Ronco Ready Grill Review – Pros and Cons

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Ronco Ready Grill Reviews by Actual Users

Made in China
Kieth who used the Vertical Grill mentions in her Ronco Ready grill review that it is Made in China – The grill is available only at on the page they mention Country of Origin – China.


Makes Tiny Meal
ELAINE in her Ronco Ready grill review complains that the vertical grill is small and is suitable for family of two or a single person. She also complains in her review that the Ronco Ready grill burnt her meat on the outside but it was still raw inside. Elaine returned the vertical Ronco grill but still had to pay $20.00 to return.


Not powerful enough
Bob says the Ready grill is OK but not what he wants. The grill does not live up to claim and can’t even melt cheese on burgers. He was disappointed and sent it back.


No different from a regular grill
Molly Salsberg complains in her Ronco Ready Grill review she doesn’t like the grill as much as she had hoped she would. Her complaints are typical of an over-hyped infomercial product – the vertical Ready grill takes longer for food to cook than the regular stove.


Looks big on TV
Nicole says they make it look bigger on the TV than it really is. She says in her Ready Grill grill review that she would not return the grill and keep it to make cheese sticks and fries in it.


Over-sized toaster!!!
Vicki feels the Ronco vertical Ready Grill is an over-sized toaster and does not live up to the hype. There is no way it will cook from frozen to fabulous.


Returned on one use
Pamela says that she has been using Ronco products for years and unlike other infomercial products they are usually good. She feels Ronco Ready Grill is an exception to this and she had to return it.


Serious Burn Risks
Lisa reveals in her Ronco Ready Grill review that the vertical grill could could not cook even two burger patties in 45 minutes and the patties were still raw. She further complains in her review that the handle of the grill basket melted. She says this grill poses a serious burn risks.


Melissa says she is happy with her purchase and the vertical grill comes handy in making burgers. Though she does complain in her Ronco Ready Grill review about the hassle it takes to clean the vertical grill. She reveals that you have to clean 6 separate pieces and feels it is more trouble than it is worth.


Samantha complains that the Ronco Ready Grill is available online only at, and, she explains this is a malpractice, if the grill is supposed to be so good than why not make it available at local Walmart, CVS and BedBathBeyond stores?…she mentions in her Ronco ready grill review that she will try the product once it is available at local store where she can try the product and return it if unsatisfied, without the hassle.


Ronco Ready Grill Claims Busted

Lets analyze the claims made by the Ready Grill by Ronco and does it really live up to these claims. This based on the Ronco Ready Grill reviews posted by users.

“Grill and entire, healthy meal in 20 minutes or less” – According to the Ready Grill reviews many customers feel promises like this one are misleading. According to the Ready Grill reviews it does not stand up to these promises. The cooking time is always longer than claimed in the TV ad, if you are cooking raw vegetables like carrots and potatoes with your meal it takes about 45 minutes. Reviews reveal that thick meat takes more than 30 minutes. If you believe that this Vertical Ready Grill by Ronco will cut your cooking time then you are wrong. The food will come out half-cooked and still raw. It will work up to some extent for small pieces like hamburger and chicken breasts. Also the Ronco Ready Grill reviews state that you will have to flip over the meat halfway through to cook it complete. Most of the time you will end up with burnt outside and raw inside.

“Cooks Evenly Throughout” – As per the Ronco Ready Grill review , it will work for smaller portion of meat, but if you are preparing an entire meal than you may be disappointed. It may be raw and half cooked inside with the outer turning brown and red.

“From Frozen to Fabulous” – Far fetched claim, it is not a miracle product that will turn your frozen food to fabulous. This claim is absolutely busted by the Ronco ready grill reviews

“Grill Anywhere, Rain or Shine” – It is true, this claim is attested by the Ready Grill reviews .

“Cook meal for a family of 5” – This is an unsubstantial claim made in the tv ad – according to the Ronco Ready Grill reviews it barely makes burgers for 2 people.

“Claims to replace oven, microwave, grill and stovetop” – Not really this claims got busted after some customers complained that they will be going back their stovetops.

“Excess Fat Drips Away!” – True. The innovative vertical design of the Ready Grill will make the oil and fat drip away. The vertical design is a feature that makes this grill unique.


3 thoughts on “Ronco Ready Grill Review – Pros and Cons

  1. I bought the ready grill about six weeks ago and I love mine. It has its limitations, but once you get the hang of it.. it is great. I think it would be better for a family of ONE or maybe Two.. but for a full family.. forget it. I discovered by experimenting it is much better to use thicker cuts of chicken or steak and put them in the grill frozen, if you want to get the browned grilled look. A thin cut cooks to fast and you wont get the nice grilled look. I find it takes a bit longer to grill then they say.. but that is probably because I am using thick frozen cuts of meat and chicken. Works perfect for me and I am very pleased with it. My first time using it.. I bombed out by trying to gril thin lean pork chops…. didnt like them at all.. over cooked them and they were still gray. But since then I have used it numerous times with thicker cut ribeye and new york strip steaks, full sized chicken breasts. I even made a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, and hotdogs etc. No complaints at all. I line the drip tray and shield with aluminum foil and it catches the drips and clean up is a snap. I do not remove the insides to clean every time, often there is nothing on the insides. I know this is not for everyone… guess it is a state of mind, I wanted it to work.. so I was willing to spend some time experimenting to get the taste and the look I wanted. I do see there could be a issue develop with the grill basket for you have to take it out of the grill to remove the food.. and it is hot when you take it out.. but I simply carefully remove it and lay it on a plate as I open it and remove the meat. Though I do think that is a weakness with the grill, they should have given you a tray or something to lay the grill basket in when you remove it. Overall I am quite content with it.

  2. I bought the Ronco Ready Grill knowing it would not get hot enough since it is underpowered and has no thermostat to control temp. The only way to improve the performance for meats or vegetables is first to cook foods separately to optimize the doneness of each type of food.
    The standard unit only gets to about 300 degrees uncovered and to about 375 with the top covered which is not hot enough to broil anything.
    I insulated all the surfaces facing inward toward the heating elements to keep the heat away from all the plastic and metal external components. My modified unit reaches 347 degrees with the top uncovered and at least 450 with the top covered by an insulated cookie sheet.
    The new parent company of Ronco obviously was deceptive in their infomercial by making completely rediculous claims targeted at people who don’t know anything about cooking which is why so many are dissatisfied.
    I had to spend $40 for the materials to improve the grill’s performance so I could use this in my RV for vertical broiling steaks, burgers, hot dogs, etc. The unit must have the top uncovered for cooking fish or chicken when you need the temp to be lower so you can bake rather than broil, but it would be better if the unit had a thermostat to control temp. The plastic end caps and drip tray need to be metal so that the unit can safely operate in the 450-500 degree range.
    I hope Ronco improves the design to have the same temp range and control as a good toaster oven so they can legitamately claim it can broil on both sides of a steak but also slow roast fish, chicken or vegetables. This could have been the Ultimate Man’s Meat Toaster which could have supported a higher price ($149) to go with high perfomance instead of struggling to sell a “half-assed” inferior designed product marketed on inflated claims for $80 bucks!

  3. Don’t buy the ready grill. I did and sent it back a month ago and still have not received my credit. Apparently they have many returns because the product is junk.

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