Robo Twist Review

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What is Robo Twist?

It claims to be a robotic jar opener that is designed to open the toughest of lids by itself. Since its completely automated anyone can use it without putting any strain or wasting time. Robo Twist claims that its greatest benefit is that it works with the push of a button and is designed to last for a long time due to the use of durable material.


Robo Twist REVIEW

Poorly made – Aaron who reviewed Robo Twist complained in his review that one of the gripping pieces broke in the first attempt itself. It doesn’t even grip the bottles properly and pops up at tapered tops making it useless. He tried pressing it down a bit, which helped a little. However after a few uses it just broke and didn’t turn at all. He believes it’s just a tacky product.

Doesn’t work well – Nina who used Robo Twist exposed in her review that either the motor isn’t strong enough or it just doesn’t grip. At 68 years of age she can do the job better. She prefers the previous model, which was one touch. This one is noisier as well.

Shoddy customer service – Alexa who bought Robo Twist revealed in her review that it is flimsy and breaks easily. Unfortunately the customer care is useless and refuses to replace it.

Our Verdict – Robo Twist is not an unique product. There are several robotic can openers available at,, and other online stores. One such product is Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener available at for price just over $30.00. It has got over 2000 reviews and 4 star ratings. We would recommend Hamilton Beach over Robo Twist based on the user reviews.

It is obvious that the manufacturer of Robo Twist just copied the concept of “robotic can opener” from the Hamilton Beach model and poorly executed (Made in CHINA) it. We have been seeing this trend lately, As Seen On TV promoters copy such ideas from big brands and duplicate it and scam gullible people. Robo Twist is a classic example.

We would like to educate customers that “As Seen On TV” products are not what they claim to be in the infomercials and there are several high quality and branded alternatives available online. A simple search for “Robo Twist” or “Robotic Can Opener” in will list half a dozen similar can openers priced competitively.

We will reveal one more dirty secret of Robo Twist. While our editorial team was going through Robo Twist reviews they came across this product New Automatic Jar Bottle Opener One Touch Electric Jar Opener on sold by some Chinese manufacturer. This New Automatic Jar Bottle Opener One Touch Electric Jar Opener is very similar to Robo Twist and we are certain both the products are the same, another murky method of selling substandard products deviced by As Seen On TV marketeers. You can check the reviews of New Automatic Jar Bottle Opener One Touch Electric Jar Opener and you know what Robo Twist is worth of.

Robo Twist Claims

Open lids with ease – Robo Twist emphasizes to be a really unique and new age systems that can help open jar lids with ease. Although its automated process has not been tested and reviewed by users yet. Robo Twist alleges to be highly beneficial as opposed to traditional methods used to open the jar. But there are no reviews available currently that says whether Robo Twist claims are true or false. Robo Twist convinces to be great with its automated design that can be handled with ease. Did you find Robo Twist really helpful? Send us your Robo Twist reviews.

Automatic system – Robo Twist asserts that what makes it stand out apart from other tools and devices available in the market to open cans is its automated process. At this point of time there are no Robo Twist reviews available that will attest to its claims. Robo Twist states to have a design that is to be simply placed for the jar. After setting Robo Twist down on the lid one has to simply press the button on Robo Twist to see it grip the lid and twist it open with a pop automatically. Robo Twist sounds really impressive but we shall know for sure once we receive Robo Twist reviews to analyze its claims. Robo Twist proclaims that the button and design are ergonomic to put absolutely no strain or stress on the user. This particular claim by Robo Twist will be attested once users review it. Robo Twist assures that its unique design is perfect to handle different types of jars and works on the toughest ones, the big ones and even the sticky ones that are very difficult to open up otherwise. But does Robo Twist really work this well? Robo Twist reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Perfect for everyone – Robo Twist maintains that since its design is universal and automatic, anyone can use it to open jars. Especially, elders who have arthritis issues or young kids who need to access jars without adult supervision. On paper Robo Twist sounds like a dream device and definitely can be a must buy if it really works the way it claims. More shall be revealed once users review it. Robo Twist further convinces to be ideal for kitchen because it is compact in nature and can be simply stowed away in a cabinet or drawer after use. Such fanciful features of Robo Twist can really benefit everyone; Robo Twist reviews will expose the truth.

What do I get?

You get Robo Twist and Robo Can Opener for $19.99 USD + $11.9 P&H.Official website

86 thoughts on “Robo Twist Review

  1. I can’t believe they’re still advertising this on TV (5/7/2020). I bought one as a Christmas gift for my wife 3 years ago. As others have reported, an arm broke off during the first use. It never opened a single jar. It’s a total ripoff and should not be allowed to advertise or be sold in the US. It’s worse than old time snake oil.

  2. Bought 3 of these 2 don’t work called robotwist and they won’t help me on to PayPal to see if they will I’m betting I’m screwed! I’ll never buy crap on line afain

  3. This thing is junk! Arm broke off on the first jar. No kill switch, this thing is dangerous I think it would still be running if I wasn’t able to get the batteries out.

  4. DANGER!!! I was trying to dislodge a lid from the running mechanism. After my finger pushed the lid out of the way,it(my finger)got caught in the moving non stoppable device. Because there is NO kill switch, it didn’t stop running and it pinched my finger. I couldn’t get it stopped until I broke the device. It would have broken my finger, but I managed to pull loose after my husband heard my screams and came to my rescue. He broke the clamp as I pulled free. No broken bone,but it left a nasty bruise and damaged the nail.

  5. Just got mine as a gift yesterday. Tried to open a bottle that was already opened but one of the jaws slipped and could not stop the damn thing. Fortunately I pulled my hand out of the way just before the outer arm snapped and flew past my face.
    This device is dangerous and deserves a class action law suit. Hope a smart lawyer buys this badly designed and manufactured contraption.

  6. Robo Twist failed the one-pound pickle jar test. An arm broke off when the jaws did not seat correcly around the neck of the jar. The unit being all plastic except for the screws does not bode well for a long life in the kitchen. Also, with no emergency shutoff, the chance of physical injury is high since the unit cannot be stopped once it is set in motion. Watch those fingers. It won’t be a surprise when a class action suit is brought against this company. Remember what happened in The Jerk.

  7. The battery cover pops off when the jar cover breaks free. What can I do to prevent this or do I need a new cover?

  8. Thought I would order this product; there is so many complaints I will stay clear of this product. THANKS FOR THE WARNING!!!!!!!!

  9. Great idea, BUT THE QUAILTY IS TERRIBLE. First one broke after a few uses and I returne3d it for a new one. Same thing, after a few uses it broke at the same spot and had a tough time getting the bottle lid out of the machine. Forget it.

  10. It broke on the 1st time we used. We try to exchange and the company said they can not accept because I did not had a receipt. It was a gift .

  11. Thank you all for your comments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something tempting on TV. My first action is to always check the reviews. I’ve saved tons of money for all sorts of things!

    Only ONCE was a product well-reviewed and I bought it. There were 2 dryer brushes to get rid of lint. They worked and still do the trick after at least 7 years!

    • I am quite disappointed in my Robo-Twist. I bought it online a year ago and it worked fine. I am 91 years old an I do have arthritist so this was a great help,however it quit working. I put it on a pickel jar and it does not work anymore by its self,I have or move the lid gripper aroound ,press the button and QUICKLY put it on the jar.Otherwise it doesn’t work anymor. The batteries are fresh.
      my name is Morris Dahl,1423 Park Lane,Niles,Michigan,49120. Or use my e-mail for a response.(
      I sure hope you can get it working for me as I really miss the use of it.
      Thank you.

  12. Worked great until the 12th time I used it on a large jar. Torque went up…and up…and one of the plastic arms broke. Still looking for a glue that might work. Don’t recommend for larger jars, just not sturdy enough.
    Oh, by the way, only a 30 day guarrantee

  13. I order Robotwist for Christmas Gifts, they came after Christmas, but one did not even work from the beginning. I tried all 4 that I order and hopefully they will open the jars I need. I do need an address to return and get my refund. I didn’t check reviews till I got mine, so I hope they will work down the road.
    Billie Moore 12-26-2017

    • I always check reviews for any infomercial claim. That should be an absolute rule for TV infomercials.
      Luckily I checked yours and others before my gullible wife sent for the piece of junk.

  14. Purchased the RoboTwist yesterday and took it to work in hopes of promoting the product to patients of all ages with weak hands. On the first attempt of using the product it did open the jar but sounded like a rocket went off!!!!!!!!! On the second attempt it made even a louder sound and parts were flying and scared one of the employees, making her jump out of her chair and run out of office!!!!!!! After calling the customer service number on the box, attempts were futile at rectifying a poor product!!!! Not only is the RoboTwist a POOR product but so is the customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I bought this at Bed Bath & Beyond. Worked great the first 3 or 4 times I used it but then while opening a jar the outer jaw broke off and went flying. Tried customer service at robs twit and they said 30 day return. Wouldn’t tell me if I could return to them or the store because I didn’t have receipt in front of me. Will try returning to store and buy something different.

  16. I was only looking at their sight thought I might be interested in one so I put my information in then changed my mind after reading reviews and deleted all of it and they still charged me not once but twice !!!!!!!!!!! I have already called my credit card company. Hate this company !!!!!!!!!!!! Bunch of frauds !!!!!

  17. Going out and buying products that have not been independently inspected by a safety laboratory such as UL or ETL and expect a safe product and then to be surprised and unhappy when they are dangerous junk makes no sense to me. Cheap products from mostly foreign countries and even from the US are cheap for a reason. It costs more money to make a verified safe product. I have no connection to any safety laboratory but I was an electrical inspector for many years.

  18. I’m not sure what all these people that wrote bad reviews are doing wrong. Sounds like operator error to me…. If used properly it’s been awesome!! I’ve had my robotwist for over a year and have never had a problem. I was a skeptic when I first bought it but It always opens the jars that I’m having difficulties with.

    • Obviously you do not have the one everyone else has. Besides, you are one in what…over a hundred! So it didn’t work for 99 people…the volume of fails, out number the “one” that works. That says it all, I think I will go with the “99” and not buy the thing!

  19. This product is a sham/scam. It does not open anything, falls off the tops, and takes forever to return to beginning position. It should be removed from the market.
    Also, there is no option to return it because there is no legitimate address to do so.

  20. Purchased a few months ago it does open jars ,however it is dangerous it keeps running until it gets to the smallest position. So today while carrying it my finger got stuck. It kept running I finally got the batteries out and stopped it but could not get my finger out. My husband had to pry it apart to get my finger out. There needs to be a way to stop or reverse it. Has anyone else had problems with this?

  21. I ordered one in Marc and received in may. It would work but jaws will not go back. The order was filled in China. I wrote to the and they did refund the money after I had to send Video. I ordered second one from a different company also in China since this was $12.95 and $7 cheaper. I got it today. I put batteries in and pressed the button. Nothing happened. Took batteries out and reinserted with no result.

    Useless product.

  22. This company should be liable…It is a dangerous others have reported after the second time used it flew apart and fortunately I was not hit with it… I would some how like to get a refund, More important is not to have some one severely hurt by having a piece hit their eye, Stay away from this product.

  23. my robo twist work for 3 months then it jump track,it did great until that. my hands hurt so it was a great idea, very dissapointment

  24. This “product” is worthless … tap the jar lid on a countertop to break the vacuum, or run hot water over the lid to break the seal. Or, you can use a rubber grip, or something similar to open a jar to give you more “gripping” power. If a product seems to be too good to be true………

  25. Robotwist jar opener FALSE ADVERTISING

    The ads indicate that it will open “ANY” jar

    Page 1 of the owners manual begins with :
    This Jar Opener is suitable to open regular and vacuum style glass screw top jars and intended for household use only. ( No mention in the ad about this! )

    Under the “Operation” section, lists a series of “do nots”:
    1. Do use the Jar Opener on plastic jars.
    2. Do not use the Jar Opener to open jar lids smaller than 1.2 inch or bigger than 3.5 inches.
    3. Do not use the Jar Opener to open jar body smaller than 1 inch or bigger than 3.5 inches.
    4. Do not use the Jar Opener to open jars with steep curvesor irregular shapes where the jaws grip.
    5. Do not use the Jar Opener if there is any signs of defects on the jar lid or chipped glass around the jar.

    This first four items in the above list contravene the words in the ad that states “ANY” jar.

    Nowhere in their online ad, do the restrictions ( or confines ) appear.

    In summary I contend that Robotwist is misrepresenting their product by leading consumers to believe that their product will arrive exactly as advertised.

    By their own information it will not open “ANY” jar.

    TheIr return policy indicates that return postage and handling is the reponsibility of the consumer.

    If you buy one on these PoS and want to return it you can get a refund but only if you return it at your own cost.

    I see this as being wrong. After all they misrepresent their product.

  26. The main reason jars and bottles are hard to open is because they are “Vacuum Sealed” What has ALWAYS worked for me is simply taking a “butter knife” to the bottom of the lid and prying the lid a tiny bit to break the seal. The jar opens very easily once the vacuum is gone.

  27. Pure Junk! just like most of the”Great 2 for one deals” on the TV………I should have known better

    wish i had seen these reviews before i bought it.
    from what the directions say about jars it won’t work on the only jar it might work on is a flat jar with lid bigger than the jar that has already been open.
    i tried it on every jar in pantry. did not open any of them.
    can’t return it because it didn’t come with any paperwork that customer service says i need to return.
    anyone wants phone # it’s 877-206-6760 but don’t expect any satisfaction

  29. I saw this advertised on TV last night! It was being touted as new and revolutionary! I have had one for years and years that works great. It’s called a One Touch jar opener. Robo twist needs to get with the program and stop false advertising!

  30. I was using the Robotwist when it literally blew apart. Then when I tried to get what was left of it off the jar I was trying to open, I had to tear it off, nearly breaking the jar it was stuck on. Not good.

  31. robo twist jar opener is not worth the money we spent on it. Does NOT do what it claims to do. We are taking it back ASAP.

  32. I ordered Robo Twist in mid December for a Xmas Gift.
    It finally arrived in early February. I read the instructions, put in batteries and gave it a try on a jar of pickles. The lit finally blew off, the jar fell over spilling juice and pickles on the counter top. Perhaps, I used the thing on the wrong type of jar. Second try was on a wide mouth jar of canned peaches. The thing sat and growled a bit and finally stopped. No way would it remove the ring on that jar of peaches. A Piece of Junk!!!

    • Manual method: stretch a common wide elastic around the lid. Hold the lid steady, & rotate the jar clockwise below it. I am 70, and have had a stroke, but find this method easy.

  33. I received a RoboTwist for Christmas for an “as seen on tv” themed gift exchange. It was a semi-joke/hopefully practical fun exchange. Well, the RoboTwist does not work. I read the reviews already posted and agree. The grips are poor and it just isn’t strong enough. In addition, once the grips slip off the jar, you can’t abandon the mission. The thing just keeps grinding, thinking it’s doing a great job! If you’re buying it because you hope to really be able to use it, don’t waste the $20.

  34. I have just read the comments regarding RoboTwist. We got scammed, and no recourse. It took months to receive this piece of crap. I was promised a free can opener. I never did get it. I had to make several calls with no satisfaction. It was discontinued! You are out of luck. Gee thanks for two things, dick all and nothing.

  35. Saw this on TV and thought it would be helpful for my wife and me as we have gotten older and lost the grip in our hands.
    Received one as a Christmas gift and tried to use night for the first time. It says on the box that it opens the toughest lids but when you read the first page of the instructions there is a list of lids it will not work on. I tried it on a pint fruit jar which it should have opened. It broke an arm off on the first attempt to use it. This is a piece of junk in a nice package.

  36. 5 weeks already I wait, they are still taking orders and vigorously advertising, yet my order remains back ordered. I have obtained the customer service number, 866.741.2091, and plan to cancel my order at opening of business in the morning. Robo Twist, thank you very little!

  37. Many jars are hard to open not because they’re mechanically tight, but because of the vacuum in the jar. Just poke a little hole in the jar lid with an awl or a knife to release the vacuum, then the jar will open easily. Then just put a piece of Scotch tape on the hole.

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ve found also that if you can squeeze a knife tip under the lid a little, it will release. Also, thank you everyone for your honest opinions about this product. I was considering ordering this because my arthritis has really flailed up but, I’ve now changed my mind. I’ll just find something else that works.

    DENNIS L. STOWE 515 263 3690
    5950 S E 46 TH ST
    CARLISLE, IOWA. 50047 9785

  39. My uncle John told me a long time ago 2 : “Tap (bang) the side the side of the lid 3 times ! (NOT 2 or 4, BUT THREE TIMES !) It HAS ALWAYS WORKED 4 me ; going on 40 years now !

  40. I have used my Robotwist jar opener twice since purchase. On second occasion, while automatically attempting to open a jar lid, moving parts broke off and landed on my kitchen counter. This product is a piece of garbage and tomorrow I will be returning it to the retailer I bought it from for full refund PLUS my review of item.

  41. Actually the Hamilton Beach open-ease Jar Opener is a copy of Robotwist. Robotwist was originally called One-Touch Jar opener. The manufacturer is Daka, and it was designed by a Brit (errr me) see patent:

    Hamilton beach ordered samples from Daka, then simply copied the mechanism (“our lawyers are bigger than yours” kinda attitude) . But is not fully automatic.

    Robotwist was one of the toughest products I’ve designed .. but really does work (tested by my 82 year old mum for 7 years !!) you can see some of its development in video >

  42. I have yet to receive the can opener and now I guess I might as well chalk it up to a loss. I am not all that impressed with the jar opener. Can do faster myself! BooHoo

    • I just called them…they are saying that the company that was making the can opener never came through so they aren’t honoring the “FREE” Can Opener. Says that because it was “FREE”, they don’t have to do anything to replace it. Shockingly, I’m sure it was never an option anyway. Doubt anyone received the can opener.

    • Stop it on your card. ‘Mine arrived but does not work and parts and batteries fall out on counter. Will stop on my card. Let them handle this fraud!! No phone numbers to call!!

  43. As many others have said, the robotwist is nothing but junk. I have tried several times to open several different jars and find that the grabbing prongs just slip right off then to make matters worse the little motor just keeps on running and running until I manage to manually force it off the jar so I can remove the batteries. As for the free can opener, all I got was a note saying that they are out of them and will send one at a later date. 2 months later I call customer service and am told that they have discontinued making the can opener and I am just s.o.l. and if I wish to return the robotwist they will NOT pay for shipping. Seriously, don’t waste your time or money on this thing

  44. Thanks everyone who submitted a review. I will definately not buy this device. I almost did. Glad I researched first. I’m gonna purchase the HamiltonBeach one for 30Something.

  45. I finally got this product 4months after I ordered it, I did not get the can opener which I ordered. By the time I got it I was charged $35 Cdn. This company is a rip off.
    Lawrence Shaw. T3H 3M9

  46. If a ruuber band does not help to open a jar, Just use the tip of a knife to make a small whole on the jar lid (cover) to let the pressure out. This will easily open the jar very easy.

  47. I order June 1st and they said 2 to 3 weeks!
    Still waiting for 2 of them which one was for my father on Father’s day on the 19th.
    Can we get an email at least stating the ETA?
    Thank you

  48. It’s made of very cheap material. Broke the second time I used it and the customer care didn’t accept to replace. Useless !

    • If a ruuber band does not help to open a jar, Just use the tip of a knife to make a small whole on the jar lid (cover) to let the pressure out. This will easily open the jar very easy.

  49. This is all a scam . I didn’t complete my order and they still sent the stupid robo twist after 3 months without bothering to include the can opener. They charged me for both of them though. Do not fall into their trap

  50. I like the product but commercial is terrible need better actors or something or take them out period let the product sale its self

  51. I wish to order the robot twist for advertised price of 19.95 along with the robo can opener for $6.95 shipping and handleing. Why did this offer go from a
    19.95 promotion with free can opener and shipping
    cost of 6.95? Please inform me. Thanks

    • I want to order the robo twist opener for 19.95 with
      The free can opener with a 6.95 shipping and handleing fee but when I tried to order the two for the promotion the price was 41.xx. Why.

      • save your time & money! I ordered in April and haven’t seen anything yet – called customer service and was on hold for close to 45 minutes only to be told that they had no idea when product would ship. I asked to speak to a supervisor but, of course, there wasn’t one available….
        These will show up in Walgreens sooner or later and I will buy one then.
        This outfit is a total SCAM and should be avoided!!!

  52. Our Canadian dollar is so volatile compared to the American dollar. The website owners are GREEDY and want to make an extra 30-40% profit.

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