Rollie Rack

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What is Rollie Rack?

As depicted in the infomercial, Rollie Rack claims to be a compact, flexible and portable dish rack that rolls out over the kitchen sink and drains the water from the washed dishes, pots and pans. It lets the air circulate to dry them in half the time. It is built tough to withstand and securely hold large cookware and even delicate china and stemware. Rollie Rack asserts that its compact size can save a whole lot of counter space which is a promise that can only be authenticated when we get to see the Rollie Rack reviews.


How does Rollie Rack work?

After washing dishes, the kitchen counter is often a huge mess with puddles of water all around and not to mention the clutter piling up the counter. Rollie Rack alleges to have solved this issue with its unique advantages. It’s a compact heavy duty steel rail rack that rolls out easily and can be placed on the sink. When the dishes have been washed, they can be placed on top of the Rollie Rack. It seems to let air circulate and thus dries off the dishes in almost half the time as compared to conventional methods. However we have not received any Rollie Rack reviews to confirm this claim.

The makers of Rollie Rack audaciously declare that you get rid of your bulky and hard-to-store racks. Instead of lifting the heavy rack every now and then, you can just roll out the Rollie Rack when needed and roll it back when not in use. If Rollie rack claims are to be believed, it makes for a great trivet for hot dishes too. Why don’t you have a go at it and let us know your Rollie Rack reviews so that we can accordingly persuade or dissuade others about the product.

The Rollie Rack claims to be highly adjustable in the sense that you can use it for your kitchen sink as well as utility sink. In other words, you make Rollie Rack any size you need. Apparently the durable and heavy duty stainless steel Rollie Rack can withstand the weights of bulky pots and pans as well. On the other hand it declares to be equally safe for hand-washable delicate items like Chinaware and Stemware. Sounds too good to be true? We couldn’t agree more. Hence it’s best to wait for Rollie Rack reviews to come out.Being compact in size Rollie Rack states that it rolls away to less than 2 inches wide to easily accommodate in your drawers. And then when you need it rolls out into full size.

The Rollie Rack maintains to drain the last drop of water down the drain ensuring that the counter stays dry and still making the sink available for use. The Rollie Rack promises to work with virtually every styled sink including utility sinks. The Rollie Rack claims to be so versatile that it can be used to rinse fruits and vegetables and even drain pasta.

What do I get?

  • 2 Rollie Rack Dish Drying Racks
  • 1 Rollie Cup Cleaner

Price: $19.99 + $15.98 S/h. Official website:

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