Sammic Shaper

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What is Sammich Shaper – It is an amazing way to shape and cut regular sandwiches into shapes that kids would love to eat.

Say no to boring

Sammich Shaper promises to provide more than what regular sandwich does to the kids, which is excitement. Sandwiches have become a part of kids’ regular diet, lunchboxes, snacking, picnic time, etc but children need something more to get lured into eating it. Sammich Shaper does that exact thing, turning simple boring sandwiches which may be available with or without crust, into delicious looking varied designs that makes them more mouth watering than ever. Sammich Shaper claims to change the way kids look at sandwiches and eat them whole without creating a fuss, guaranteed. And that’s no it, Sammich Shaper apparently is also useful in making attractive breakfast and cookies too.

So many designs

Sammich Shaper is supposedly like a stencil that cuts down the sandwich into the shape it’s molded into. It is said to have a revolutionary design that allows anyone to cut the sandwich crust with one simple stroke, which is always a mess to cut with a knife and leaves the sandwich in an uneven mess. The fun that is claimed to come with Sammich Shaper is the number of designs that are available to make sandwiches more interesting.


Kids who love to have designs in their sandwiches can have fun with the different shapes of Sammich Shaper like spiral or doughnut shape where they can eat both the inner and the shape itself. Design wise Sammich Shaper is even said to offer cute animals like bear in the cage, dog in the dog house, fish out of water, pig in the pen, bunny and butterfly flower set as its cutting stencil which can serve the imagination of most kids.


What do I get? Get 6 Sammic Shapers for just $10.99 + $13.98 S/h. Official website

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