Shake and Shell

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What is Shake and Shell?

As per the infomercial, Shake and Shell is a unique way of peeling the egg shells of hard boiled eggs. If the claims of the makers are to be believed, it is the World’s Fastest Egg Peeler. It is a completely painless and non-messy technique of enjoying hard boiled eggs in a matter of a few seconds. They further claim that Shake and Shell is supposed to be excellent for someone who is been suffering from arthritis or for that matter someone with poor hand strength. Now which of these claims are to be believed is a serious matter. Only when Shake and Shell users provide reviews, we will be in a position to affirm the advantages of Shake and Shell.


How does Shake and Shell work?

Often it so happens that when we are about to sit for our meals, especially when boiled eggs is on the cards, we have to spend quite some time peeling the eggs before we can actually begin to relish the goodness. Not only does it make a mess on the counter, it also gets a bit frustrating for our finger and fingernails.

Shake and Shell seems to offer great respite from this tedious task. Claiming to be the World’s fastest Egg peeler it instantly shakes eggs right out of their shell for delicious protein-packed eating without any mess whatsoever. But does it really work as the makers claim to be can only be decided after we analyse the Shake and Shell reviews.

To use it, just fill cold water up to the top of the Shake and Shell container, drop the boiled egg, seal the container and shake. The secret is Shake and Shell’s specially designed safe-break interior which cracks and deshells the egg without damaging them for fast, perfect peeling in seconds every time. At this time there are no Shake and Shell reviews to attest these fancy claims. To further prove their claim, the infomercial demonstrates an experiment between two women. One was asked to peel eggs in the old fashioned way while the other uses Shake and Shell. Within a time frame of 1 minute, the woman using Shake and Shell managed to peel off 6 eggs with enough time to spare whereas the other woman was way behind in the race thus asserting that Shake and Shell might indeed be the fastest egg peeler. We however need 100% assurance from a Shake and Shell user. Why don’t you try it yourself and let us know in your Shake and Shell review?

Since it is easy to handle and weighs less, Shake and Shell claims to be of immense help for those suffering from arthritis or someone with poor hand strength. We haven’t yet heard from any such person praising the Shake and Shell in their product reviews. Apart from hard boiled eggs, Shake and Shell also claims to peel garlic in a snap. For that we’ll just have to wait for the Shake and Shell reviews.

What do I get?

  • 2 Shake And Shell
  • 1 Four-way Egg Slicer
  • 1 Eggcellent Egg Recipe Guide

Price: $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website:

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