Ronco Chip-Tastic Chip Maker Review

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Chips have been a part of a quick snack and a side dish for fast food since many years. It has become an integral part of every party and gathering, be it at events, sports, cinemas, or any other occasion. But if you are conscious about your weight then you must know that chips are calorie loaded and a single chip can contain up to 13 calories individually. A bag of chips consumed everyday can cause a massive amount of weight gain within few days. But the taste of chips and different flavors available with it are totally mouthwatering. So now you can fulfill your craving of eating chips without the guilt with the new Chip-Tastic.

Ronco Chip-Tastic Chip Maker

Chip-Tastic is a product of Ronco a name that is leading when it comes to innovative domestic products. It utilizes microwave oven to make the chip instead of deep frying which reduces the amount of fat that goes into making chips. It is specially designed to hold chips in an upright manner and provide even heating while in the microwave for a crispy crunchy taste. One needs to simply slice potatoes and soak them to remove any starch on it. The slices should be then dried using a paper towel and flavored with desired seasoning. The slices than should be placed in Chip-Tastic and placed in the microwave only for 3 minutes to get amazing low fat potato chips.

Chip-Tastic can hold up to 36 chips in one go and can help reduce the calorie per chip to only 3 as opposed to 13 in regular chips. The best part is one can add any flavor and seasoning depending on personal taste instead of choosing from few varieties available. In fact it can be used to make mango crisps, apple crisps, sweet potato crisp and so on without worrying about chemicals and greasy frying. It serves perfectly for anyone who wants to indulge in tasty food but is on a low salt or gluten free diet. Purchasing Chip-Tastic now gets another Chip-Tastic, a recipe book, a seasoning kit and a Slice-O-Matic absolutely free.



What do I get?

  • 2 Chip-Tastic chip makers
  • 1 Chip-Tastic recipe book
  • 1 Slice-O-Matic
  • 1 Chip-Tastic seasoning kit

All this for just $19.95 + $7.95 S&H. Official website


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5 thoughts on “Ronco Chip-Tastic Chip Maker Review

  1. I bought this Ronco Chip-Tastic Chip Maker on a whim, and was surprised when I actually liked the results I got from using the Chiptastic.

    They taste different than store bought potato chips but to me that’s to be expected since they are prepared in a completely different way without all the fatty oils. Taste is subjective, and sometimes fat = flavor, haha. I actually found them to be quite addictive though, and I’ve very much enjoyed experimenting with different seasonings.

    I’ve only made potato crisps so far using this product as maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to cut up a mango to make the slices needed. The slicer worked well for me with the potatoes. I do look forward to trying this with apples or pears though.

    Oh, and yes – my potato crisps took a few minutes longer than the estimated 3 minutes to cook properly. The cooking time also seems to vary a bit from batch to batch, maybe because of even subtle changes in seasonings? Regardless, I’ve just learned to keep an eye on them and you can tell when they are just about done as they will start to brown. I also recommend that you let them sit for a minute or so after the cooking has stopped as they continue to crisp up.

  2. Chips have been everyday household snacks for many years and serve as the perfect side dish for most fast foods. Resisting the yummy flavors of chips is not really a pleasing idea but a single chip contains almost 13 calories. Now to fulfill the craving of eating crispy chips without the guilt of gaining weight you should try Ronco Chip-Tastic – the revolutionary product innovated at Ronco that utilizes the microwave oven instead of deep frying technique to make crispy and low-fat chips almost instantly. Chips have become a regular part of any party, event, sports, cinemas, etc. and now you can enjoy these on any occasion without the worry of piling on calories.

    The unique design of Chip-Tastic is such that the chips are held in an upright manner to provide even spread of heat when placed in the microwave. Simply slice the potato soaked in water for starch removal and dry on a paper towel before placing inside the product. Then add flavors of your choice on the slices and place for exactly 3 minutes in the microwave to get crunchy low fat potato chips. Chip-Tastic has the capacity to hold about 36 chips in one go and reduces the calories from 13 per chip to only 3. The amazing part of using Ronco Chip-Tastic is the freedom to try and experiment with any type of seasoning and flavors as opposed to the limited range available in the market. It also can be used to make mango, apple and sweet potato crisps instantly making it the perfect low fat solution for snack time. Plus there is no worry of greasy fats and chemicals.

  3. Don’t waste your money on Ronco Chip-Tastic Chip Maker. It ended up costing nearly $50 and they taste pretty nasty. It takes at least five times longer to cook than advertised. The slicer is a joke. They do get crispy but taste is gross.

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