Rollie Eggmaster Review

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If you just love eggs and can have them night and day, make sure you order for the amazing Rollie Eggmaster without a moment’s delay! Rollie Eggmaster is a fantastic new little device to cook perfect eggs in without ending up with the mess that the conventional pans you use leave behind. Rollie Eggmaster is the fast, easy and pan free way to cook eggs clean and intact every time! It is called a rollie because the egg the device cooks eggs in the shape of a roll for you to eat!

How does Rollie Eggmaster Work

All you need to do is crack the egg, pour it into Rollie and wait for the perfectly prepared egg to pop out in a few minutes! You get your eggs cooked perfectly minus any fats, butter and mess, and that too in and exciting, easy to eat roll shape!

Rollie Eggmaster is great to prepare yummy bacon and egg rollie if you like that or a healthy vegetable egg white rollie too. The Rollie Eggmaster secret is its unique vertical cooking technology which combines a cylindrical non-stick internal surface and vertical cooking technology surrounded by a revolutionary heating element, which makes eggs that pop out steaming, fluffy and perfectly cooked!

Since the eggs come out as rolls in round shape, you can carry them out easily and eat on the go! Or if you have a get-together, you can prepare loads of mouth-watering bite-size party snacks for everyone to gorge on too. What’s more, you can even cut them up tastefully and add to salads and sandwiches as fantastic flavor! Everyone’s going to love them for sure and appreciate you for your culinary skills!

Apart from eggs, you can also stir up omelets, tasty rollie burrito, an inviting pizza rollie or even a cinnamon rollie as a yummy dessert in your Rollie Eggmaster. It’s great for home, office, RV and even dorm room as it serves healthy, tasty and filling egg yummies in a jiffy! Besides, even cleaning it is a breeze and totally hassle-free. You definitely need this amazing tool so get your very own Rollie Eggmaster right away!

Rollie Eggmaster FAQs

What sort of time do you need to cook eggs in the Rollie system?
The time varies based on factors like quantity of food, initial temperature and food you need to make.


How many eggs does it work well with?
Not more than two eggs should be used in the system at a time. Large and regular eggs work best, but they shouldn’t be beaten (egg white mixed with yolk) unless mentioned in the recipe.


Is cooking spray required?
Yes, Non Stick cooking oil spray should be used in the cooking chamber.


What are the types of eggs that can be made in the Rollie cooking system?
The good thing is there’s not need to wait for eggs to be fully cooked and they can be cooked in many different ways. You can pour them out earlier or later to have them soft, hard or medium. The first cooked product might be different from the next one.


How should Rollie Eggmaster cooking system be cleaned?
The cooking system should be cleaned thoroughly before being plugged into the wall outlet. The outside can be wiped with a moistened cloth while the cooking chamber can be cleaned with the help of the supplied brush and by adding a small amount of dish soap on it. After rinsing it with water it can be placed upside down on a paper towel outside for drying.

The inside of the cooking chamber, outside of the grill and the packer should not be cleaned with scrub pads, abrasive products or steel wool because the surface can be damaged.

It’s recommended that you use vegetable oil to soften stubborn baked remnants in the chamber. After waiting for 5 minutes you can try removing it with the supplied brush. The tip of the skewer can also be removed to get rid of the residue that might be stuck at the bottom of the chamber.


How can you use the wooden skewers of the Rollie Eggmaster cooking system?
You can use them for various reasons from inserting a rolled tortilla wrap to any other coiled product into the chamber. It will ensure that the product is snug against the wall and open at the centre, as it should be. You can also use them to pull the product out during the cooking cycle.

However you should only use wooden skewers because metallic ones can damage the coating of the non stick cooking chamber.



What do I get?

  • 1 Rollie Eggmaster Cooking System
  • 5 Skewers
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • 1 Recipe Guide
  • 1 Rollie Chop

All this for $29.99 + $15.98 P.& H. Official website


Rollie Eggmaster Video

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