ROX Ice Ball Maker

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What is ROX

It is an ice ball maker that makes spherical shaped long-lasting ice that won’t water down the drink. It can also be used to bake spherical treats in the oven.

Long-lasting ice maker:

ROX Ice Ball Maker guarantees that your every drink will stay good to the last drop without any ice watering it down. Ice is the most fundamental part of any cold drink but as it starts melting it dilutes the drink and ruins its taste. ROX Ice Ball Maker claims to understand this problem and provides a solution that can create spherical shaped ice balls that can last for hours. The scientific explanation behind the alleged long-lasting ice created by ROX Ice Ball Maker is the fact that spheres melt slower as they have the least surface area in any solid shape. ROX Ice Ball Maker asserts that it works similar to a regular ice-cube tray where it needs to be filled and frozen in the refrigerator. It has the capacity to hold 4 ice balls at one time and popping out ice from it is also quite easy due to its soft silicone material body.


Make Ice Balls and more:

ROX Ice Ball Maker convinces that it doesn’t just simply make regular ice cubes but is also helpful in making colorful ice balls by freezing drinks to add some fun. Many combinations can be created using ROX Ice Ball Maker. Like fruits and mints garnished in the ice cube, lemon flavored cubes for a rocking soda, etc. It also can be used to create low calorie jelly treats or yummy ice pops for kids. The great part about ROX Ice Ball Maker claimed is the fact that its BPA-free food grade silicone is quite safe to use in the oven too. This can help in making one of a kind cake balls and chocolate-chip cookie balls. It also can be further used to create scrumptious meatballs because ROX Ice Ball Maker states that when it’s used in the oven it distributes heat evenly giving out a tender and juicy output.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Two ROX Ice Ball maker for just $14.99 + $11.9 S&H.
  • Official website:
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