Salad Chef Review

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Everyone loves fresh salads. But, who has the time and patience to prepare them? Introducing Salad Chef – the world’s fastest salad making system. With the Salad Chef you can rinse, spin, slice, dice, cube, shred, julienne, and grate, and then serve, seal, and store all in one compact, counter-top container. With the Salad Chef, anyone can make incredible salads and so much more with lightning speed.


How does Salad Chef work?
Slice lettuce, shred potato, dice a whole chicken breast in one stroke, and great salads are just the start. With the Salad Chef, you can make sensational soups and stews, spectacular side dishes, amazing appetizers, even desserts, and so much more. It is also a high-speed salad spinner with a pair of rise and spin baskets for large and small foods. Just rinse and drain right in the basket. Place in the container. Add the spinning lid and crank it up.

The Salad Chef uses centrifugal high-speed technology that spins the food dry in seconds! Stop it with the touch of a fingertip. Then, pour out the water through the strainer vent. Place the lettuce in the container. Add and lock on the slicing lid. Insert one of the interchangeable blades and start slicing in the good stuff.

German engineered to the highest standards, the Salad Chef combines commercial kitchen quality with common sense simplicity. The spin and slicing lids lock into place for sturdy, countertop slicing.

The slicing blades are made of razor sharp, never dull, hardened stainless steel, so there is no sharpening required. They come with slide-in storage sleeves for safekeeping. The containers are crystal clear, ultra durable, shatter proof, and kitchen tested to last for years.

With the Salad Chef clean up is a snap. Just push the button and use the blade brush to remove the smallest food remnants. Just give it a rinse or drop it in the dishwasher.



What do I get?

  • Sturdy Slicing Lid
  • Large Serve & Store Container
  • Jumbo Slicing Blade with Safe Storage Sleeve
  • Recipe guide
  • Fresh Seal & Store Lid
  • Salad Chef Food Grater
  • Medium Slicing Blade with Safe Storage Sleeve

All this for just $39.90 and just $9.95 shipping and handling. Official website


Salad Chef Video


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  1. where can I order a small blade for my Salad chef. A jumbo and a medium blade came with it but I want to make salsa and I need a smaller blade. Other wise I love it. Let me know how to order extra blades. Sally

  2. Salads, the only thing I can never leave aside from my daily diet. Everyone in my family loves to eat more salads. I saw this late night commercial for Salad Chef. ‘Make salad in minutes’- that was what the commercial was emphasizing on. I hardly remember I had done the cutting, chopping or slicing of vegetables or fruits in minutes. This was the product, which was very much reliable in solving my problem. Even I wanted to automate my kitchen with such an appliance. There were two sites which were continuously flashing on my TV screen- and

    I immediately logged into my PC to run over these sites for reviews. Just as I opened one of these sites, it had a link saying, ‘Click here to read Salad Chef Reviews’. I clicked on the link and was staggered at the sight. The link directed me to another site that seemed to be a manufacturer developed site. It just had one button “Order Now”. My experience was something similar with other site. I needed the product any how. Hence, I decided to barge into some other site. Luckily, I got this one. Here, I was pleasantly able to read the reviews and the information I was looking for. I ordered the product online and received it after two days, as promised.

    • Lucky female…..I must say! Genuine reviews like the one on this site have become rare. Nowadays, you will find reviews which are either fake or created by manufacturer just to increase their website ranking. Happy to hear that you could find a product of your interest from this site!!

    • I bought the Salad Chef at Bed Bath and Beyond, $32.00 What I don’t get…. no slicing blade insert? Only inserts for chopping and grating. Duh, you can’t find those inserts anywhere on their website. Who are these people, selling a product that is potentially great- but oh so incomplete.

  3. I ordered salad chef set…..indicated price was to have been $39.95 plus shipping…bill was $132.50 PLEASE EXPLAIN.


  4. The product works great. A friend bought one and I loved it. However the internet site is deceptive, confusing and totally set up to scam people. You think you are getting something and then a new pops up asking if you want something else. I can’t believe I spent $109.00 and didn’t get what I thought…no spinner, no basket, incomplete second set…which I gave as a gift and was totally totally embarrassed…it is fraud at worst…misrepresentation at best…TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT

  5. When are people going to STOP ordering stuff from infomercials? Most reviews and reports out there tell you plainly that customer service is bad and refunds are slow if you even get it. Everything sold on TV is or will be available at your local stores. Walgreens, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond just to name a few. I’ve even seen infomercial items at Sears. Get up and go out and buy it! Stop ordering and you won’t have the customer service problems. The salad chef is great looking and I’m going to go buy one when I find it in the stores. That way I can return it if I’m not happy!!!

  6. The Salad Chef works. The blades are very dangerous and has a warning to that effect so the user must be very careful when inserting and removing to clean the grids. The bowl is not very strong and mine was cracked and now broken which renders the machine useless unless I can find a similar bowl or buy just the bowl.

  7. I ordered the product and they are charging me $150.00, and they do not answer the phone number they give you. So I called my bank. And then I’m calling the BBB. I will never order over the phone again. What a way to run a business.

  8. I bought my Salad Chef at Walgreens. I love it. Thank god I did not buy it online or on tv. I even asked Walgreens if I could get a refund if I didn’t like it and they said yes.

  9. I purchased the Salad Chef off their web site. I did not get a chance to choose any extra blades. I did not get all the blades they show will come with it. I called over 2 weeks ago and told them that I was shorted one of the blades. I had to tell the person on the phone over and over again that they shorted me, and which blade. The lady on the phone was just not getting it. Finally she told me that they would ship me the blade that was missing. I still have not seen the missing blade show up. After reading all these comments on here, I am not surprised. I get the feeling I have been taken. Also the web site that they include with the kit to order extra blades is not a good web address. I am going to call them one last time. If I get no where again I am calling the BBB and reporting them. They should own up to the mistake they made. I got the bonus blade. Imagine that!

    • I also purchased Salad Chef after seeing it on TV and ordered on the internet and did not receive the slicing blades when it shows you can slice eggs, tomatoes, kiwi etc.

      I phoned in today and went through one person and then asked for a manager who says they are sending out the extra blades ASAP. Guess we will see if they arrive. If not I will be calling again and maybe call the BBB too.

  10. The good news: the chopper does work beautifully and the bowl is a great size with a great closing lid. I refused to pay $20 inshipping PLUS extra shipping for the bonus blades. It took just a bit of research to the product at Bed Bath and Beyond. Their site let me do an easy search for exactly which stores in my area had it in stock … only one of the 19 stores in the area. I called that store to double check and ask them to hold one for me. (could also have ordered it from their site, but didn,t want to pay them shipping either). When I got to the store they also had one on their clearance rack for $8 with a tiny crack in the bowl, so I got it too for ‘spare parts’ :D. With a 20 percent off coupon I got the pair of kits for under $50 and am well pleased with the purchase.

  11. I ordered the salad chef off of their very confusing and deceptive website. I decided I wanted the two extra slicing blades but did not want to go back to their website. I googled and found two additional slicing blades on QVC, and I ordered those. Much to my surprise, when they arrived, they were too big for my set, and I cannot use them. Apparently there is an 18-cup and a 24-cup size. Who knew?! QVC did not advertise this in its description. I contacted QVC and said I wanted a refund INCLUDING for S&H and my shipping cost back to them. They refused my request. I asked them for the contact Genius email address in the USA. They said they didn’t know it or have it. Does anyone know where I can get these two additional slicing blades for my 18-cup unit?

  12. I saw this Salad Chef on TV and started to order, then in the mail I received a catalog from Carol Wright Gifts, they had one for $39.99 and free shipping. Ordered one today. Would like to have the spinner.

  13. Does anyone know how or who to contact to cancel an order? the customer service line they give is a joke.

    • Glenda,
      I called customer service every day after I made the mistake of ordering this Salad Chef on-line. They said they couldn’t help me until the order was in the system. When the order was finally in the system they couldn’t help me because the order went to the warehouse and they couldn’t cancel the order. They advised that I refuse the delivery and reactivate the tracking so they could track it back and give a refund. I have heard that they still charge for shipping, which as you know is outrageous. I don’t know what happened in your case, but when I was ordering I tried to x out of a pop up and it sent my order to processing. I wasn’t given the opportunity to confirm the order or back out. Bad business and bad customer service. Learned my lesson, never give credit card info first. Good luck with your situation. All others, take the advise of all who have gone before you. If you must have this thing, go to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  14. Salad Chef works great with the larger chopper blades but did not receive the smaller blades. Was this a mistake as I thought I had asked for both. Have not been able to find screen where I can but them. I am disappointed.


  15. When you call the 800 number to order Salad Chef, you have to provide your credit card information. I tried to cancel my order when I realized that some of the items shown in the infomercial are separate costs and handing and shipping charges. When I finally talked with someone, I was told I ordered two Salad Chefs!! They would not cancel my order. I have to return the boxes in order to get my credits. Therefore, I am waiting to receive the 2 boxes. I have put my bank card on notice about them. I would encourage everyone to be very careful with these people.

    • Peggy,

      By law you can refuse a package if you do not open it. You simply refuse it at the mailbox or take it to post office and state you did not order item. they will return it free of charge and then it will be illegal for them to post on your credit card.

      • Sheila,

        I understand all of that. The catch is they will not return the handling & shipment of the second Salad Chef. Why should I have to pay for the extra one when I didn’t order it! This is a scheme and I think the Post Office should investigate this since they are using the mail to comment fraud!

  16. This is a follow-up to my message a few days ago. I received (2) Salad Chef’s only because when I called to place order over phone, after the IVRU (Interactive Voice Response Unit ) asked for my Credit Card Number, I thought my order was complete., however, the IVRU kept going with More OFFERS, of course I hung up. No order Confirmation.

    I went on line to check to see if they received my order, and the web site couldn’t locate an order for me. So, I placed an order online for the (2) Payments of $19.95 + Shipping and Handling. Shortly after placing order on their web site, I checked my bank account and low and behold there were TWO SEPARATE charges of $43.19. A few days later I went to their web site and saw that Salad Chef ordered TWO .. my guess is they processed my phone order even though I hung up.

    Within a week TWO Salad Chef’s was delivered to me in TWO separate boxes. I figured if I liked it I would give one to my sister as a birthday present. Today I went to post office to mail it to my sister. My shipping and handling, and insurance was only $8.65!

    I am calling Salad Chef tomorrow because in addition to the $43.19 for each 19.95 for EACH of the Salad Chef’s I received.

    I am going to also complain about the fact that no Itemized invoice was included.

    In addition to calling them, I am going to send them a certified letter to the address on the Return Address form that is on the box the Salad Chef was delivered in and demand an Itemized Statement and explanation as to WHY it only cost me $8.65 Shipping and Handling when they advertise $9.95 and charge double that. I am Sending a copy of the letter to the FTC and Better Business Bureau. Also I want to know if they sent both packages at the same time, why didn’t they put them in ONE box?

    The Salad Chef does what they say it will, however Salad Chef has not right deceiving customer’s as they do. This is the first time in years that I ordered a product from an Infomercial and the last. Deceitful companies like Salad Chef give other companies a very bad name to Infomercials. I will NEVER order anything from an Infomercial again! WARNING: DO NOT CALL TO PLACE AN ORDER, DO NOT ORDER SALAD CHEF online through their web site. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond or similar stores.

    • I was just about to call when I decided to look at reviews… I am sure glad I did! Thank you for warning me Karren!!

    • Karen, the same thing happened to me. I could refuse the second shipment by taking it to the post office. The deal is – they will not issue a full refund because I have to pay the shipping & handling on something I didn’t order!! This is so crazy! How do people like this continue to commit fraud without someone investigating them?

      • I had problems with the ordering system when I went on-line to order the Salad Chef. I ended up making two orders thinking I could call customer service and cancel the order that was incorrect. They were unable to do anything and shipped both orders. I took the incorrect order back to the post office and told them I was refusing the delivery. They shipped it back, the company credited me for the product but not the shipping. I called and explained that it was their faulty ordering systems fault and that I wanted my shipping back. They did it! They refunded the shipping!!
        The shipping however is still ridiculously high!!!

  17. I received my Salad Chef today. I love it! It took me less than 5 minutes to dice onions, tomatoes and strawberry’s for my dinner salad. No mess in process, easy to assemble and use, easy clean up! Thank you Salad Chef!

  18. This is a big scam to get your credit card number. You do get a product, but they charged $330 to my mother’s account. I trying to get the money back now.


  19. Hi there I just got suckered on television with this Salad Chef and if you call the 800 number an order it goes on and on and on, and then you give you credit card number and then they send to other telemarketers. It was horrible on the phone I finally hung up, but stupid me gave my card number. I will cancel this and I am also going to cancel my bank card that I used. It is terrible to use these tactics when all you want is just a product that is offered on television. I have learned my lesson, don’t order on the telephone line and also some reviews I read about their websites. I will report them to the BBB and possibly call my attorney.
    Save yourself the hassle!

  20. Do not order Salad Chef online. Go to Target if you want one. When you order online they add all kinds of things to the order and you have no way to go back and change it, and no email to contact. You can call 2 business days later and then they will tell you they all ready shipped it, which is a lie, because the charge isn’t even on your credit card yet.

  21. YIKES: I found this discussion site looking for additional blades that are referenced in the recipe book. I too found that is not working. I ordered 3 kits, (2 for gifts) the extra bowls AND the spinner set… all of which were outlined as “extras” so I did not expect the spinner set to be included. I had everything within 2 weeks, my credit card looks to be in order but after reading this, I’ll be keeping an eye on it. What I didn’t like was the fact that I was charged extra shipping for every piece, yet they all arrived in one box. I like this chopper and have the Vidalia Chopper as well – same concept but without the bowls. I hope I can find the larger blades though.

  22. I purchased my Salad Chef Kit at Bed Bath and Beyond. There is a little card in the box stating that I can order accessories online at However, this link is not working.

    When I purchased the kit, I thought the spinner basket and lid came along with the system. It doesn’t! Very disappointed since in need a spinner more than a chopper. I will be returning it unless I find out how to order the accessories!

  23. Total SCAM!!!!! you start ordering and they get your card number, and even if you say cancel my order they ship you every thing, even stuff you said no to!! 109.80 bucks for a stupid salad maker ..DO NOT ORDER!!!
    Once you give them your card number they can do what ever they want and you suffer the results…. SCAM!! SCAM!!

    Even if you refuse it they charge you shipping and handling to and from them so you lose your money and get nothing!!


    • I placed my Salad Chef order online, not realizing they was going to charge a 9.95 for each item to ship. So it took me 5 calls to cancel the order. But I was able to go too; and check on order status and print out confirmation of cancellation in-case they do charge my card! Not real sure about this vendor tho,, seems fishy. I would like to have on but I’m just really unsure about them! 🙁

      • How did you get them to cancel the Salad Chef order? I called every day after I ordered to cancel and they told me it wasn’t in the system yet so they couldn’t do anything. When it was finally in the system, I called and they said they couldn’t do anything about it because it went straight to the warehouse and they were shipping already. I think I would really have liked the Salad Chef, however all the problems I went through to order it have changed that. When I went on line to order, I hit the back button, big mistake! It processed what I had before I was done. Never had problems like this before with online orders. Has anyone had success with reporting to the BBB or State Attorney General’s Office consumer affairs? Now that I read all these reviews, it seems the nightmare is not over yet. I haven’t received my order yet to return, questioning whether I will return because of the shipping charges. They said it wouldn’t cost anything to return, but it seems they are good liers. I wish I had thought to come here first.

  24. This thing is a total scam, you give them your card number you are billed for every thing every accessory every bit of shipping even if you tell them to cancel your order!! DO NOT ORDER THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS!! Charged me $109.80 for the thing and I told them no, I do not want it! when you return it unopened, refused to accept, they bill you for shipping and handling both ways so they get your money any way!!!

    Total scam!!

  25. Do not order from (customer service 866-518-2292). Fraud at its best!! Go to the website yourself and listen to the misleading info commercial. If you think that you must have the SALAD CHEF buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond for less money and no aggravation.

    In March 2011, I went online to place an order at I was not able to place my online order after three attempts. So I called customer service at 866-518-2292 and placed my order with a real person for one Salad Chef. I was told that the website was having technical problems. The customer service representative did not try to sell me any other parts as experienced by others posting on this complaint site nor did she explain that the spinner bowl was not included in the price of one payment of $39.90, plus shipping and handling. Total of $19.90 covered shipping and handling of the salad chef and bonus medium slicing blade. I was told that there was a back order on the Salad Chef and that I would receive shipment of my order in April 2011.

    My credit card was billed $59.80 on April 5, 2011. I received my order during the second week of April 2011. When I realized that my order was without a spinner bowl (the real reason why I thought that I wanted the Salad Chef), I called customer service only to be told that I didn’t not order the spinner bowl. It turns out that the bowl costs another $14 + dollars plus shipping and handling. I did not learn this information from the misleading website or the customer representative.

    I was told that I could return my order less the shipping and handling cost of $19.90. I received a return authorization number, but decided that I would keep the Salad Chef rather then lose the shipping and handling amount and be inconvenienced with the return process.

    I thought that my dealing with was over. Wrong! On May 5, 2011, I noted that on May 2, 2011, my credit card was again billed this time for a different amount of $49.85. I promptly disputed this charge online on May 5, 2011, with my credit card company. Shortly thereafter, on that same day, another Salad Chef box was delivered to me by the US Postal Service. I refused the delivery from the postman and immediately called customer service.

    The customer representative told me that I had placed an order for another Salad Chef on April 28, 2011. This I did not do and I explained to the customer representative that I was not standing for this fraud and had disputed this purchase with my credit card company.

    Again folks stay away from

  26. If you really want this product, whatever you do, do not order it over the phone. It was the most frustrating ordering process and in the middle of the order, I just got sick and tired of being coerced into getting additional products and making a one-time payment. They are smart though because they got all my debit card and address information so even after I hung up the phone in the middle of it and did not confirm my order, they went ahead 3 weeks later and debited my account for $43. I immediately started a claim through my bank to recoup my money. Few days later the product came and I thought that I might just keep it so I called the Salad Chef people just to confirm the amount because I didn’t even know how much it costs. Found out that at the end of it all, I would pay over $80. What a rip-off. I immediately returned it at my expense and now I am waiting to get my credit back which I will no matter what I have to do.

  27. Like reviewer Janis (March 2011), I ordered the Salad Chef through QVC – reasonably priced and arrived in the time indicated by QVC.

  28. After I ordered Salad Chef by phone which was very frustrating because it kept skipping and coming in on the middle of a sentence, I was worried about what I ordered. I kept waiting for it to show up on my bank statement. Finally after finding the customer status website and finding out that they charged me for two salad chefs and extra bowls and blades my order was over $200. I called customer service and they cancelled all but the salad chef and spinner set. Eighty-something dollars which is on the higher side, but ok. My question is: I was almost certain that she said my set came with 2 sizes of chopping blades, and the third one which I cancelled was shipping only (which was outrageous) Is that true, or is there only the jumbo in each set? thanks Lynn

  29. I received a shipment today from Salad Chef. I cancelled my order almost immediately after I placed it. I see on my credit card that $59.00 was charged. I want someone to contact me immediately and get this resolved. I will not open the package. I will take this further if I don’t hear from someone in the next 24 hours.

  30. I ordered one salad chef unit – the website was very misleading. It did not let me confirm my order and it did not even show what I would be charged. It turns out that one unit that I thought I was paying $39.95 for ended up to be $82. I did not order a bonus blade but was charged for it. The amazing part is that you get charged $27 for P&H which is separate from S&H. It’s a rip! And to top it off I ordered it about 3 weeks ago and haven’t even gotten it yet! I certainly hope the unit works in a way that makes up for this poor customer service! I don’t plan to try to return it only because I don’t want to go through all the trouble as others have after reading these posts. I have ordered quite a few things online and have never been treated like this before. So sad Salad Chef!

  31. I meant to buy 2 online, didn’t like giving card info before actually seeing but thought like most LEGITIMATE places you get to check your order over. By the time I got done it was $169.00. $60. just for shipping??!! I was panicking because you can’t really just cancel and those phone lines keep flipping you around. Look at the customer service site online on the bottom. I got a phone number for WI and she gave me a number in CT and supposedly it’s been cancelled, I think I’ll call the bank tomorrow to make sure. My order status said cancelled by customer but from what I’ve read I don’t trust them anymore. It’s embarrassing to be conned and the item by itself seems useful and handy. I ordered on Sat. cancelled first thing Monday morning. Gonna look at Bb&Beyond to see if they carry it.

  32. I bought the Salad Chef in early January and it is now early April and I have not received the product. Like everyone else, I was charged for accessories that I did not intend to purchase (60 some dollars worth of plastic). I have tried to cancel my order through email and by phone, and if I end up being charged for a product I did not receive I will be contacting my state attorney general. This company is a scam. Do not buy their product!

  33. No working customer service number and credit card charged for an un-agreed amount. Packing slip only with no invoice so unaware of $$ until credit card bill received. $200.00!! SCAM

  34. These comments have been so helpful…..thanks to everyone, especially the referral to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

  35. I’ve got a Salad Chef and absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. My recommendations for purchase are to get it from QVC. They offer the set as shown in the infomercial at about the same price, although it doesn’t include the salad spinner parts. They do offer a second smaller bowl as well as additional blades, all as additional purchases. I was so pleased with mine that I did order the extra blades and smaller bowl.

    I use it almost every day. We keep chopped salad in the refrigerator at all times, making dinner prep a breeze because I don’t have to deal with the salad more than a couple of times each week.

    It’s also fabulous for things like fruit, meats, potatoes and just about everything. You just can’t overload the thing.

  36. I use an American Express card whenever I order from an infomercial site or over the phone because I can cancel payment if necessary. American Express does not play. Thanks to everyone for their comments. If I do get a Salad chef, I will purchase it from a brick and mortar store.

  37. Just go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy the thing there

    Take it home, use it and you don’t have to deal with any of the phone ordering problems. It’s the same price and you save the shipping and handling.

    • I keep reading about people purchasing from bed bath and beyond. Which I would love to do as I shop at this store all the time. Unfortunately when I called my local stores, they informed me this is a product they don’t carry and cannot order one for me. What states do you all live in that you are able to purchase from these stores?

  38. I ordered the Salad Chef by mistake 3/5/11 and I have to cancel this order because I don’t have the extra money to buy the salad chef. I’m on a fixed income and my credit card will deny the order. I was just checking the salad chef on the computer and before I knew it my order had been placed. My order number they gave me was #9835733. If this gets sent I will have to sent it back. I tried the customer service number and it didn’t work. This was the only place I could find to sent a message. PLEASE STOP THE ORDER.

    • This web site is unaffiliated with Salad Chef product. This is only a review site. I hope you have a better argument than, I just clicked on the web site to look and somehow my order got placed! The web site cannot enter your personal and credit card information all by itself. Your order was placed the second you hit the Submit button, which you should not have done if you don’t have the money to purchase it. At that point there is no canceling the order. This is usually true of most websites.

      I do know that they do have a working phone number or they are throwing money away on TV advertising with purchase by phone. You should call that number to find out how to return it once you receive it. That is about the only thing you can do at this point. And you better make sure the return is done exactly how they tell you and in a very timely manner. You might want to get someone to help you with that, as you seem to have technical issues.

      • you are so wrong on what you wrote. I went to the website to get info. had no plans on ordering anything but unknowing to me an order was placed. I called my bank and canceled the card so will not go. and I will be calling both the attorney general and BBB.

        A person has a right a legal right to verify any order before it is placed by way of knowing what the total is as some have to pay tax and to have it totaled up to maybe see can not afford all of it then to be able to remove some or the total order.

        • Barb, can you explain how the website got your cc info “unknown to you?”

          This company is very very bad and I would not order from them, but I still find it hard to believe that they got your cc number without you knowing about it. They ask for the number up front and once you did that you committed to the purchase. This in and of itself is very sneaky, but it wasn’t UNKNOWN to you.

  39. l ordered Salad Chef, after I saw on TV. I placed the order by phone and they kept offering one more thing, and one more thing, I ended up with a bill for $62.75. When the order I arrived (several weeks later- I had almost forgotten), I called the Salad Chef ordered and told them I wanted to return it, because it was too much money. They game a return number and told me to write it on the package. I did that and took it to the post office to returned it. That was at the end of January. To date (end of February) I have NOT RECEIVED MY REFUND. They told me they would keep $27.85 for S&H. and credit me back only $34.90 of my order. I called them again, and they said they could not give me credit because they had not received the package, and if it arrived in their warehouse after March 23rd they would not refund anything.!!!!

    I think this outfit is worthless and they charge too much for their products. I will never, NEVER order from them again. I don’t believe I will ever get my money back.

  40. Hi

    Salad chef is available at Bed bath and Beyond for $39.99 + taxes. If you use 20% off coupon the cost is $32 + taxes. It is the same one on the website of Salad chef with 7 pieces. The only thing missing is the cleaning brush.

    You always have the option of returning it and getting your money back.

    I have picked up one yesterday though still not used it.

    • Akshi, what bed bath and beyond did you purchase from, ie. state. I called the local ones in my area and they informed me that this is not a product they can order for me, nor do they carry them. Am very disappointed as I shop at that store all the time. Will appreciate your response!

      • You can order the Salad Chef on Bed Bath and Beyond’s website as well. They have them in some stores. But not all. Good luck!

  41. Salad Chef looked so wonderful on television I thought I just had to have it. My mistake. The website is the worst — asks for you billing information right off the bat and then starts trying to sell you additional items each with a separate shipping charge. There was no way to backtrack and no way to cancel. I finally got so fed up I just clicked out of the site. Well, guess what? Now a month later my bank account has been charged $89.94 – $30.00 which was shipping for an order I NEVER confirmed nor did I receive a confirmation.

    When I called my bank to dispute the charge my bank immediately discontinued by debit card so that creates a whole new set of problems. I sent Salad Chef an e-mail and they did respond quickly advising me the product had shipped and I could return for a refund after paying shipping back to them. Unbelievable! I wish I had never heard of Salad Chef. I don’t care how much you think you want one — find something else.

    • Where did you email them? I can’t find anything but a customer service number….and they tell me nothing but BS.

  42. I ordered Salad Chef Jan. 18 and received it on Feb. 28. I ordered over the phone. The accessories I ordered I thought sounded ok, but a little high on price but was willing to try it as I’m disabled and it would help me with chopping foods. Each time they said there was s/h for each item. At the end of the call they NEVER tell you what the total bill is with shipping and handling.

    When I received my item, I only received a shipping label. There was no itemized bill. So I called the company to see what all of this cost for a 12×12 blade, a 12×12 bonus blade, spinning lid with big/small baskets, salad spinner, buy one get one free blade offer, genius blade set and salad chef bowl, recipe book, genius 6 pc salad chef. I figured around $60-$65 with everything and was shocked to learn it all came to $100.60 for a bunch of plastic!

    It may be a good product but come on, $100 for plastic? I was irate with the rep learning my s/h was $35.80 and asked her how they could justify charging people that and it was robbing people. I told her I was entitled to an answer, which all I got was “you were advised of the price of each item and that you’d be charged s/h for each item”. I said yes, but I was not told what the TOTAL BILL would be. I agree with others on here that they rush you through the billing process to keep you confused and you don’t know what you’ve gotten into. If someone had told me my final bill was $100.60 I would have said CANCEL PLEASE.

    Now I tell her I want to cancel and she says they’ll keep my $35.80 s/h. Then I ask her how to return the items and the address and she says look on the package instead of trying to tell me. Then she hangs up on me when I tell her I didn’t like her attitude. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE NOT LISTED WITH THE BBB EITHER. I wish I had looked there first. Rip off scammers!!!

  43. I ordered Salad Chef via telephone, it was the worst experience which took me about one hour, by the end of ordering process I didn’t now what I ordered. Finally (in a month) I received the Salad Chef, it works good, I like it a lot. I made a potato salad for 8 people from 5 ingredients in 15 minutes. Be careful with blades, they are very sharp. Shipping fee cost as much as products. Customer service is absent.

    I didn’t understand why the company would like to loose so much business with terrible customer service and overprice shipping, this is not how you made profit and grow business. Customer service discredit quality of product.

  44. Thank you everyone, I was in the process of looking for the site to purchase the Salad Chef and found you first. You saved me time, $$$ and my sanity.

    • You can order from QVC. I ordered mine, comes with the lid, bowl, two blades and you can choose the color. You can also. Order the extra blades and a smaller bowl.

  45. Okay, I ordered this two days ago online. I only ordered the basic set plus bonus blade & cheese grater. My total with shipping came to $59, and I asked to have it all billed in one payment.

    My question to anyone who might know, what are the EXACT products you get when you order the basic plus bonus (in their 2 payments of $19.95 deal)? I am having a hard time figuring this out with all the various reviews.

  46. I placed an order for the Salad Chef on Jan. 15th. In the process, I wasn’t able to see the total cost of the product until it was actually placed! I immediately freaked about the $35 shipping charge. The next business day, I called the Customer Service to cancel the order. The rep. was very pleasant and assured me there was no problem cancelling the order, though she wouldn’t provide me with a cancellation number.

    Now it’s Feb. 16th- and the SaladChef appeared at my door! My credit card has been charged and when I called the Customer Service to find out why it had shipped (and why I had been charged) after the order was cancelled, she responded with “there’s no record of your cancellation.”

    So I can return the product and get a refund- EXCEPT FOR THE SHIPPING CHARGES! That was what I was trying to avoid in the first place!

    I should have known when she refused to give me a cancellation number that there’d be problems.

  47. Hello,

    I was watching TV and decided to order one Salad Chef. I have not seen anything and see that over $100.00 has been deducted from my checking account. This is more than I expected and I don’t know why or if the salad chef is even being sent. This was weeks ago and I am wondering what is happening.

    Becky Shea

  48. Salad Chef website is very misleading – I wanted a salad spinner – website leads you to believe that you get it….but all that flash is just the chopping parts-salad spinner is extra 14.95 plus s&H. By the time you buy the product you find out the set is incomplete and does not perform a salad spinning action. To send this back I will have lost money on this Christmas present -20 for s & h to get it and another 10 to send it back. $30 on a bunch of nothing–DON’T BUY IT!

  49. That was the most INFURIATING ordering process I have ever gone through. It took FOREVER!! They continue to try and push other great “deals” on you. I just kept pushing “0”, but at some point in the 30 minute ordering process, my son came running into the kitchen yelling something. I’m not sure what he ordered, but from what I read above, it’s going to be he$$ to cancel it, if I ever do get the salad chef. The sad thing is, I came to read Salad Chef reviews, and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever receive the darn thing!

    Do yourself a favor, and order Salad Chef online!!

  50. I placed my order over a week ago and authorized the charge of $5.96 for express shipping within 2 weeks. I also agreed to making 2 payments as the TV advertisement said I could. Where can I check the Salad Chef order status.

  51. I placed my order over a week ago and have heard nothing. I ordered by phone number on your TV advertisement. I ordered 1 set as advertised with the extra blade and air tight bowl seal, plus salad spinner and extra small bowl. I authorized the $5.96 for express shipping within 2 weeks and asked for 2 payments. I have not heard a thing from you. PLEASE UPDATE ME ON THE STATUS OF MY ORDER !!!

  52. I just tried to order salad chef … price started at $19.95 on the site … by the time I got my order (which I never confirmed!) receipt in my email the total ended up being over $200.00 — you pay 15 for spinner — and “free blades/bowls” cost 10 in shipping cost per item so 2 free blades are 20 — in all over 80 of the price was shipping fees… I’ve canceled the order and am awaiting a reply — I have the Vidalia onion chopper, which I love and it is very similar to the salad chef == but not worth $200.00

    • I placed an order on the website on Nov. 16, 2010. Much as you experienced…my bill came to $ I ordered 2 sets with bonus blades. Since I had planned to use as Christmas gifts and realizing by Dec. 23rd that they would not be arriving, I went to website to check again where order status was and saw that it was on backorder. I canceled the message that I would be confirmation of cancellation..just that I would be contacted.

      Guess what arrived on Jan. 12th? My ‘rushed’ s/h sets from Salad Chef. Was never contacted.
      Going through order process….know exactly what you want because there in no ‘check your order’, no process to reduce number of items you are ordering, or method to review any step in the process. I was shocked at total of order which was not viewable until after payment info was entered and no way to cancel at that point. Have not had opportunity to use products…look forward to the opportunity to do so BUT feel that the site is set up to get the order payment …then get the product out at their leisure.

      Never was I contacted to let me know the salad chef was on backorder…after waiting on it for 6 weeks..then never had them cancel the order as I expected. Good luck because your order will not be canceled. Sorry.

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