Sharper Image Black Double Deep Fryer Review

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Life is busy and time is at an all time premium! So, what do you do when you want to make delicious homemade fried food for your family and friends and yet do not want to spend hours in the kitchen, frying them? It is for this very reason that the amazing the Sharper Image Black Double Deep Fryer has been introduced, just for you!


Sharper Image Black Double Deep Fryer
The revolutionary Sharper Image Double Deep Fryer is that piece of great kitchen equipment that helps you to make two fried food items, at the same time! You not only get to cook two of your favorite fried foods at the same time; you also get to save precious time! Prepare delicious hot and crispy potato fries and chicken fries at one go, or the yummy fish fry and potato chips together; the combination is yours; the choice is yours! You can now fry two different food items that require two different degrees of heat for the oil, at the same time! Your meal would be ready at the same time, so that you and your family and friends could enjoy it, together! It is difficult to serve two hot, deep fried food items, but the helpful Sharper Image Black Double Deep Fryer makes it possible!

The secret behind this ingenious kitchen help is that it has independent controls for each of its three-quart tanks. These tanks permit you to cook at two different temperatures, anywhere from 285° to 375° F. You can even use one tank if you want, to do your small frying. Its two removable heating elements are powered by 1500 Watts per fryer; the heating elements are fully immersed in the oil medium, allowing the oil to maintain its temperature for the most perfect crisp and desired results.

The Sharper Image Dual Deep Fryer has innovative cool to the touch handles on each side of its stainless steel exterior; each of its mesh baskets too, have cool to the touch handles thus, making your deep frying experience a safe and easy one. Its ventilated lids ensure that there is neither heat nor odor build- up; the resultant smoke too finds an outlet!

Get the Sharper Image Dual Deep Fryer and throw a party and serve your friends and family some great hot deep fried dishes and yet have time to spend with them!



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  1. What are the cleaning instructions?

    Does it have closed lids to store the left over oil?

    How does it compare to other similar products in the market?

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