Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan Review

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What is Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan

It is a new age grill plate that claims to let you have that open barbeque experience indoors without all the smoke and odours.

Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan promises to be the perfect solution for all barbeque lovers who often get put off by the effort that is involved in the process. You have to contend with smoke and odours, not to mention cleaning and scrubbing things at the end of it. But Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan assures you that you can have deliciously cooked food and barbeque experience without any hassle.


How does Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan work?

Understanding Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan’s secret : For starters you have to know that the Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan cooks with infrared light, which means the smells and odours are kept to bear minimum. The infrared heat from top down heats the bottom plate at the same time and that’s why food is cooked evenly every single time. Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan guarantees you some benefits of its cooking like the fact that food cooks from the inside while the outside stays crisp. In fact, it tastes just like it has been cooked on an open fire, according to its claims.



Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan is energy efficient and simple for use : Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan stresses on the fact that it might cook on infrared light but it is extremely energy efficient for your benefit. Moreover it is very simple to use and all you have to do is adjust the height of the lid and the temperature of the food to cook exactly according to your requirements. If you want to get the fastest cooking setting with your Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan you just choose the highest temperature and lowest lid height to get the job done.


Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan’s Features : Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan maintains that it is versatile enough to fry, grill, bake, barbeque and cook food straight from the freezer too. Not only do you get delicious food but healthy too because there is a special tray that has been designed to drain off all the excess fat. Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan can be used as centre piece for the dinner party and multiple people can cook their food at the same time. The cooking surface can be manually rotated for easy access and it can be cleaned without any hassle.


What do I get?
Get the Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan for just $59 at

One thought on “Sheffield Halogen Grill Pan Review

  1. Bought the Sheffield Halogen Griller. There are no real instructions with this product and twice I’ve tried to cook something basic and twice its been very disappointing. This product is going in the rubbish bin. Paid $100 and may as well have tossed the money in the rubbish for all the good the product does.

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