steamer to steam veggies, make pasta and meatballs, soups, shellfish and more.

The Theory

Shogun Steamer claims to cook more efficiently and a lot faster but that’s not because of some magic but pure science that’s at work here. It’s easy to see that boiling water might be hot, but steam is a lot hotter. Thus Shogun steamer lets you cook your food a lot faster thanks to steaming, than your regular boiling methods of cooking on the stove — in theory. Boiling food items means you end up washing away their flavours, colours and nutrients too. But there are no such worries with Shogun Steamer as it keeps them locked for your benefit.

How does Shogun Steamer Work?

According to the claims made in the infomercial, all you have to do to cook with the Shogun Steamer is add water and choose the large or small basket based on your specific cooking requirement. You can then simply place it in the microwave and wait for food to be cooked quickly and to perfection. Shogun Steamer promises to help you cook entire meals at once and that’s because it has stackable compartments to make things easier. They claim Shogun Steamer can be used to make anything; from pasta and meatballs to steamed rice dishes, fish, chicken, veggies and a whole lot more.


Shogun Steamer also has helpful features

Shogun Steamer’s twist and drain feature allows you to save the broth for future uses. Moreover as the bottom unlocks, you can drain any excess liquids and fat away. Shogun Steamer promises to be BPA free making it safe for your use at home and it’s also dishwasher safe, saving you the hassle of cleaning up later.


What do I get ?

  • You will receive Two Shogun Steamer microwave cooker + Two Recipe Guides for just $19.95+ $15.9 P&H.
  • You also get Cut N Cup Chopper
  • Official Website :

Shogun Steamer Review

For $35.85 you get 2 Shogun Steamers, 2 Recipe guides and 1 Cut N Cup kitchen tool that is a expensive deal for a microwave Steamer. The Shogun Steamer TV ad cleverly lures you into thinking that it is a healthy, time-tested, genuine method of cooking food, while it is healthy in theory it has more disadvantages than benefits.

Cooking fish in microwave looks like a great idea but it is not. Its not a good idea to steam cook fish with Shogun Steamer in a microwave as the microwave ovens are not standard and their power levels vary. It is not at all easy for beginners to nuke fish, a few seconds of mic-calculation can turn your fish dry and overcook it. The claim that Shogun Steamer can cook fish is exaggerated, it looks good in theory but is impractical.

The same goes with the chicken, you do not have complete control over the meat cooked in a microwave because the cooking occurs from the inside outward and the residual heat continues to build more intensely than if it was cooked on a grill or in a saute pan. A microwave cannot produce “the juiciest” results.

Shogun Steamer is no magic kitchen gadget that will cook entire meal for you. It is a over-hyped microwave steamer. Based on various reviews elsewhere, microwave steamers like this are good only for steaming veggies, making pasta and cooking rice. There are many microwave steamers available at which have fairly good reviews and are priced between $9 to $19, like Sistema Large Microwave Steamer, Progressive GMMC-46 Mini Microwave Steamer. We would suggest buying one of these microwave steamers and skip on the Shogun Steamer. If you want to just steam veggies, you don’t need a Shogun Steamer or any other microwave steamer.

The biggest reason to doubt the quality and efficiency of the Shogun Steamer is that nowhere do the manufacturer mention the material.

Benefits of Shogun Steamer

  • Theoretically Healthy cooking technique.
  • Overcooking or burning food is easily avoided when steaming it.
  • Reduces fat intake.
  • Nutrients are not lost through leaching. Retains nutrients, texture and flavor.

Disadvantages Of Shogun Steamer

  • Expensive and over-hyped.
  • Most microwave steamers like shogun Steamer are cheaply made and they deform after regular use and the lid and other parts do not fit securely, this could cause you harm.
  • Plastic is flimsy and it buckles when pouring out hot liquid.
  • Food cooked with Shogun Steamer may taste bland.
  • The food takes longer to cook.
  • There will be no gravy from meat or fish cooked in Shogun Steamer.
  • The Shogun steamer will require close attention to see that the water is boiling continuously and to replenish it as and when required.
  • Not suited for cooking meat like chicken.
  • Veggies don’t come out crunchy like they do if you stir fry them.

8 thoughts on “Shogun Steamer REVIEW | The Hidden Facts Revealed

  1. PEOPLE… I am a chef. Buy a bamboo steamer. If cooking your food requires to many gadgets, then bamboo steamer is great for vegg, fish,seafood and rice meals. Do not ever cook pork.chicken or beef in this plastic trap!! its a scam. buy a nice cutting board and a few good knives and cook your meat in a wok or a nice deep pot with Irish butter and olive oil mixture. when this type of meat is brazed and brown (fully cooked) you then cut it up on your board. its faster and you allow your meats to stand a bit before adding it to your veggies or whatever u like:) this of-course for people who might be afraid of getting sick from meat. please dont waste one more second on this plastic nuker. I’m Serious! practice safe cooking first!

  2. This is already feels like a mistake and I didn’t receive the steamer yet. After purchasing it online, as advertised 14.95$ my foot. Ended up paying much more. Calling their costumer service was one of the most unpleasant experiences I had in a while. The lady sounded so miserable and kept interrupting. Once I interrupted her back (there is so much BS I can take) she hung up on me. Wow!! I was simply stating that a mistake was made and I didn’t mean to order deluxe. Anyway, bed bath and beyond has the same thing for $9.99.

  3. I use it and am very happy with it. I make meals in it fast and I also use it as a storage piece. I think the quality is fine and I’m sure I will get many years out of it. It takes away from me having to take out a colander and a pot. I drain the water from the bottom where I don’t have to worry about splashing.

  4. Has anyone ordered, recieved and tried the Shogun Steamer? does it really work?

    Does it really cook pasta and meatballs?

    Does it steam vegetables?

    How does the food cooked in Shogun Steamer taste?

    Is it durable?

    Is it safe to use?

    What material is the Shogun Steamer made from?

    Is this a scam?

    • The ancient Chinese used the Bamboo steamers and not PLASTIC. The only connection this Shogun Steamer has with China is that it is probably made in China.

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