Salad Chef Smart Review

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If you are looking to get on a healthy food habit than there is nothing better but salads that will help you satiate the eating desire and at the same time will not add up as fats on your body. But preparing salads on the go is quite difficult, especially with the need to cut, slice, dice and julienne the food items. Salad Chef Smart is an innovative way to get these tasks done in a breeze. Ordinary kitchen equipments are traditional in their working taking more time and increasing the need of storage space but all this can go away by simply adopting the new Salad Chef Smart.

How does Salad Chef Smart Work

Compactness and quick salad making is the key feature kept in mind Salad Chef Smart was invented. It’s unbelievably designed to make sure all the tasks of preparing a salad are done quickly. Salad Chef Smart is efficient in slicing, dicing, chopping, quarter and julienne in no time using its all in one container which holds the blade as its lid. It also has the capacity to help speed slice onto the salad or directly into any other container and has lightening speed when it comes to shredding garnishing. The advantage of Salad Chef Smart is that the salad that is cut inside the container can be stored in it by pressing the storing lid over it and served from the very same container. This makes it very compact when it comes to stacking food and taking it out to office, parties, picnics, etc.

Salad Chef Smart is an endless countertop kitchen appliance in one making it the smartest appliance than even stores its own blades inside when not in use. The blades are of high quality stainless steel that would do the slicing and dicing quickly without taking a lot of efforts. Salad Chef Smart is perfect for lettuce heads, potatoes or even splitting chicken breast in no time. Also cleaning Salad Chef Smart is a breeze with its inbuilt brush that clears the blade of food items by pressing a button and can be later washed using a dishwasher.



What do I get?

  • 1 x Cutting lid
  • 1 x Cutting blade 12x12mm including protection cover
  • 1 x Cutting blade 48×42 mm including protection cover
  • 1 x Bowl – 1.9 L
  • 1 x Recipe Book
  • 1 x Lunch / Party Lid
  • 1 x Slicing Insert with Blade Protector and Holder

All this for just $39.98 + S/h. Official website



Salad Chef Smart Video

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