Shadazzle Multipurpose Cleaner Review

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Answer is one simple word Shadazzle. Forget the stained utensils or metal/glass wares, which give a look of wreck. A simple dab on the surface with Shadazzle slices through toughest of grimes in no time. It works efficiently on burned gas burner surface, pans or any area in your home which needs cleaning, polishing and protection in one stroke.


Shadazzle Multipurpose Cleaner
Shadazzle is an eco-friendly, environmentally safe and highly effective cleanser product, which surprises you with one stroke shine on your grime gripped kitchenware.

The precious glassware, metal artifacts and other products in your house would love the new clean look with Shadazzle, the product that is scratch proof and non-abrasive. It works on ceramics just as efficiently.

Got a long face looking at the jewelry’s tainted look? Just dazzle the jewelry with shadazzle and see the glow on your face as the rag to riches makes your jewels shining every time. The burned over marks on the gas stove or a spilled food burn on glass is possible to get rid of in a jiffy without worrying about getting any sort of scratch or other damages on the surface.

The protection coating left after the wipe prevents the surface from forming any dust or food stains on the surface.

Do you get nightmares thinking about cleaning the after baked casseroles? Well one stroke is all it takes to get the shine back. Shadazzle is powerful enough to get through the tough stains on dripping pans, stainless steel utensils and refrigerator doors.

Shadazzle is super cleanser when it comes to cleaning barbeque surfaces, deeply burned pans or cleaning the bath tubs and showers leaving a film to protect the surface of rebuilding of dust and water stains.

Shadazzle is a natural cleaning product which cleans, polishes and protects in just one step.



What do I get?
2 x 10.58 oz Shadazzle for just $19.99 + tax. Official website



Shadazzle Multipurpose Cleaner Video


3 thoughts on “Shadazzle Multipurpose Cleaner Review

  1. Shadazzle. Is an amazing white clay,with a slight fragrance of either lemon (my favourite) and others. Stainless steel appliances sparkle and stay fingerprint free for longer. I use Shadazzle on all my hard surfaces,have my family using Shadazzle and all are impressed. I’ve tried othe pastes,and yes’s they are good,but for me it’s got to be SHADAZZLE.

  2. I saw product at a home and garden show and was assured it would get even cooked on grime off. After two uses on the grates of my stovetop they look no different. It is all natural and smells great and if you use it on a very fresh mess it works but don’t count on it to remove anything other than that. I’m disappointed.

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