Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener Review

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Are you tired of using your old dull knives that just don’t cut? You can now sharpen them with the all new Samurai Pro. It turns a dull knife into razor sharp in just seconds. With Samurai Pro sharpening a knife is just so easy. To use Samurai Pro simply lock it down, draw the blade back, and cut. It’s that simple.


How does Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener work?
You can now use your knives to cut vegetables to uniform size and slice meats without tearing.

The Samurai Pro is the only sharp versatile knife sharpener to sharpen any kind of knife. You can even use the Samurai Pro to sharpen serrated knives.

The best part about the Samurai Pro is that its tungsten carbide blades easily adjust to sharpen scissors, cutting tools, and shears.

It features a strong and durable vacuum seal mount so you can lock down and mount the Samurai Pro vertically, horizontally, and even upside down.

Use the Samurai Pro to sharpen knives anywhere you go. Use it when you are out tailgating, fishing, camping, and even for cookouts.

So don’t throw away your dull knife and buy a new one, simply sharpen it in seconds with the Samurai Pro.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener
  • Cut and Cook DVD
  • Set of 2 Specialty Kitchen and All Purpose Shears

All this for just $10 plus $15.90 S&P. Official website



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener Video
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20 thoughts on “Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener Review

  1. I’m a huge fan of chef Robert Irvine, so I’m a little surprised at the bad reviews! Like I said, I’m a fan of the chef,but I ain’t no fool,I won’t be ordering the product.

  2. I was going to order the knife sharpener via the website and in the process read the amazon report on the sharpener that was not a good report. I stopped in the middle of ordering the sharpener and found out several days later they were shipping it anyway. I thought it strange the first thing they asked for was my credit card number. When I contacted the company representative for Robert Irvine’s knife sharpener, I was met with a rude individual who hung up on me after telling me no one had the right to refund my purchase.

    I will not receive any delivery and will of course cancel the web transaction with my bank, it will take me a while, but I will get a full refund for a purchase I did not authorize nor want

  3. They at times get dull simply because their style is for penetrating a target. You can sell almost any item at a flea market if the price is right. To get you started, here are my suggestions on cook off themes, d.

  4. You people will get caught for you crimes and be punished…Your not allowed to sell things that don’t work. You scam people and you be caught…

  5. These people are just plain crap! After I put my info into the order page it continued on an on trying to sell more crap. I didn’t know until I put in my Credit Card number that it was going to be $30++ . I didnt need a knife so I then hit the BACK button and is “un-be-known” to me the order was accepted without an accept order button. Like good web orders have. Don’t order Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener!!!

    Shame on You Robert Irvine

  6. How do I adjust my Samurai Pro to sharpen a knife???? The knife seems to hit the plastic shield instead of hitting the tungsten blade. So far no success, but am so impressed with Robert Irvine did not think he would endorse a bum product, so I must have a cockpit problem. Clarify please.


  7. What a pile of crap, it’s pile junk no instructions how sharpen anything tried it the suction cup doesn’t hold as says does don’t buy this pile of crap.

  8. I bought the Samurai pro and there were no instructions on how to use it!! And charged me $35.00 for a $14.00 sharpener/ with free knife but the knife isn’t free you have to pay for s/h and I am so not satisfied. It doesn’t work well, and doesn’t stay on the countertop!!! I’m upset with Robert Irvine for fooling people to buy this product!!! And now theirs another company charging me for something I didnt buy, the company thats charging my checking account is a scam. I’ll never buy anything off tv again!!! it sucks.

  9. This is such a scam. The sharpener is shipped in a large box without padding so the thing gets banged around and was broken when I got it. No DVD or instructions in the box plus the chef knife is the worse knife ever. Very, very dull. A good test for the sharpener? Nope. It is still dull. The shipping charges are a scam as well. Shame on the celebrity chef who sells and sponsors this.

    They are suppose to replace it but I am still waiting. I only bought it to sharpen my kitchen scissors since my electric sharpener does not do it. Don’t buy this product.

    • I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered this product. A $14.49 knife sharpener ended up costing me $88.00 and the two knives they talked me into adding to my order broke off at the handle within a week after I received them. I am trying to find a phone number to ask what they are going to do about it but haven’t found one yet. I am thinking of calling the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General.

  10. This Samurai Pro Knife is the worst sharpener I have ever used. The handle broke off the suction pad the first time it only half sharpened one knife do not buy one.

  11. The entire thing is a scam. They make their money off shipping and handling charges on the individual items. What should have been around a $30 charge (sharpener and two charges of $7.95 for a shears and the sharpener turned out to be $54.78. They also add a shipping charge for a DVD and threw in a bonus pair of shears for another $7.95 shipping charge. Avoid all tv purchases. You never get the full story and end up owing twice as much as what you thought it would be.

  12. so the $14.99 samurai pro really isn’t worth that. in all actually you end up paying around $30 or so for it including the kitchen scissors and DVD. I can not write a review about the sharpener itself for the simple fact that I wanted to try out the suction cup feature first, and in trying it out there was a plastic piece inside snap. this was all in the matter of 5 minutes of receiving the product, so I haven’t actually even had the chance to sharpen a knife. honestly, I really did know better then to purchase this item but really liked the fact that it held in place. I really really don’t recommend this product. I found it sad that Robert Irvine put his face on this crappy product I really liked him.

  13. I ordered the samurai pro, with the understanding that it would be $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping for the sharpener, the DVD and the two pair of shears. When you place the order, it goes through on your charge card before you see the total that you are charged.

    You are charged $7.95 shipping for the DVD, plus $7.95 shipping for the knife sharpener , even though it all comes in one package.??

    Does that make sense? Have not tried the sharpener yet so I cannot comment on how good it is but the double shipping charges for something that comes in the same package is ridiculous. Robert Irvine should be ashamed to be a sponsor of this infomercial.

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