Ronco Ready Grill Exposed

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What is Ronco Ready Grill

A infrared vertical grill that makes cooking delicious food easy and quick without having to spend time on thawing frozen food. The makers of the Ronco Ready Grill say that this is the first new cooking system since the microwave, the innovation comes in the form of vertically suspended grill basket which makes grease and fat to drip away in the extended drip tray.


Ready Grill Promises Gourmet Meals Fast and Easy

Ronco Ready Grill claims that it is a cooking grill for every person that wants to have gourmet food within minutes without having to spend time in thawing frozen food before grilling it. It alleges to be a go-to kitchen appliance whether you want to cook up a quick and healthy meal for your kids or something fancy like steak or chicken breast for a dinner party quickly and easily. Everyday foods like veggies as well as treats like jalapeno poppers, game day foods, seafood, etc all fit into the basket for quick grilling as Ronco Ready Grill promises. It also states that the grill is easy to use – all you need to do is pop the ingredients into the basket and secure it, pop the basket into the grill and set the timer. When the food is ready, the grill will automatically ring.

The Secret

The infomercial says that secret is the Vertical grill’s dual heating fusion design that combines even direct heat to cook food from the outside in. With dual concave infrared heat reflectors that focus the heat to cook from the inside out. This creates a perfect infrared envelope around the food so you get fast even cooking from the inside while still getting the great grill flavour and crisp outside. All this with less energy than traditional grills, it claims to use 80% less energy. It is designed to sear your meat crisp on the outside locking up the juices and flavors inside. No flare ups, no smoke, no oil and grease.

Ronco Vertical Grill claims to replace oven, microwave, grill and stovetop. Ready GRill allows you to grill inside your house with the speed and convenience of a microwave but without the hassle of the grill, oil and fat of pan cooking and without the griddles.

Cooks steak, pork chops, whole fish, fish fillets, chicken wings, chicken tenders, french fries, pita pizzas, mozzarella sticks, rice, veggies, potatoes. Grill bbq ribs, burgers, brats in minutes.


Even and fast low fat cooking

The makers of Ronco Ready Grill state that this unique vertical grill is designed with the infra red cooking that can cook even 2.5 inch steaks from inside out and front to back all at the same time so that you can have evenly cooked and juicy steak on the table in just about 15 minutes. The grilling appliance claims to cook chicken breast right out of the freezer in just about 24 minutes and a quarter lb frozen ham burger in just about 8 minutes. Ronco Ready Grill claims to have a drip tray that lets the food retain its juices keeping the dish fresh and healthy while all the fat drains into the tray. These lofty claims are busted the the Ronco ready grill reviews posted by the users

Easy to clean and store

Other than the ease that Ronco Ready Grill promises to provide for cooking, it proclaims to be just as easy to clean with every part of the grill being removable and dishwasher safe. That apart, because of its alleged small profile, Ronco Ready Grill saves space on the kitchen counter and can be moved to another kitchen area easily. The cooking appliance claims that it can replace the microwave and ovens as it can give you caramelized exterior and juicy interior because it can set the right temperature and the distance between the food and the heating element.

Cleaning the grill is a big hassle as one of the customers who reviewed the vertical Ready grill points out here


What Do I Get?

  • Ready Grill
  • Removable black plastic drip tray
  • 2 Removable heat shields
  • 2 Removable basket guides
  • Grill basket
  • Instruction & recipe booklet
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty

Get Ready Grill for only $99.99 + ($19.99 processing and handling). Official website: |

7 thoughts on “Ronco Ready Grill Exposed

  1. I took it apart to wash before use and now I can’t get the heat shields out so I can put it back together property! help!

  2. I have TWO of these grills and they are amazing. I cook almost daily on them…even when only cooking vegetables. They are fast…easy as heck to use…cleaning is a no-brainer…and super healthy. I can’t understand why this product has not been on the market until now…but we should ALL jump for joy…seriously. Get one and see for yourself. Just AWESOME! =) Kevin

  3. I made a stuffed pork chop and two New York Strip steaks at the same time,this past weekend and both were excellent, as a matter of fact, the steak might have been the best I have made and I have tried everything. The pork might have been a little over done, as I have a tendency to doubt myself and the timing said on how long to cook, but so far, so good.

    I found the cleaning easy. Just put in in the sink in hot soapy water, and then wiped it off, dried it and put it back together.

    As far as recommending it, I would, but only if you are into cooking like that. The cookbook is one of the best I have seen with an appliance ever. As with anything else, to each their own. I bought mine on HSN and the price was very good and came with the cookbook.

  4. Has anyone tried the Ronco Ready Grill? does it really work?

    Does the vertical Ronco Ready Grill cut your cooking time?

    Dies it cook food evenly?

    Does the food cooked in Ready grill taste good?

    Is it safe to use?

    Is this a scam?

    Would you recommend Ronco Ready Grill?

    Post your Ronco Ready Grill review and let other customers make an informed decision before buying it.

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