Roto-Peel Review

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Are you tired of old fashioned peelers that just don’t cut it? Now, the incredible Roto-Peel is being introduced just for you! The revolutionary 3-in-1 Roto Peel gives you three tools in one! It slices, peels and juliennes! Simply Turn and Click and you will have the perfect blade for every fruit and vegetable, every time!


How does Roto-Peel work?
The serrated blade is perfect for something soft like kiwis, the straight blade is great for hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes and the wavy blade is for the perfect julienne cut. Simply Click and Peel for perfect results every time! Use them on long or short foods; soft or hard foods.

The sharp steel made Swiss Designed Blades are guaranteed to stay sharp. The Roto-Peel blades can peel onions without you shedding a single tear! Roto-Peel cuts peeling time in half! Roto-Peel cuts the time of shredding cheese in half and makes the ultimate super slicer, cutting hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes into perfect slices for chips and make mountains of coleslaw in seconds.

Roto-Peel will be the last peeler you will ever buy! You will also get the bonus Collapsible Strainer that stores easily in your kitchen drawer.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • 2 – 3-in-1 Roto Peel
  • 2 – Collapsible Strainer that easily stores in any drawer
  • All this for $10 + $13.90 s and p.

  • Optional – Miracle Chopper (just pay additional $6.95 s and p)
  • Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Roto-Peel Video


5 thoughts on “Roto-Peel Review

  1. It’s now 2014 and this gadget is still being heavily marketed, yet there’s next to nothing genuine about it on the web, in terms of reviews. I bought one yesterday, but grossly overpriced, now I’ve just seen how little you can buy one for out of China. I plan to put it through its paces in the next fortnight and will return here to review its good and bad. So many things produced today look good but can’t stand the pace of normal use. They breakdown alarmingly quickly taking our hard-earned bucks with them. Quality is at an all-time low.

  2. Well, I’d love to tell you how REALLY GREAT this Roto-Peel is. The problem is that I’ve been waiting since JANUARY to receive it. I call – and they keep telling me it is on back-order. I’m beginning to think it could be a scam. I would suggest to people to wait for these “WONDERFUL” products to come to the store. Then AT LEAST you know you will have one in your hands – and you won’t be forced into getting another set – “FREE” and then have to pay ‘separate’ (EXTRA) shipping, etc. I am VERY close to just calling my bank – and have them dispute the purchase completely – because their Customer ‘Service’ is a waste of time. The people act as if they have 1/2 a brain – or they are TRAINED to act like they don’t know what they are doing. Either way – a TERRIBLE business. (Another company to avoid is Cricket (Smart?phones). Rotten, awful company that ALSO does terrible Customer ‘Service’. TWO BIG THUMBS – WAY DOWN!!!

  3. Has anyone tried the Roto Peel

    Is it really that easy to use

    Do the blades stay sharp even after long uses

    Does it really cut your peeling time in half

    Is it durable, does it last long

    Is it easy to clean

    • UPDATE:
      Well, I’ve been using it for a week or two now, and am very undecided about its worth. The downsides are that it’s all too easy to cut yourself badly on the very sharp blades. The package also included a flexible plastic shield which is used to cover the sharp blades when the tool is not in use.

      I noticed that food frequently gets trapped in its tightly constructed parts and it can be tedious to clean each time it clogs. God help you if you try using your fingers to pull out the bits of food.

      I think the video looks so impressive because the fruits and veg are all in an ideal condition for the demo and their skins are neither too hard nor too soft for the function being demonstrated. In real life however our fruits and veg often arrive on the workbench in less than ideal condition, and skin softness or firmness varies according to ripeness.

      The Roto-Peel didn’t come with any instructions, with the packaging offering only a couple of general suggestions for use. So you learn to use it by trial and error. The plain peeling blade which you’d use most of the time is efficient enough though it did have a hard time peeling an eggplant and a cucumber. The wavy blade produced longish shreds when used on a carrot… the results I got from a simple dedicated julienne peeler were much more impressive, but this may be a question of more practice being needed. The serrated blade did a reasonable job of peeling a tomato.

      All in all, I didn’t like the way the Roto-Peel clogged up frequently, and having to waste time trying to clean the debris out of it, nor its extreme sharpness which puts the fingers that hold the food in constant danger, making it a poor choice for those with arthritic hands, or less than perfect finger/hand grip. I certainly feel safer using a dedicated basic potato peeler and a dedicated julienne peeler. For efficiency I’d give it only half marks, owing to the clogging factor, the fact that it’s really not that easy to use, and the ever present risk of cutting oneself. As for durability, only time will tell.

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