RoboStir Reviews and Complaints

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Preparation of homemade soups and sauces is a long and time consuming process and standing in front of the stove stirring may take up hours. The chances of burning your food are more if you step away while cooking. Now there is RoboStir. It stirs your food for you. With just the touch of a button the RoboStir starts to automatically stir the food in your pot or pan. You now have an extra hand in the kitchen so you can get two things done at once.


How does RoboStir work?
RoboStir is specially designed to cater to every inch in the bottom of the pan. Its silicone feet even get up against the edges so nothing sticks and nothing is left unstirred. It can be used on any size kind of pot; stainless, non-stick, iron – even on ceramic because RoboStir is 100% water-proof so it even works under water. It is battery operated and robust it can stir up to 4 hours and stand heat up to 572 degrees. You can now turn your back on your food and it wont burn.

RoboStir is great for gravy, ideal for soups and stews , super for beans, best for marinara and even has the strength to churn alfredos and cheese sauce. The secret is the orbital gyroscopic action which keeps the food moving and ensures that no spot is left unstirred or untouched. It is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.



What do I get?

  • 2 RoboStir
  • 2 Scoop ‘N Strain
  • Get 2 RoboStir and 2 Scoop N Strain for just $19.99 + $15.98 shipping and handling. Buy from the official RoboStir website Official Offer . 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.



Reviews and Complaints
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  1. I’ve had mine for something like 10 years. I got it at my local odds ‘n ends store (a chain now called Big Lots). I use it at least once a week, I’ve only had to replace the batteries a couple times. It’s super easy to clean, the prongs detach. I usually just rinse it off, wipe off the handle/motor, and pop it back in the cupboard.

    It vibrates in three speeds, and one of the prongs is shaped a little differently so it does an uneven circle, which means it gets to all sides of the pan. I LOVE it for making things like Alfredo sauce, as I have adhd and and a bad knee, so I hate to stand at the stove and stir. I think the reviewer who said it didn’t move may have had an uneven stove or burner.

    It’s only about 3 inches til you get to the battery, so it’s not for stews or anything deep. But for gravy, roux, soup, etc, this is perfect. (You may not want to use this site to prcase though )

  2. This product does not work as advertised, might be good for chocolatte milk but no good when cooking down tomatoes

  3. Hi,
    Can you tell me where to buy the Robostir in the Philippines? Please let me know as soon as possible

    Rudy Agravanti

  4. I recently received Robostir as a Christmas present from my daughter. It was on my list so I was pretty excited to try it. I finally got my chance this past weekend. We had guests over for dinner and I was making my famous brown gravy. I put the Robostir in the pan and although it rotated, it stayed in one place. Since it never reached any other part of the pan except the middle, I had to remove it and manually stir the gravy. I was so disappointed. I really wanted this to do as advertised. I would not recommend this product.

  5. So on the plus side if You have someone You really Hate & can get ahold of their Credit Card, write down the Numbers, Expiration Date, & Three Digit Security Code on the Back, then just order about 200 of these, with Shipping to Charities around the World, the time & effort it will take them could drive them to a Heart Attack, or worse! All while You enjoy their Pain & Anguish from a safe distance! Why of course I want the Deluxe! Say do You have a Super Deluxe?

  6. It is really frustrating when most of the reviews found on the internet are not genuine. The Robo Stir is a product I had my eye on since I had seen it working and thought it can be really helpful to me while cooking. I simply searched for “Robo Stir Review” to decide whether it proves to be a good product or not and came across loads of websites which first seemed attractive but definitely put me off because they did not seem genuine. The sites even popped up offers and sold the product right on their site itself. Most sites including , ,, seemed to me that they were total scams and everyone should be warned about them. Finally when I went through this website it did help me and provided a real user review. Thanks for sharing the experience.

    • The malpractices using SEO are ever increasing and the above mentioned sites are a part of it. It is a marketing trickery to fool the search engines into putting the sponsored reviews right at top. This in turn fools lots of people to believe them to be real. It is a motto of this website to always provide people genuine and honest user reviews to make decisions regarding the particular product. Hope the reviews have served the purpose.

  7. My wife found the RoboStir at TJMaxx for $4.99. We have also seen it at Walmart for $10.00. I have to say that at first I thought my wife wasted the $4.99; however, I then had the chance to try RoboStir. Wow! This thing is simply amazing. So simple yet highly effective; I only wish I could have thought of this myself. I first used it to stir my gravy at Thanksgiving; after stirring in the roux I put the RoboStir in and left it go to work. The result was wonderfully creamy gravy without lumps. My wife then made cooked pudding for pie filing and again the RoboStir turned out the smoothest, creamiest pudding she ever made; the continuous stirring action really does the trick. I have been telling all my family and friends about this because I am hooked. It is rare that I submit a review but felt the need to share with everyone.

  8. I bought one was on the fence about trying it but decided to go for it. It cost me 5. I used it to make caramels, fudge and other such items and it worked very well. I like the various speeds and it cleans us nicely. Mine did move around the pan and I had no scalding issues either. Felt I got my money’s worth and am buying a few others for friends and relatives.

  9. If you really want to buy one of these, Menard’s is selling them, between 12/11 and 12/24, for $4.99 after $3 mail-in rebate. The rebate is in the form of in-store credit.

  10. DO NOT order this product online from their official site.

    They STATE that you get one Robostir for $10.99 and a second FREE just for paying $6.99 S/H + a FREE gift. I was fine with this but my total came to $42.95!!!! It SHOULD have been $17.98! They attempted to charge me $24.97 in S/H fees and I am now in the process of cancelling my order. It is a rip-off and you DO NOT get the option of confirming or denying your order at the end of the transaction.

    I am checking with my credit card company now and advising them in advance to NOT honor this charge until I can call back to Tele-brands in two days to obtain my cancellation confirmation number.

    If there are any issues with cancelling this order I will post that information on this site and any others I can find to warn people about this unethical company!

      • Well folks, if you use an AmericanExpress gold card, you will have none of these problems for several reasons. #1. Everything you buy through the gold card is guaranteed. IF you lose it, if it breaks, if it does not work, AmEx will refund your money. This is good for one year. In addition, if when you get the card, on the front in bright red ink you write: “OVER” and in the signature box, instead of signing it, write in “See photo ID”. IF the merchant does not do so, they are out of the money if you did not use the card. In fact, our card was stolen, used heavily the next day charging almost $2,000. We were responsible for zero! We did not realize the card was even missing until we got an email asking if we used it at a specific gas station in a specific town along with the address. The email said if we did not, to contact AmEx at the number on the back of the card. I went to get my card, and it was not there so I had the number recorded and called it. I told them of the email and the fact the card was not there. They asked last place where I used it and when, which was a restaurant which I reported. In just a few hours, I had a new card, the old card cancelled and was responsible for nothing at all and they handled every bit of the whole mess! In a case such as this, you call, tell them the unit does not work. IF they refuse a refund for any reason, you just say fine, hang up, call AmEx and they will handle it and immediately grant a credit for the item.

    • Check your math. The website plainly says the it costs $10.99 for one RoboStir, plus $6.99 handling and you get a second one free for a handling fee of $6.99. This totals $24.97 for one order, not the $17.98 as claimed. Somebody at Telebrands has fumble fingers at best in order to have charged $24.97 S/H and this needs to be adjusted promptly and an apology issued.

  11. I wanted to thank everyone who had something constructive to say about this product….I was just going to buy one but you all saved me a great big headache! THANK YOU!

  12. Just a basic comment, how about either on the product or instructions to put what size batteries it takes? Would be helpful.

    • It takes Four Each/4 Each AA’s. That’s supposed to last for Four Hours of Stirring. You could use Lithium AA’s but that’s a lot more expensive. But they do last a lot longer in Operation & will store well for about 10 Years. Plus they, unlike Alkalines Never, Ever Leak Acid. I suspect it’s Wired in Series, which would give You 6 Volts DC. In theory You could buy a AC to DC Plug & then wire it into the Robo Stir. Keeping the Wire out of the Food might prove to be a Challenge. But all You’d need to do then is Plug it in.

      • The part with the wires doesn’t go into the food. I bought one several years ago & love it. Since then I have bought several for gifts & everyone loves them. I’m in my kitchen cooking a lot & having the RoboStir help me is great as I don’t want to have to stand there for five minutes stirring. I’ve also found the Duracell batteries are the best to use & use batteries that are the same brand & age.

  13. I love mine, It works fantastic. I have made gravies, Alfredo Sauce and pudding and it works great. Loved the fact I could do other things rather than stand stirring. I paid $9.99 at Bed Bath Beyond and its a gem.

  14. RoboStir Complaint by kurisu7885

    I got one at Walmart maybe two months ago and it was working great, but now it seems the motor has died.

    Great idea, but it needs work.

  15. I used the Robostir this morning. It doesn’t work at all. I am fortunate that I purchased the piece of crap at Walmart so I can return it. Everything as seen on TV is worthless, I returned every one of them. The chef strainer is a piece of crap, which I also returned. I will not buy anything that I see on TV.

    • Just got this piece of junk this morning! Returned it back to store by lunch. It moves on one spot ! Slows and stops as soon as the gravy thickens, this cannot be used for anything like light pudding,light porridge, chicken stock! This is a child’s toy! Don’t waste your money, unless you need to stir your coffee.

  16. I just purchased the RoboStir today. I bought it at Walmart for $9.98. I don’t order on line because I don’t trust.
    Walmart has all gadgets that are “Seen on TV”. You might get an extra one ordering on line or on the phone, however you might also get billed more then the amount on your credit card. If it doesn’t work I can go back to Walmart and return it, I have 90 days to use it and see if I like it. So far the gadgets that I bought “As Seen on TV” I have returned, they have been a piece of junk.

  17. What is wrong with you people? Reading your stories, I can’t help but think you are all nuts. I feel bad for you getting screwed, but most of your complaints are a results of your failure to think.

    1. Read everything on the site before you order
    2. Search for reviews online
    3. See if you can buy it in a store instead of online (I got mine at Walgreens for $9.99)

    I have not opened it yet, but all I am risking is $10.

  18. Received today the RoboStir and it seems to be crap. First of all, it does not move around the pan as shown on tv. Second, it says it has 3 speeds, for some reason my only has one, slow!! Pushing the button once turns it on, pushing it again turns it off. If sauce is too thick it just stops working all together. What a piece of junk.

  19. Our chef bought 100 of these for use with State Diners. Unfortunately instead of charging us $1,000, they charged us $10 Million. We were going to call them to dispute the charge, but decided that if it helps working Americans to stay employed that it was worth it. Let me be clear, they don’t work but if it helps working Americans it’s worth it.

    • LOL, Why would you care if they over charged you since the tax payers pay. No one in Washington cares about the little ant farm workers as long as you all get your golden checks, health care and bonuses each year. Try using the stirrer in your mix of changes, maybe something will work 🙂 grins

    • Yes, but the Workers Your Helping are all in China! Why? Because they’re all Chinese. They even make the Batteries if it comes with those. I collect the Batteries & Super Glue a Magnet onto the bottom. Then I can stick them onto the Refrigerator. They come up with some really funny Names. Tiger Brand! If You Really wanted to Help Americans You’d hire some of Our Engineers to redesign this to Industrial Strength, then build it here with Americans making all the Parts In House. Even if it cost 5 times more, it would be worth it if it worked the way it’s supposed to. For the Salary were paying You we could Hire 12 Chinese to do Your Job instead, then send You to them as a Gift! No, You may not keep the Briefcase (Nuclear Football), the Armored Limo/Tank, Air Force One, or Marine One. Those all stay here! You do get to take the Wife & Kids with You. We have no use for them either.

    • Yes, You can hire an Illegal Alien & pay them Dirt Wages to stand there & stir all day for You. If they let anything burn, then You can beat them without mercy, but Not In The Head. That would make them Stupid & Ugly.

      • Pretty mean answers to someone who may have arthritis or other problems and really needs the help. You must be so proud.

        Jane, the only thing I’ve seen that really does seem to work (good reviews on amazon, though they’re currently out of stock) is the KitchenStir KS1000 Chef’s Stir Pan, for about 100.00. You can also buy the T-Fal Actifry, but it’s around 200.00-300.00 and amazon reviewer’s say it’s not as well made as the KitchenStir. Haven’t tried either myself, but this is all I’ve been able to find in this kind of thing. I’m thinking of buying the KitchenStir myself. Hope THIS answer actually HELPS you!

  20. This product looked cool from the commercials I saw on TV, so I was excited about getting a chance to use it after I found it at a local store
    that carries as seen on TV items regularly.

    Turns out, it is a glorified 3 speed vibrator toy with legs. It doesn’t stir anything worth a crap… that is unless you leave the pot empty with just water in it, then it does a little circle thing.

    Waste of $15, waste of energy picking it up from the shelf.

    It’s sad how much better a spoon works, I wanted badly for this thing to let me cook more things at once too.

  21. This did not work. Great idea, great concept. Did not work though. It slows down tremendously when you put it in sauces to stir. I tried something as simple as hollandaise sauce and it hardly could stir. Again, if they could improve the product -the idea is great!

  22. I want to thank everyone that’s posted on here. You’ve all saved the money and aggravation, I was thinking about ordering them. Again, thank you.

  23. Robo Stir, I got mine at Bed bath and Beyond for $10. Used it to make Rice pudding and Birds Custard. It worked pretty well Milk did not scald It moved around the pot (stove must be level or it will stick to one side). It was worth the money. Most of the horror stories came from Mail ordered which I never do on gadgets. So if you can get from a retail outlet I would get it. Its not a bad deal from my experience.

  24. Rule #1: Don’t buy trash, which this RoboStir so obviously IS! Rule #2: Don’t buy ANYTHING unless you can actually lay your hands of it & at least, inspect the box & it’s lies, unless you just happened to buy something this way, didn’t get screwed, & for whatever reason, LIKED said thing in the past. Rule #3: Expect to be ripped off. Rule #4: When you DO get ripped off, NEVER expect the lies to be the truth, because they can say anything. This is called, in Police work, as a “Confidence Racket”, yet it’s allegedly legal, A.K.A. persons engaged in enterprises for profit & is at best a swindle in which an unsuspecting person is cheated. A legal crime, as it were. Rule #5: If you learn something, remember it & don’t do it ever again.

    • Sorry, but that was supposed to be Police Work. this subject aggravates me to no end, & I know how easily deceived or duped people can be done because they lack basic common sense.

      • Who would know more about Confidence Games than the Police who Convince You that they will Protect & Serve You! The Truth is their just there to Zip You into the Six Handled Rubber Sack when the local Gang Robs You, then Kills You. We just had a Cop get Convicted of Raping at least 6 Women while He was on the Police Force for 13 Years. His Wife was a Cop too, & still is. They also caught an Illegal Alien from Mexico who had been on the Police Force for 5 Years & had Stolen the Identity of another Immigrant. Nice! I feel so much safer now. They all make on Average, with Overtime, 150,000 a Year.

  25. Haven’t people still never learned, never buy any junk advertised on TV. Always junk or too good to be true

  26. If you watch the commercial, you can see the Robostir just stays in the same corner bouncing off it. It doesn’t cover every inch of the pot as the cartoon portion of the commercial claims. You just need t pay attention to the commercial to see this thing is a piece of junk!!

  27. This product is a piece of crap. I wound up with one battery in my vanilla pudding the other two with the Robo-Stir in the sink and then the garbage. My husband paid $30+ for two of these. I’m gonna see if Discover can maybe go after them for me.

  28. Same story!! The damn commercial says $10 but when all you want is 1, you get charged almost $50. Ive been trying for over a month to get my money back.. I cancelled order and didn’t get it so at least its better than most on here. Evey time I call, *I will submit it to upper management* and *my supervisor is in a meeting* seem to be the standard response. ITS BULL CRAP! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  29. I ordered the deluxe upgrade because it is supposed to be taller for use in deeper pots. Well, they charged me for it, but I got the same old short RoboStir… both of them. I am very frustrated. Now, they are trying to deny that they ever said there were 2 sizes and that there was one with longer legs for use in deeper pots. Yet, I can still find reviews online of folks referring to it. So, what gives?

    Do any of you remember seeing that too when you watched/ordered?

    • yes I do remember very clearly the ‘deluxe Robostir’ I’m actually on their website now and as I was attempting to order I was given the option of upgrading to a Robostir. The charges are very confusing as they intentionally try to mystify you with free shipping yet a separate charge for shipping and a so called gift and yet another charge for the upgrade to a deluxe Robostir. Thank you all very much for your feedback I almost ordered 2 sets but decided to read reviews once I felt I was being duped into upgrading and being charged more than the advertized $10. You are all right, it does look like crap. I will pass on your reviews to all cooks I know.

  30. The silicone feet melted down with only medium heat. The stirring action is very inconsistent.

  31. I ordered one RoboStir and received a card saying it was backordered and they would ship it in 30 days. If I wanted to cancel the order, just sign and return the card, which is what I did. About 2 weeks later I received 5 boxes. Each box had 2 Robostirs and 1 Scoop and Strain. That’s 10 Robostirs and 5 Scoop and Strains. They charged my credit card $105.92. I called customer service and was given a return authorization #. I asked if they would refund the shipping too and the man said they would but not the cost of shipping it back to them. That’s just wrong. It was their mistake and I have to pay $20+ to return them. There’s got to be something we can do to stop this kind of fraud.

    I found a website that can help let others know before they get ripped off too.


    “On Your Side” consumer advocacy news teams all over the country are on the lookout for consumer scams. They do all the legwork for you. They send your story out to local TV News Stations in your area.

    The service is free to consumers.

    TV News consumer advocacy groups are in the business of helping consumers by exposing unethical companies that scam consumers

  32. Completely throwing your money into the garage… Making them rich. Can’t get in touch with them to discuss problems. Three speeds does not work. Just on and off switch works. Tried 2 two units new bat tiers relocated the feet. The &*^) thing is worthless. I got hooked on the upgrade and from the $35 to $75 after my card was charged. Got a card in the mail due to back orders they ask if I wanted to CANCEL I did. Guest what I received them in the mail. I was going to give them to other people as gifts BUT now I just as soon trash them. Go ahead and learn the hard way the way I did and throw your $$$$ AWAY.
    By the way it was their OFFICIAL WEB SITE.

  33. Okay, I watched the infomercial about the ROBOSTIR. Novel idea, I thought I ordered the first one and was supposed to receive the second one free. Then I was given the option of ordering another set and get one free for only $9.99. I received them 2 months later and was billed $80.06 WHAT???? I was charged $19.99 twice and $9.99 twice and received a total of 4 Robostirs. What happened to the buy one get one free???? I called to ask them about and they said I upgraded and I have to pay because it is not really for free I have to pay tax and S/H is free but they charged me $13.98 S/H. Again WHAT???? So I asked her again to explain why I was charged for all 4 Robo-Stirs, and she said I upgraded and I ordered 2 sets. So I was charged $19.99 for the 2 sets that I ordered. …..okay Then why did I get charged $9.99 for 2 more sets?? She said that I ordered another set and that is the price for those So I asked “How many sets was I charged for total?” She replied “2”. ….Okay then why was I charged for 4 and I was only shipped 2 sets. She said the free ones will arrive soon?????? I was upset that I was double charged and received 2 sets I got such a run around and it seemed like they did not know how to add when I kept asking for the price of one set and please clarify what comes with that then I asked what the other was and they kept giving me different answers. In the end she offered to let me keep the ones I have and she would credit my account only $15. or ship the extra set back at my cost for credit of $9.99 I asked where she is located and she says California. Well so am I. I know the definition of FREE and charging me for four sets when ordered 2 is not buy one get one Free.

    • I would really like to point out that, however cool the gadget may seem, the company name is the guarantee. If the company is not able to be reached and things are shady, then it is not worth the hassle that will surely arise from dealing with them. I will stick to TUPPERWARE and its money back guarantee!!

  34. Same story as the others, ordered 1, was sent 6, charged $120.09. Visa is disputing this for me. The Company telephone is disconnected. Apparently this company is a real scam operation. Beware.

  35. Ordered this by phone – very confusing. Kept trying to sell me everything else and never got to the point. Finally arrived – but was a double order. Not what I ordered. So their machine doesn’t get your order right. What a flimsy piece of crap!@ Doesn’t stand straight and falls over in pan. How is this supposed to help? The part on top which houses the batteries makes it top heavy. Not a good design. Sent duplicate order back – I paid postage – and they DID NOT refund the entire amount even though it was their mistake. I can understand if I didn’t want the item and returned it – but this was totally their fault.

    • Same story here. the automated ordering process kept leading me and confusing me into ordering me everything under the sun. no matter how many times I pressed the no option, they kept on offering more and more and more products and services. at that point I just wanted to cancel the order but was afraid they were going to put bogus charges on my credit card. They kept doing this automated crap for over 20 minutes and I felt trapped to stay on line just so they wont add any unwanted charges. I finally hung up in hopes that my order didn’t go through. Immediately after I went to check my credit card activity and luckily nothing was charged. My blood pressure did go up during the call though! even if they improve this product from crap to best and award winning product, offer it to me for free, I will never use it nor recommend it. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from this scam of a company and product.

  36. Has anyone reported them to the Better Business Bureau or something like that? Thanks for you reviews you’ve saved me from what sounds like a big hassle.

    • I agree KB, I went to the as seen on TV website and tried to order it but they charged me $20.99 per RoboStir, when it was supposed to be $10.99 then they charged me for the surprise gift..omg are you serious, I have NEVER once paid for a gift, after that something told me it was bogus so I canceled my order, thank god they didn’t charge me but its still BS n now cause of these reviews, I will not be buying the RoboStir.

  37. I received 2 Robo Stirs & 1 scoop for a total of $88.98. at $19.99 per robostir, shipping of $23.98 totally excessive! on robostir site they sell for only $10.00 & $6.99 shipping & handling & bonus scoop $6.99. why is such a discrepancy in pricing.


  38. Scams such as these are on the increase as there is an increased feeling that the federal government should stop regulating business. Also there is less federal funding to track and regulate these companies, so they thrive.

    • The federal government is not our nanny. We have access to sharing information about products, retailers, etc., let’s use it!

      The federal government does a lousy job at regulating most things. For example, the FDA is supposed to ensure pharmaceuticals are safe yet many drugs are recalled after being on the market for several years!

      • Nadine, the federal government should be prosecuting fraud and protecting people. For your example, the FDA is owned by big pharma anyways. All of your regulators in the US are practically owned by the companies they are supposed to be regulating. Try to look at other countries for examples, you might find sometimes it is extremely effective.

  39. Awful! Just awful! I ordered a Robo Stir for myself and a second one for $9.99. Two months later it arrived and they had sent me four stirs and charged my credit card $73.94. I was furious. First they sent me two more than I asked for and they over charged my credit card. When I called they stated that I ordered four and I told them no I only ordered two. She gave me a return items number and told me to send them back. I wanted my shipping and handling also. It was their fault they sent me four instead of two. I sent two back. I think it cost me $12.00 to send back with a signature. Now I get my statement back and they credited me $19.00. I called back. She said I upgraded the Robostirs to three rotating stems which is more. I told her I never updated anything. All I asked for was one more at half the price which is what I was offered. She says they credited you $19.00 dollars but we still owe you $7.00 more. I said no! No! You owe me total $43.95. She wouldn’t give me the money back that I was owed. At the end of the conversation I just told her I’ll send the other two back because this is just not worth it. So I’ll be out a little over $20. I’ll never order over the phone again. I also want to know if there is something I can do to get my shipping and handling money back?

  40. Ok, I tried to make them work. These Robo Stirs would not stir anything thicker than water. They are totally useless for risotto, scrambled eggs, and any sauce that is at all viscous. Maybe it will stir watery soup. For applications that really require continuous stirring (like roux) they are useless. This is a good idea that has been inadequately engineered.

    Returned all 6 (5 of which “worked properly” on all 3 speeds, one of which had only one speed). So I’m out the shipping.

    • The idea is great! I have disability which makes standing extremely difficult. Yet I love to cook custards, risotto and other stir intensive items..I think I will hold off on getting these. I was stung on the “bark Off device last year! Every time I pointed at my dog she barked… hmm maybe it should have been named the bark on!

  41. OK – just finished reading the many, many feedback comments – isn’t it amazing how an item they start of by offering for $10. can zoom up to $60/$75 purely because of “free” shipping/handling, gift charges. I’ll never buy anything on TV after reading this web site – thanks for the input, funny, witty, wise, and the rest. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

  42. Years ago, I ordered two brooms from a TV ad. $10 for the first plus S&H for the second which just happened to be 8.73 for a total of $18.73. About six-weeks later, I received a postcard informing me that they were on back-order and would be shipped as soon as they came in. Years have gone by and I still haven’t received the brooms.

    Cured me of ordering anything off an infomercial or TV ad.

  43. I ordered the Robo Stir back in January 2011. But the stirers never arrived, instead I was informed by credit card was invalid blah, blah, blah. I tried to call to correct/verify the order and was asked for a “password” to process the order. I never was given a password in the first place. Could go no further on the phone.

    Made the mistake of ordering again on-line, starting over, so to speak. This time I was charged the double in shipping/handling charges ($13.98) so those expenses were more than the $10.99 Robo Stir. Had said “No thanks” to expedited handing, second stirrer etc. No chance to REVIEW the order either. Just charged the $24.97. Total rip off. Feel scammed!!! Never again.

    • Thanks to all in this review section. I was skeptical, especially at $10.00, second one free, plus a strainer thing and “hold for info on free shipping” which I did, just to find if you upgraded to $19.99 you got free shipping on that one, but you paid $6.99 S/H for the first robostir, then $6.99 for the “free” gift, for a total of $31.00 if you didn’t upgrade the second one. It’s still a rip-off, and after reading that it doesn’t work, ( and how about the batteries – are they included?).

      So glad I checked this out online – and thanks to all who care enough to contribute so we can all avoid these scam artists.

  44. To all you people who wrote those reviews. I am very grateful. I ordered Robo-stir 2 week’s ago. I called four time’s to check the order and 4 time’s it was wrong. One time they charged me for 4 set’s at the price of $125.00. I called bank ahead of time and they said no problem they would not let anything go through. I really believed you all in telling me that it was a rip off and that it did not work right eg. the battery acid, not reaching corner’s etc. They are all good question’s. Said it could not mix cous cous. I wondered if it would mix gravy. That’s tomato sauce back East. No way and I ordered the better one. Such a disaster and it was supposed to be a gift for a friend who cook’s a lot, both of them with the scoop and strain. They asked me if I paid $9.00 they will still send me my order still. I declined. I even bought the alumna wallet and called 7 time’s and the last time was today.

    Yesterday the rude girl told me like a robot that it cost only $19.99 on my charge, she insisted 4 time’s. They said when they ship they will deduct. On March 9th I got an e-mail stating that it was shipped. they deducted $27.18 from my account. Next day phone rang and computer voice asked me for my address that they could not find my home.Yesterday it was $19.99. Second time I called they said I ordered 4 deluxe set’s at the price of $129.00. I flipped. Erase start over. One deluxe set $25.15 ? Today she said you paid by check right. Oh no, credit card.

    Listen I am the customer so get it right. one deluxe set. Already charged $27.18. Now she says $27.40 so I say I owe you .22 cents. She asked , “Did we charge you already” I said yes. She said they will be shipped in 4-6 weeks. I said,” It says it was shipped on March 9th already”, QUIET ON PHONE.’ Hold on please. Tick tock. OK we will charge you $27.18 and ship it out. I told her is it that hard to mail 2 wallet’s out and charge Ca. tax. Do not make another mistake or charge on my account or you will meet DRACULA ! You will not win.

    I am a businessman and make no mistake’s with people’s money. I really want the wallet’s so I pray. Seven calls and 7 mistake’s. These people need to meet in the same room at the same meeting and read the same book of rule’s. Those who make mistake’s should be fired. This is the second product from Tele-brand Marketing that they are trying to screw me up but I am ahead of the dope’s. If I see a mistake on my account I will turn rabid with rabies, foam at the mouth and devour these fools. So simple. Take order, listen, plain or deluxe model, add shipping, processing. Deduct shipping if deluxe model is purchased. Give consumer exact price and order number.

    Tell them 4-6 week’s or sooner and thank them. Process the order. Forbid us all if they had to flip a burger, be a server in a restaurant or had something that one really had to use their head and multi-task. These people are out there serving us working and getting paid their $4.50. They will never amount to anything. No brains, no responsibility to the consumer or your company. They can’t add or subtract . Oh my bill for the wallet said sub-total $217.18 owed on 3 lines then is said owed $27.18.

    I asked her what was that. I turned green when I saw it. I swear. Everything I say is true and correct and not demeaning Telebrands in any way. I am demeaning these fools that manage to get a job there. I ordered micro-touch razor and it is the best!!!! Beautiful made. I have one for 10 years and it still works like new. Going to order three more for friends. So Telebrands keep up your cool products but get rid of the bad operator’s. They are ruining your company.

    I like a lot of your product’s but if these fools mess with my bank account or my dinero they are looking for trouble. Let them study or relieve them of their stupidity. And people, NEVER GIVE A CHECK OR YOUR TRACKING NUMBER. THEY WILL BE ABLE TO GET INTO YOUR ACCOUNT AND DESTROY IT AND THE ONLY THING THE BANK WILL DO IS CLOSE ACCOUNT AND OPEN NEW ONE. OTHERWISE THEY WILL HAVE A FREE FOR ALL IN YOUR ACCOUNT AND TAKE MONEY OUT WHENEVER AND BOUNCE YOUR IMPORTANT CHECK’S EG. RENT, CABLE, PHONE, CHARGE CARD’S ETC. TRUST ME OR TALK TO YOUR BANKER. A charge card can be stopped simple. No charge card, no buy product. Sincerely to all good honest hard working people, don’t let anyone steal your money or sell you junk, complain.

    Frank A. Collete

  45. I don’t believe half of these comments, or reviews cause everyone is so negative. Yes the website didn’t work right, and I got two sets instead of 1 robostir. However, they all work, and I have tried them in soup and they work fine. What amazed me the most, and is something that nobody talks about is about the unit itself.

    The gadget does not actually rotate, it vibrates in a cylindrical motion causing it to rotate, and thus stiring your food. The legs seem adequate I would say 5 to 6 inches high, which would satisfy most situations.

    I have ordered from infomercials before, and while not every product is top notch, most do what they say they do depending on the claims. I say use common sense, which most people don’t use good judgment, nor common sense. Why do we have all these product warnings? Simply people not using common sense.

    For instance the product warning on the robostir says do not put in pot in a oven. Oh really? What kind of moron would even consider this, but the warning is there for a reason where someone has either done this, or blamed the company cause it doesn’t say you cannot do this, I swear… morons!

    Overall I am happy with the product for the price, I got 4 Robostirs, not 1 set, including the 2 bonus ladles with built in strainers for a total of $40.40 cents. I am selling the additional ones to friends or family who is going to make a big stink out of just $40, not worth the hassle of returning the extra set in my opinion.

    Enjoy your purchase, and people use common sense when buying.

    • You are the moron for letting $40.00 go with no regards to its value. Yes $40.00 is a big stink. Why not order 100 sets @ $40.00 each and just let it go and sell excess to friends. If it does not work I don’t want it.

    • I bought one of these units and here’s my take:

      a) it’s a piece of junk, mine broke after about 4 hours.


      b) it’s a great idea and when Kitchenaid or some other reputable company sells a $75 one that’s made in Germany I’ll be the first to buy it.

      The Robostir ones are absolute garbage, a sucker routine.

  46. SCAM Should have read the reviews first. Thought I was ordering one for 19.99 plus shipping. Received 2 sets with 2 scoops which I did not want. Total came to over $73.00. I confess I am not going to the hassle of returning what I did not order and trying to get a refund. Have ordered only twice before on TV. Once I got exactly what I wanted. The other time, it was pretty much what it claimed to be – just not as good.

    • Nancy, use a charge card and stop the charge and send them their crap back certified. Do not ever throw your $73.00 away.

  47. Years ago I bought a device sold in one of those sunset magazine type of sales things. It stirred by sitting on top of the pan and had a battery operated mechanism on top that powered three arms that went into the pot. It worked great and I loved it because it meant that I could get long stirring dishes done without effort. I had it for years and then someone dropped it and broke one of the arms. I have not found it again. If anyone finds it, I recommend it and would love to get one again. It cost about seven dollars. I had hoped that the robostir would be a replacement, but you have all warned me. So look for this device that I used.

  48. Had I read the comments I would not have been stuck with this scam. I, too, ordered three, I received six units: two functioning on three speeds, two with two speeds and two not at all working!

    I called the company and was told in order to get a refund I would have to return them at my own expense! The package cost me $34.95 shipping! They expect me to spend that much more to get back the $30.00 cost of the units! A loss of then $69.90!!


  49. I have not bought one, thought about it seriously but decoded to read the reviews first. I have bought only a few things as advertised on TV The one thing I did buy was a Magic Jack. It worked and was a great product. Unlike Robostir, I think I will see if it comes out in Walmart get a real look at it.

    • Speaking of Magic Jack, I’m glad you had a good experience. I bought one off of an infomercial before they started selling them at large retailers. When I purchased it, my area code was not available. This meant if my friends or family who still used land-lines tried to call me, they would pay long-distance rates. Trying to send it back was ridiculous. I had to get the BBB involved to finally get my money back. Since then, I haven’t purchased anything off of an infomercial.

  50. These folks are THE WORST and will not stop charging my debit card, even after the order has been cancelled. When you call to talk to someone, you hold forever and talk to a bunch a foreigners whose job it is to stall and delay. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!

  51. I invented this thing in my mind long ago. I thought it would be a great idea. I was sure the inventor would make millions of dollars from it. However, when I looked closer I saw that the “arms” didn’t go to the edges of the pan every time. Also, the thing spun around in the middle of the pan sometimes. I guess if the stuff it’s stirring is thick, the thing won’t spin out. I’m not going to buy one, but it’s still a great idea (in my mind). Maybe it’ll improve with work.

  52. According to the video from the TV station test referenced above, it doesn’t work worth sour owl squat. It refused to stir scrambled eggs, just spun them around the pan in a clump. It did not move hamburger fairly sparsely spaced in a pan. It hung up as gravy heated and thickened.

    Bah! Humbug!

  53. Robostir is a scam. You order the 2 for $9.99 and when you are ordering they ask you if you would like to order the deluxe also for $19.99. If you order the deluxe you only get 2 Robo-Stirs and they charge you $9.99 + $19.99+ $6.99 shipping. I thought I was getting 2 Robo-Stirs and a deluxe.

    • Same here Maxine, I thought for sure I would get two DIFFERENT RoboStirs, but it ended up being the same Robostir as the first. I am truly disappointed that I paid so much, I ordered 3 sets, and now I am stuck with 6 of the same RoboStirs, instead of 3 regular and 3 deluxe. I would not recommend this for anyone…they do not send you what they say they will.

  54. I was thinking of getting one but was concerned about the height of the legs, don’t want the machine part sitting in the sauce. Since the description leaves that info out I decided not to get it. Also, unless you are holding the thing with your hand, I can’t see how it can stir a pot of anything. May as well use a spoon then.

    • I agree. It does sound like a load of low grade fertilizer to me & my common sense. If you’re too lazy to cook, you don’t deserve to eat. It’s akin to buying frozen peanut butter & jelly sandwiches with no crusts & actually selling them to someone who is way too lazy, or sorry to be bothered with fixing a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, cutting the crust off if “necessary”, which is extremely wasteful as well as the act of bowing down to spoiled brats who are either too sorry, stupid, or lazy to be taught by their equally sorry, stupid, or lazy adult keepers to fix something I was fixing at the age of 5 years old. Whoever buys this trash deserves to be ripped off because they apparently can’t be bothered with the simplicity of cooking. If you have a disability, this does NOT mean you. You have legitimate cause for concern. This is garbage at best.

    • Anyone can make roux if you turn the hear very very low, cook longer and stir every 5 mins….. the sauces in the commercial are mostly water…. a best case scenario…. LOL…. one born every minute.

      • It amazing to me how many people, these days, seem to use NO common sense & always try to buy the “easy” way out of simple tasks.

  55. This sounded too good to be true, which apparently it is. Just watched the WALLET POP video which was pathetic, and came here…..

    Anyone out there like it, or even buy it?

    I really wanted one of these. Thanks for the heads up

  56. I received a card saying my order for Robo-Stir was backordered. I never ordered this item, and never would no need to….I know how to stir a pot. They had me not ordering just one but 4, and said they were back ordered, also, said it would not charge my credit card with item until it came in…and that if I no longer wanted item to return the postage paid stamp which I am doing today, and I am praying that I will not be charge for this. Has anyone else had this happen? How did it turn out for you or is there any advice anyone has for me.

    • Barbara…..the same exact thing happened to me today. I never ordered anything from them and it makes me wonder how they got my credit card number. I wrote on the return card that I will sue if they charge me and that I did not order 4 of their Robo-Stirs. Also I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. There are a lot of complaints online about this company. I wish the government would investigate them.

      • The same thing happened to me. My husband was trying to order one, we received the card that they were back ordered we replied on the card that we want to cancel our order. On 2/28 my checking acct was charged for $73.00. We just called they won’t refund our money and we have no product to return. I don’t know what to do?

        • I ordered 1 robostir and 1 deluxe model. 2 months later received the backorder card. signed it, and returned it. At about the time they should have received the card it was shipped, charging my bank card $73.94. Outrageous charge so when it arrived I refused the shipment thinking it would be returned to Telebrands. No way! since they will not pay return postage it sits in limbo en-route to a local post office in Jacksonville FLA. I called Telebrands 2 weeks ago to explain as I have here. “We’ll take a look at your account” The charge is still on my bank account. Next step is a dispute with the bank.

    • I received an email saying my Robostirs had shipped. I never ordered them. Shortly afterward, I received the postcard saying it was backordered. I sent an email saying I had never ordered the item, but got no response.

      I received 6 Robostirs and my cc was billed $64.

      I’m going to see how they work in the kitchen. One of them only works on one speed, but the rest seem ok.

      But how did they get the info for the order? Very suspicious.

  57. Spending 45 minutes stirring a roux this week inspired me to search for info on RoboStir.

    I found this video,, showing the operation of the Stirr which is similar to the RoboStir. Search Stirr on youtube for more videos. Stirr comes from a company called uutensil. uutensil directs USA buyers to

    Hmmm, looking at these videos the Stirr is either different or revised; product videos from around 2009 show 4 legs rather than 3. I wonder if there is a difference in motor strength between the 4 leg and 3 leg models too.

    I think I will pass for now.

  58. This product has it potentials. The problem? It’s under $15. LOL. What do you expect for something that cost only $15? Maybe if it was a heavy-duty unit, more powerful, and a bit bigger, made of stainless steel instead of cheap plastic. And cost about $25. It would have been a better unit. The problem isn’t the invention. The problem is Americans are too cheap.

  59. I’ve ordered quite a few infomercial products such as the Ronco knife set, Ninja master prep, Slap Chop, Mighty Putty, and strap perfect, to name a few. Of these, the only one that worked exactly as described was the Strap Perfect, however, due to the…um… size of my breasts, the flimsy little thing broke. All of these products worked to a degree, but they did not work as well as they were described. I imagine the RoboStir would be the same way. I tried to order, but the website was crap. I suggest waiting until it comes out in Walmart, you’ll save on the shipping… they tend to overcharge on the shipping anyways especially for Hawaii.

    Thanks y’all!

    • Thanks for the nice story about the size of your boobs, but unless you used them to stir the contents of a pot, it has nothing to do with the story. The question is, does the robostir actually work? You haven’t even used one yet. Please leave your latent exhibition tendencies off the web site.

      • Please Lita, life is too short to jump in somebody’s stuff for sharing a story. So what if she used the word boobs. I enjoy people with a personality. I spend far to much time with negative, critical, BORING people who have nothing better to do but start each day with a criticism and it takes off from there. That mentality literally SUCKS the life out of those of us who try to be easygoing and enjoy the time we do have here on earth. Unfortunately, for now I am stuck with people like you…part of my job and I cannot escape it or I would. In the meantime, did you ever consider that your bleak, negative, very critical outlook on life drains everybody around you? Do you realize how selfish that is? Think about it Lita, it’s not too late to change and you would add so much to the lives of people you come in contact with. It actually makes healthy people ill to have to deal with you! Get a life and try to enjoy – ADD to the world huh?

  60. My concern is after a while is battery going to leak after being over the heat numerous times?? I know I don’t want acid on my food;think about it with all the heat and steam it’s going to corrode eventually and I’m not going to take the chance! I will stay with the spoons and spatulas!!

    • The batteries are concealed in a cover goes down over the motor potion of the unit, and locks with a twist. The motor is completely sealed, and will not contact the food at all. This cover then is covered with silicone rubber which gives the unit its water proof ability. I would not be worried about steam, or battery acid getting into your food because of this. The unit uses 4 double A batteries, if you use good batteries like duracell, and not cheap batteries like you find in Odd Lots you should be fine. Most batteries of this type do not leak, and usually only after months after their lifespan runs out. Yes, batteries do have a limited lifespan.

      The unit however is not submersible, so care must be had to not tip the unit over while using. I would inspect the unit periodically, to verify that proper battery voltage is maintained at all times. Otherwise your worries are unfounded, you will not get battery acid in your food from normal use.

      • Hey Doug, are you connected with the company/manufacturer/distributor of this Robostir? Seems like I’ve seen your name in several reviews, and defending and/or giving info about the product. If you are, listen to the complaints, man, and get yourself and your big bosses together and make this thing right.

    • If You use the More Expensive Lithium Batteries they Never, Ever Leak because there’s no Acid in them to start with! Their a lot lighter, store for over 10 Years & have more power than the Alkalines!

    • Thanks for the news link of “Does it Really Work?” regarding the Robo-Stir. I found the video very informative and will not be buying this product. As to “Sean’s” allegations that this is some sort of virus link, I have not found that to be the case at all. I loaded up the page just fine, watched the video and came back to post about it. THANKS jdbean!

  61. I was afraid to order because the RoboStir site looked dubious, so I checked, and I can see that I had good intuition. The problem is that I really need the product for a project my kids are doing. It doesn’t have to actually work as intended, although it DOES have to move around in the pot and look like it’s working. Can anyone who is not thrilled with theirs sell me one, please?

    • I cant access the RoboStir website and never did receive the product. Ripped off again. I would not buy from this site if you are considering it. wasted $30.00.

    • What kind of project are your kids doing? The gadget stirs, but not in a way you suspect. The gadget does not physically spin, it vibrates in a way causing the unit to spin when in liquid. It needs liquid to rotate because it uses the liquid as a lubricant, while it’s powerful motor vibrates in a cylindrical manner causing the unit to spin. So the whole unit rotates, not just the legs. If you are suspect of the site, I would suggest you wait until someone is selling them on amazon, and order one from them. Good Luck

  62. Pat says:
    January 11, 2011 at 7:12 am

    Is RoboStir dishwasher safe

    Dunno, is your C.C. dishwasher safe ?
    (Technically NO, it has an RFID now…)

    Because your going to get taken to the cleaners !

    (Sorry for the mixed metaphore…)

  63. I wish my link had not been denied, but Frank January 8, 2011 at 11:54 am posted a different link to the same video.

    Watch it !

    You won’t get duped by them, bad business practices aside, the item plain doesn’t work !

    Thank you

  64. Thanks, for your comments. Glad I read all the reviews first. Your feedback help me save my hard earn $$.

  65. I just called the # to order and its A SCAM!! You can not talk to a human, and they want your credit card # before anything! I acted as I was placing a order and gave random # after asking for a live operator several times, and they took my 0000000000 BS-info and processed it as it was a real order, SO WORD OF CAUTION DON’T DO IT!! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY AND END UP PAYING TRIPLE OR MORE FOR THE SAME PRODUCT AT WALMART IN THE “AS SEEN ON TV ITEMS”!

      • Thankyou all for posting the witty spark video on the Robo Stir..We almost bought that thing because we make gravy and several other items that take a lot of stirring…I am not even going to purchase it at Walmart…That video was about the saddest product that I have ever seen…Thank You again for posting your videos and review for people like me that would have ended up buying that thing if it wasn’t for you…

        • Thanks for that advise. Now that Walmart’s gone to crap, and I look elsewhere to purchase if at all possible, I won’t be tempted by a cheap price in an overpriced warehouse for an overpriced mail order gadget.

    • I clicked on Frank’s link and watched the review. That was pitiful! This RoboStir clearly does not work! I really like the concept, it was a great idea, but the execution was just terrible! If they ever get the kinks worked out and the product actually performs as intended I will definitely buy 2! For now though, I’m glad I came to this site and read these RoboStir reviews!

      • Well I got mine, and it works in soup but I would not try to use it in eggs or hamburger because the robostir must be in liquid to work properly. The unit doesn’t actually spin, it vibrates in a cylindrical way causing the unit to spin. This guy’s tests were a bit biased for several reasons.

        1) It will not stir eggs that are cooked, or mostly cooked cause it needs liquid which it uses as lubrication for it’s silicone rubber feet. Same thing for the meat, this gadget will not stir meat, or stuff not submerged in liquid. Why? Again, it uses the liquid as lubrication for the cylindrical action. This cylindrical motion feels like vibrations in your hand, when the unit is in liquid this motion turns the unit, spining it around. It is not designed to move really thick food like re-fried beans for instance, it simply is not designed for that.

        2) The pans they are using them in need a smooth bottom(surface). I have worked in commerical kitchens, these pans or pots get alot of use, and they are far from smooth. Most home owners pots are relatively smooth causing less drag, and also think that the feet are made of rubber, they need to move without much resistance to work correctly.

        3) Look at the price of this gadget, it is only $10 each for christ sakes, does anyone believe they are getting a professional device for that amount? Really?

        4) It works for light sauces, soups, and pudding. It is not designed for much more, I think it is fine for those things, otherwise you get what you pay for, and this is a really cheap item so don’t expect much more from it.

  66. It really does boggle my mind that such blatantly fraudulent products are allowed to be advertised on network television.

    I thought the item seemed like a great idea and almost purchased one but decided to goggle RoboStir + reviews before I did, and found all these complaints.

    No thanks…I’ll continue to use a spoon.

  67. Sadly, this website is biased !

    I provide a working link to video that PROVES it is a SCAM.

    The post was NOT allowed !

    It was a live news crew that unboxed it
    and operated it on their live news set !

    They also added video from a local restaurateur
    that it horribly failed at too !

    • This site is obviously not biased because a link to the video you are referring to was posted about 3 times already. I know because I just watched it thanks to this site. But to those of you who have not watched it yet, I advise watching it a.s.a.p. especially if you are thinking about purchasing this pitifully disappointing product.

  68. Have any of you thought about canceling the charges through your credit card? I mean, especially for the few of you that have stated you ordered it and it was doubled and/or you never received it in the mail? Call the credit card company and dispute the charge. It might be a pain in the butt, but why pay for obvious crap?

  69. This RoboStir is a scam. When you oder online, it makes a series of offers to double your order or upgrade the merchandise but does not give you a total or a chance to review and back out of your order. Once you have ordered, it is impossible to cancel it. You’ll have to call everyday and they’ll keep telling you that your order has not been posted so they cannot cancel it. THIS IS A SCAM. BEWARE OF TELEBRANDS. THE AUTHORITIES HAVE TO LOOK INTO THIS ILLEGAL OPERATION.

    • It is not a scam in the way you suggest, I agree that the website does not work correctly but I think that is because the site was overwhelmed the number of people attempting to order or variations of that. I was not offered a series of offers during my order process. I will agree, I did not get a confirmation screen telling me the order was processed, or if it even went through. And I did not get an email saying the order was processed, or the units had been shipped.

      However, a true scam is if you send money, and get nothing in return. While I don’t believe they are scammers, they don’t operate in formal business manner, and do not attempt to fix errors quickly. Although I still think most of these problems are because they were not prepared for the popularity of this product, and were not staffed to handle the volume. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, cause finished their obligation with me in a fair way.

  70. After all these RoboStir reviews of the ripoff aspect of this, not one of you had the thought to tell all of us if the RoboStir actually works, or how it works !

    Really ?

    The money is only half the ripoff,
    “does it work” is the other !

  71. Do not buy this product, although I have not ordered and use it, but thanks for all the above reviews and tips. I was almost throwing my money out. They told you free shipping, but they scammed you. DON’T FALL FOR IT EVERYONE! In San Jose, where I live, Costco will carry the item that truly work for their customer in a given time. So which means it is safe to have a trusted company do the testing for us before we bring anything in our home. Good luck!

    • I fell for a couple of television offers, lamenting both of them. These companies do not make their money on the products; they make it on inflated handling charges. I have been successful in getting my money refunded, but it took hours and hours on the telephone and in writing — and at the post office. Every time I see something that looks enticing now, I remember the scams of the past and do as others here have recommended: get it in a local store, even if there is not the two-for-one offer. It saves money in the long run, and, more importantly, it saves frustration and grief. (I really would like to have something stir for me when I have to leave the kitchen for a few minutes!)

      • Joe, you are correct! Look for my various replies above for how this product works, and what it’s limited use should be. People are too quick to point fingers anymore without considering all factors.

        Why am I sticking up for the Robo-stir? Do I work for them? Hardly, I am a hard working American who’s a 4th generation owner of a family business which has nothing to do with kitchen appliances, or the housewares industries. I think the product deserves a chance, and am not one of those people who loves to trash talk just for the sake of being critical.

        Just like the rest of us, I wish it could do more than it does, but it is a good attempt at solving a problem we all have. Isn’t that the hallmark of a good invention, something that solves a problem. Do I think this product could be better, sure I do. But I will continue to say this over and over, this is a cheap device with limited use. It is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I can’t think of many things I have bought in the last 5 years that are superbly great for just ten dollars.

        • I now think, you are the inventor. Just can’t believe what you said in your last sentence. And for ten bucks, do you think this stupid product is worth an hour’s work for those who earn that less? That’s not all. The scam here is these folks received more than what they ordered, got charged for more, and the customer service is awful, if not non-existent. Lastly, Ive been through all these reviews/comments posted here, and not a single one stated they have gotten what they expected. So, it seems, the ads/infomercial are misleading the public. To me, if this company is legit, after all these outcry, they should suspend all their ads and infomercials, sales, distribution of the product, and improve their customer service before they continue selling this product.

          • Doug, forgot to mention one more. What about these folks who received notices about their orders, got charged for them, when they hadn’t ordered them in the first place? How did the company able to get their credit card numbers, addresses, and all that personal, sensitive and confidential infos? And you don’t call this a SCAM?

        • Doug – don’t listen to them. They are all obviously haters who love to complain.

          I am intending on getting this product and all these negative reviews have not detered me.

          I am not expecting something that will stir meat or other obviously too thick foods. I am looking for something to fill a small desire. To stir liquid items for a couple minutes so I can attend to other matters while cooking.

          Very few of the people who have complained have talked about if the product actually works. There are a couple other people who have indicated that it does indeed work at a level one can expect for such a cheap price.

  72. Thanks so much for all of the reviews! I am so glad I didn’t order…. what alarmed me is I didn’t feel assured that their site was a secure site to put in your credit card number, so I kept digging around til I found these reviews & opinions, can’t tell you how happy that makes me!! Thanks again!

  73. Yes indeed, it is a genuine rip-off that runs up a charge 5-6 times what the TV ad leads you to believe it will cost you. Beware of anything that asks for your credit card number as the first step as you are then entering something you probably cannot back out of. I’ll wait until it shows up at Wal-Mart, Target or Menards and get a good look-see at it. If it looks OK, I suspect the cost will be a great deal less than “FreeRoboStir” hits you with with all their added secret charges that they keep hidden from you until your credit card bill arrives next month.

    TAKE A PASS ON THIS ONE FOR SURE AND BE VERY WARY OF ALMOST ANYTHING PROMOTED ON TV! CNN, Fox and others should be ashamed to broadcast these type of ads for products!

  74. I’m so glad they came out with this product! Before this I had to use a regular spoonula and my wrist! It was such a work out that I was constantly spraining my wrist and having to wear a brace plus my right arm doesn’t have as many fat rolls as my left because it’s the one I used to stir with. Now I’m able to put the Robostir in whatever I’m making and it makes time for me to eat my pre-meal tub of lard! Thank you Robostir for making stirring one less work out for me to do, now I just need something that can breath for me and I’ll be set!

  75. I appreciate the concept of the RoboStir due to yrs ago I had designed one which fits on top of the pot and 110v powered but costs to patent plus R&D too much to handle. I still might buy one but learned to avoid most As Seen On TV products due to reasons others have given. Not unlike buying AARP/The Hartford Insurance or others on-line/telephone then fight to get claims paid, via email/telephone. Their advantage. I’ll wait until the stir device is in stores where I can return it if necessary.

  76. Good for you Dale. Someone needs to do something to companies like this and an attorney would do it. 🙂
    My Husband is disabled and was suppose to get his prescriptions through the mail a four years ago (Select Care Benefits) but, the type of medications he’s on they could not do it but we had already paid $180.00
    We called our credit card, The Attorney General in the State that the company was practicing, and we contacted Select Care Benefits to get a refund. We never did get our money back. Both my Husband and I are disabled and $180.00 is a lot of money to us.

    That is why I’m so leery about doing business with companies on the phone or on-line and I always check for reviews.

  77. yes, David I’m sure everyone knows how much these products costs as I do. Just because people are complaining about the scams and hidden prices that are going on doesn’t mean they are ignorant. I have never dealt with a company that ask you for your credit card number first before they even have your name, address, etc…

    I did find there phone number and when I confronted them about what was going on the lady did not know what to say. What gives you the right David to Judge other people and call them ignorant? If anyone wants the phone number it’s 1-800-777-4034. Their web site is:

    Thanks for your RoboStir reviews everyone I read them before I ordered this product. I will just wait until this is in the store at the mall where they sell product that are on t.v

  78. I really like the idea of this RoboStir. The ordering/payment process is very very doubtful. Buy deluxe and pay $10 ea. but no info on what deluxe means. Negative online comments/reviews about duplicate payments and no response to the online site “contact us”. I’d like this product even if the cheap price is for a cheap product! But this process is full of potential fraud and lack of recourse.

  79. I believe there is a similar product called Stirr (stir with a second “r” at the end). I was looking online for a battery operated stirring device after seeing the Robostir ad on tv, and then looking at their website with all the extra add-ons and handling fees. The picture online of Stirr looks almost exactly like this Robostir. Wonder if the product was bought out, or copied. Anyway, Amazon has links to the product, one for about $30, one for about $20, but I didn’t check the handling and shipping costs. Amazon does NOT sell it directly. So, if Robostir is really more like $65 on their site, maybe buying a similar product advertised at $30 is really cheaper than the Robostir at “$10+”?

    Hope that some people who have purchased any of these battery operated stirring devices will let us know if they work.

  80. I saw the commercial and thought it seemed like a good idea. I never considered buying from the site or phone, but intended to wait until it was in the store. However not one person here has actually reviewed the product! You are all ranting about hidden charges, which is important information for prospective buyers, but how about letting us know if it is worth a trip to the store, where the price we see is the one we will pay? Would someone who actually received the product PLEASE review the actual product for us?

  81. I tried to purchase this RoboStir from their commercial on tv. I was told I would two for price of one, a slotted spoon thrown in for nothing and it was not over $10. When you go through their screens though and answer no no no, they take your credit card no., then you see the billing amount for $33.09

    two for 10.00 and shipping was free but $6.99 for handling fee, $6.99 processing free. THIS IS A RIP OFF AND FRAUDULENT. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THEM FROM THIS ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

    • They actually tell you in the commercial that you have to pay separate shipping and handling…as is usually the case when you get extra gifts!! sorry you felt duped…I hate how they do that last screen total on most stuff like that.

    • Have you ever bought anything on Ebay, they have huge shipping and handling fees, why? I know all the tricks here cause our company had an Ebay store for years, and Ebay has strict policies of what you can charge, and what you cannot charge. But those are not even the best part. Sellers are not allowed to tell customers of any of the fees Ebay charges the sellers, I used to itemize every item so customers would know what they were paying for, and every auction got declined because I was revealing their golden eggs.

      Shipping and handling is so high because this is the only way you can make money on Ebay. There is so much price competition, that one cannot make it on margins, so the last place left is shipping.

      This is no different, they are making their money not on the products themselves but the shipping. I have had many customers look for products online which are being sold way under my “cost”, but they fail to read the fine print, and with the shipping and handling they find they paid double what they would have paid me for the exact same product.

      This is the way internet stores are putting brick and mortar stores out of business, they are tricking people into paying more. Embarrassment keeps the people from doing anything about it, and the cycle continues until all the Mom and Pop stores go out of business. That is when the people them complain, but that is when it is too late.

      Until people wise up, they will lose all their choices for local retail stores, and will be forced to pay wally world or whomever whatever price they charge because of no competition. It is coming people, and you have caused it all ourselves.

      • You’re way out of line again, Doug. You are comparing Ebay and this company selling this Robo Stir. Big red delicious apple and a rotten orange fruit, that’s the comparison you’d like to do? Ebay is always transparent on what they sell and the total shipping charges, ships the EXACT number ordered (not double, as noted on many reviews), a review section, where you can back out if you decide not to push through with the transaction, and above all a customer service that’s second to none, if something, or anything at all, goes awry. Let me see, maybe, just maybe, you are connected with the advertising company handling this company account, some sort of a damage-control guy. Are you? Are you?

  82. Everyone should know that if you decide it is a scam immediately, Call your CC Co (Usually an 800 # on the back of the card or on a bill) Tell them you have been scammed and to not pay the bill. That will usually do it and you will not be billed no will the scammer be paid.

  83. As Nancy Neumayer says: on December 9, 2010 at 2:32 am

    The same thing happened to me that happened to Sue Johnson, above. I thought it would be $10 plus handling, and I would receive two, plus the spoon. Somehow it ended up totaling over $60 and there was no way to back up or cancel or edit the order. This is the first time I have ever had to give payment information prior to seeing the total. I just hope I can reach the RoboStir company somehow to get this straightened out. I certainly didn’t plan on spending that kind of money for one or two. That amount of money should pay for at least five of them And no email confirmation of order,so no way of canceling.

    • I too had an issues with RoboStir’s official website. I wanted to order one and ended up being charged almost $100.00!! They don’t have a confirmation page for you to see your total they just charge you! Plus their little “upgrades” are confusing. THEN when you try to contact them you can’t get to the contact and refund page. Luckily I moved fast and canceled my card number before the charge was pending, but I don’t recommend ordering from their website. I will wait to get it in the stores. BEWARE!!

    • I haven’t bought one yet, was reading the reviews. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had something to stir because I have a family, and cook. Can’t do it all and frequently things burn because I haven’t been able to stir things enough.

      Overall it looks like the product does well based on other people who have reviewed it, if you haven’t received yours, seems more of a supply issue, maybe more people called than they expected. More important this is how infomercials work, they tack on additional charges for shipping and handling, not because they are crooks but because it takes money to design, build and put stuff on TV. The manufacturing alone costs the most. Does anyone have a clue how much money it takes to design, develop and build a product..?

      I don’t work for the company, and have been burned by the additional charges, so I push for answers when I call, I am willing to pay for a reasonably priced product.. Are we so ignorant that everything has to come from China and cost $9.99..? No matter how you wash it this is a $50 product, the silicone alone is worth about 8$, with the gears, motors, switches, and manufacturing costs this is no $19.99 product. When are people going to realize if you complain about cost they will move it off-shore, you loose your job, and the price goes down, you are also paying for your fellow Americans to earn a living when things are built here.

      • Then they should list the item for $50 and call it even. I was going to buy this item but when you get scammed from the get go then it makes me wonder about the quality of the product claims also.

        • Thanks, Ray. I was thinking exactly the same way. Any product being sold for less and then tack the extra and hidden charges to make a buck is not being straight-forward, and that’s what it is, nothing but a SCAM.

      • David, I suppose that helps you sleep better at night to pretend that you never pay too much for something or weren’t just totally robbed; but you need to keep that to yourself. You just look stupid here; go back to Newsvine. This is a 5$ product at best, and at 5$ everyone would still make plenty of money. Most of it is based on existing technology and manufacturing simply re-purposed with a clever idea. Obviously it works on vibration (sorry, no $20 gears). In short, it is a dildo with legs. And your BS theory of foreign manufacturing? Even if you were right, claiming to be ‘not part of the problem’ doesn’t automatically make you part of the solution. Go pound sand.

        BTW, Google doesn’t even recommend their website: “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.”

  84. I ordered one RoboStir for my wife over a month ago and still haven’t gotten it. I will be doing something about this, because I don’t have to hire an attorney… I am one.

    • I think you and I both know it’s really not worth the $26 bucks to go through the trouble. When I order something like this, I expect it to be bunk. If it isn’t, I’m pleasantly surprised. I just use a Visa cash card so they can’t get at my real accounts. It sucks, but it’s the way it is.

    • Good for you. These shysters should not be allowed to do this to us over the internet, from a tv commercial or any other way. Please get them in trouble. Thanks so much.

    • Please, sir, do something about this SCAM. As you might have read in this review section, most of these helpless folks have been misled into buying this product, and then got ripped-off too. You know what to do and what government agency to inform or contact. I’m glad somebody gonna take on this scammers on behalf of these hard-working people. Good luck and more power to you.

  85. Do what I do and wait 2-4 weeks and pick it up at a local store. If you do not have a mall with an as seen on TV store Walmart usually has a small isle dedicated to these things. I have some TV ad stuff but never purchase over the phone or online due to the over prices S&H and hidden charges.

  86. Okay, so I read all the great advice about not buying it from the website and ‘scam’ about the cost BUT . . how does it function? Those who have purchased this item . . . do you think it works like you wanted it to? Other than cost are you disappointed in performance?


  87. I noticed they ask for your credit card number right off the bat, without asking for any other information. Nor is the total there, tax, etc. What kind of gyp joint is this? Other writer is right, wait till this RoboStir is in the As seen on TV store!, this sounds like a rip off.

  88. WOW, glad I read these RoboStir reviews before I bought it. Not only am I “vertically challenged” (read – – short:) I am disabled and stirring IS actually a chore for me. I appreciate that there was a place to read before buying. Glad I didn’t spend my disability dollars on a scam.

  89. This is a scam!! there is no way to purchase this item for $10.00 you are charged for shipping and handling plus a processing charge. They prompt you to buy a deluxe model and of course charge you extra for the upgrade. This is a scam and I would not buy this unless you are willing to pay $30 to $60.00 instead of $10.00….Scam Scam Scam. There is no way to cancel the order once you hit the last button to purchase. if your wondering whether to buy or not….DON’T buy it at the official website.

    • Thank you so much for the heads up. I am always leery of tv sales and their two for one, with separate s&h (deals)? saved me a big hassle. will wait until RoboStir is available at my local pharmacy.

  90. The same thing happened to me that happened to Sue Johnson, above. I thought it would be $10 plus handling, and I would receive two, plus the spoon. Somehow it ended up totaling over $60 and there was no way to back up or cancel or edit the order. This is the first time I have ever had to give payment information prior to seeing the total. I just hope I can reach the RoboStir company somehow to get this straightened out. I certainly didn’t plan on spending that kind of money for one or two. That amount of money should pay for at least five of them.

    • I thought this would be a GREAT invention when you’re alone in the kitchen and everything needs watching at once…but figured there would be a catch. The website online was wrong…figures… it’s You don’t get the offer of 2 for $10 WITH the free shipping so I closed it and called the 800#. When I was asked for my credit card # by an automated answering system that’s when my RADAR went into high gear. The TV offer was so completely misleading I think I screamed crapholes into the phone before hanging up. This company is only ruining it for other As Seen On TV orders except it will still lure in the unsuspecting and the trustworthy. Good luck you guys getting your $$$ back. As a last resort call your local TV news guys who do those On Your Behalf to retrieve your $$$ for you. Rich people should invest in a lawyer to sue these low lifes. It’s so disgusting how our fellow man is screwing us and they aren’t thrown to the sharks on a daily basis by the authorities…Slap to the hand.

    • I thought RoboStir looked pretty convincing on tv so I went to the official website. They advertised the product as $10.00 and get another free with a scoop. You have to pay $4.99 extra processing fee for the scoop, $6.99 for the shipping and if you want to upgrade to the deluxe its $10.00 per unit and they say they will take off the $6.99 shipping if you upgrade. All together that should be $35.00 (ballpark). Why is it that I entered my credit card information first… was never told of an updated price along the way and before telling me what my final cost was they had already charged my card $76.95!! How did we jump from $35.00 to $76.00!? DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT… I just called my bank and had them revoke the charge. If you click on the contact us page on their website it doesn’t work and they don’t have a number to cancel the order! This company is TERRIBLE!

  91. I ordered the RoboStir and the order was doubled and I don’t know how it happened. I ended up getting charged $66.95 all together. Be careful and do not give card numbers until you get a total. There was no way to back out of the order.

    • Hang in there….it’ll soon be in the Malls in the stores called “As Seen On TV”. However, no matter how cool something looked on TV, when I’ve gone into that store later, I never buy the item anyway. I think I get mad that the prices aren’t lower.

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